How to Ask Your Boyfriend How He Feels About You

How to Ask Your Boyfriend How He Feels About You

Trying to work out whether your boyfriend is still committed to your relationship can be difficult. You need clarity and peace of mind, but you also want to avoid being confrontational, particularly if you want to preserve the connection you have built.

Learning how to ask a guy if he likes you without being obvious can help you approach the question gently and provide the honest response you require without causing an argument, which could be entirely unnecessary. Stewing in anxiety, overthinking your relationship, or convincing yourself that he is drifting away is never wise, so I’d suggest being direct while recognizing that there are good and bad ways to start this conversation!

Choosing the Right Time and Place

Knowing how to ask if a guy is still interested is one thing, but turning this personal, private discussion into a public showdown will end badly. It’s also best to speak face to face, where you can be truthful and open, rather than sending a text. I’d recommend having a chat at home or somewhere private, where you’ve got plenty of time to talk without interruptions or being overheard.

You should always have meaningful discussions in person when possible, because part of how to ask what someone is looking for is interpreting their body language–which you’ll miss if you’re communicating over the phone.

Beginning an Honest Conversation

Worrying that your boyfriend isn’t committed can make you feel stressed, hurt, and sad, but it’s important to remember that this might not be the case.

We often seem distant if we’re feeling the burden of other factors, such as applying for a job promotion, dealing with a conflict within our families, or worrying about finances. This might be your opportunity to say that you’ve noticed a change and work out what you can do to help.

Support and understanding can strengthen your relationship, so always start the discussion with an open mind without assuming you already know what he will say. 

Putting Your Guard Down

There are countless reasons you might want to initiate a chat about how your boyfriend feels, such as:

  • Wanting to get married or move in together
  • Planning a big life change and needing to know if he is going to join you
  • Worries about your bond or changes in behavior
  • Reassurance or settling your anxieties
  • Feeling grounded in making future plans together
  • Introducing him to your family or closest friends

Whatever the circumstance, you need to be as honest as you expect your boyfriend to be–he has every right to ask you the same question so that you can explore your emotions and intentions together. No conversation between partners is one-sided; if you’re happy to explain what is worrying you, it will help prompt the same level of openness in return.

Being Direct if Necessary

Sometimes, even the most committed, loving, and loyal boyfriends are clueless about subtle hints or nudges that their girlfriend isn’t happy–perhaps he forgot a birthday or anniversary and is blissfully ignorant of the hurt that has caused. It can help to be direct if you’re putting lots of emotional energy into talking about the future of your relationship, especially if he doesn’t seem to understand what you are asking. 

I’d also suggest being genuine–if you’ve rehearsed a speech or planned over and over what you’re going to say, it can feel insincere. Whatever his response, you should be prepared to listen. 

Relationships should always be founded on trust and honesty, so whether your boyfriend says he’s incredibly happy or doubts your connection, you need to appreciate his feelings and decide how to move forward with mutual respect and understanding.

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