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How Does a Capricorn Man Test a Woman

How does a capricorn man test a woman? Here’s what you need to know…

Astrology dating – say what you will about the scientific validity…reading horoscopes can be scarily accurate! Is it a coincidence or have we tapped into something we don’t quite understand about our birth date and the stars?

Take for instance Capricorn. If you were to hear your crush’s birthday, what would you think? Would you forget it? Or would you research the feelings, challenges, and story behind Capricorn? Maybe learning more about the sign can help your relationship.

What Is Capricorn’s Personality?

Capricorn, with dates from December 22 to January 19, is ruled by Saturn, and this sign seems to have great ambitions. Capricorns seem to be aware of their limitations, their short time on this earth, and so want to do something important during their lifetime. No wonder then they tend to be serious-minded and not really the party animal type.

And what’s the opposite of party animal? Yes, sticklers for rules and regulations. That helps to keep Capricorn motivated. As Capricorn grows older, he may actually lighten up a bit. But to ask Capricorn to be “opposite” would be asking too much.

It’s best to appreciate Capricorn for what he is – a worker, ambitious-minded, organized and very goal-oriented. You might even consider Capricorn a self-sacrificing type, the sort of person who puts the end-goal over his own comfort.

Some of his best features, aside from dedication, is his humility and modesty. In short, Capricorn is a natural born follower, and a good leader to boot.

In terms of weaknesses, well, let’s just say he can be a bit over-achieving, even to the point of alienating others just to get what he wants. He is so motivated, he very often lacks empathy or even thought given to people who want something else. He has high standards and that’s what he expects from others.

Dating a Capricorn Man

If you’re determined to date Mr. Capricorn, now is definitely not the time for easygoing partying and flirting. It’s time to learn his language – and that usually means finding out what’s important to Capricorn. It helps, of course, if you have some of the same business goals, or even some authority in your career/hobby.

Try to understand his motivation in terms of what he wants. Respect, acknowledgement, and support. Actually support isn’t enough! He wants you to BE WITH HIM, taking this project just as seriously as he does.

Ironically, this tough guy is hard to get to know on the outside…and yet very delicate in nature inside. You compromise his motivation to succeed? He might well fall apart.

The only way he can exist is to stay motivated and this requires following the rules – usually rules laid down by authority figures.

You will have to support your man in business, naturally, but don’t fake it. And don’t give him credit just to be polite. Feel his passion. Celebrate his victories. He really thrives on commendation and praise, and takes his reputation very seriously.

Technically speaking, his best matches are Taurus and Virgo, because of their stubbornness and similar motivation. But anyone can learn to love Capricorn. The most complicated matches are Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius, the “fire signs” to Capricorn’s earth element.

In fact, if you lack ambition, you might well find the relationship to be stressed – constantly. Capricorns want authority. They want constant challenges. They want teamwork and they want to earn their success.

They are entrepreneurial and require that level of commitment from you.

How Capricorn Will Test You

Knowing that, it shouldn’t surprise you to know that Capricorn Men do “test” their dates, and even more so, as the relationships progress.

The first tests will be simple. He will disqualify you, or even ignore you, if you come across as too “opposite” of him. He will also take longer than average to consider you as a serious prospect, even if you pass his initial tests.

He is essentially testing you with challenges, seeing if you’ll back away, and making sure you get the point that he is well, kind of difficult to live with!

He wants someone to trust and someone who will LOVE his driven nature. He will eventually grow to trust you and become vulnerable with you. This will feel great because Capricorn opening up is honest, emotional, and – once again, very one-note as far as what he wants out of life.

Capricorn also tests you for flaws. He wants a woman who is “appearance-based.” That means you should be friendly, polite, attractive, and classy. He may even test you by seeing how you respond to a conspicuous comment or action.

Will you reveal yourself as lazy? Too aggressive or too hedonistic? He is watching you and evaluating you. Think of dates or pre-date conversations as a job interview. Yes, he is kind of that square! And more to the point, he is taking his time and NOT following instincts and letting his heart or “thirst” affect his judgment.

After all, if he gets involved with someone who is too opposite of him, just think of how his entire mission in life would be compromised! It would make him miserable. It would make his partner miserable – especially if you always had conflict.

This is precisely why Capricorn tests firsts, and flirts later…after trust and mutual traits have been established. Mutual goals are also important because he’s thinking long-term relationship and a family that helps complete the objective and the “ideal”.

The good news is, if he senses you are his match, he will become not just a provider but your caretaker and your dedicated partner. He will help you up when you’re down and make sure you’re covered when you need help staying focused.

Capricorn – Not a Man of Secrets!

In closing, don’t take offense if Capricorn friend-zones you or seems downright rude in rejecting you. (Although in his defense, he may just try to “hint” to you that this is not going to work…after all, he prides himself on being nice and classy!)

Capricorn wants a partner that can keep up with him and has the same values in life – closely aligned, not just a good match. He is motivated and you are not his muse. You are his partner and you’re both united in purpose! Take pride in that role and be his wife for life!

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