How Capricorn Man Expresses His Love

If a man was born between the dates of December 22 and January 20th, he might well have a Capricorn personality. This earth-element sign is symbolized by the mountain goat with a fish tail. Some believe that Capricorn is a sign of reflection, wisdom and sensibility. Capricorn believes that all things should be in moderation, since he is traditionally cautious and analytical. Those who know Capricorn say he tends to be logical, mature and energetic.

The Capricorn man is one who ascends, progresses and reaches great heights. He tends to be ambitious professionally, but also has an intensely loyal side in matters of love. Don’t be alarmed if Capricorn likes to disappear on occasion. He values his alone time, as this helps him to think. Capricorn is by nature a self-reliant and disciplined personality. His persistence and ambition are only made greater by an adept sense of realism and practical thinking.

Capricorn also has some character flaws that are closely linked with his disciplined and highly intellectual personality. He tends to be very sensitive, especially if he ever senses that you don’t respect him, or mock him, or lash out at him. Even undermining his viewpoint is a risk. The best to get along with Capricorn is to share the same priorities so you can better match his disciplined and occasionally goat-like determination.

Understanding how a Capricorn expresses love (how he uniquely communicates) might actually help you start a more passionate and stable relationship. Let’s consider five ways a male Capricorn shows love, early on in the relationship, and in a long-term relationship.

1. He will test you…then surprise you.

In early dating, Capricorn is almost alarmingly cold. It’s not because they’re playing you or emotionally stunted. Rather, they’re just not expressive in the way that other signs are. They are very intellectual and tend to be controlled when it comes to love.

A Capricorn man will test your patience, even if you move a few steps too fast and start discussing love. (Which is why I advice not to do it…let him bring it up) Capricorn men want to test your loyalty and commitment to the relationship, which is why your Capricorn won’t jump into a major commitment too soon. He has to determine how he feels about you, learn your personality, and figure out how to express love. This takes time, so don’t rush him. Don’t take it personally that he keeps you waiting.

If you are a good match, he will eventually come around.

2. He becomes your knight in shining armor.

As soon as a Capricorn falls in love, he becomes a knight, a protector and a traditional romantic. There is something very traditional about his approach to love and this may include somewhat youthful behaviors, like showing you off to his friends and associates or becoming over-protective of you. At the heart of this behavior, however, is the desire to stay loyal to you. He takes pride in you and wants to prove his love, sometimes in the most obvious ways possible.

3. He is passionate…but controlled.

Being the pragmatist that he is, Capricorn takes appearances very seriously. He doesn’t do a lot of PDAs because he’s aware of how others will see him and form opinions. So he might be surprisingly shy out in public. Still, you will feel his passion towards you in private, since he will text you often, open up to you in conversation, and most importantly, show his sensitive side – something he rarely shows to anyone.

4. He will make you part of his life. More showing, less talk.

Capricorn guy believes in making you a part of his life and gives evidence of this in the way he plans his life. This is the opposite of other signs who might talk a lot, be romantic with their words, and pull a dramatic stunt to show their love. Not Capricorn’s style. But he will schedule time for you. He will want you to meet his friends and family. Planning his life around you, IS the way he communicates love. His logical mind simply processes information differently than a man who’s ruled by emotional responses.

5. He advises you what’s over the line – because he trusts you immensely.

Capricorn wants to trust you, which is why he speaks of relationship killers well in advance. He will talk about his boundaries and what the most important aspects of the relationship are – his expectations. He will also talk about what he won’t tolerate. He’s afraid of being hurt and so wants assurances that you understand the commitment.

It should come as no surprise that Capricorn tends to be a jealous lover and with good reason. He senses a threat coming, even if that threat seems innocent at first. He values the relationship and his maintenance of it is a way of expressing love.

Capricorn feels that he has worked hard to earn your love and reschedule his life to include you. If anyone else threatens that precious bond, his first instinct is to get rid of the threat. So don’t be surprised if Capricorn bashes your ex, or your new colleague from work, or pretty much anyone who threatens the established routine.

This jealous side is not impossible to live with. Just take some time to reassure him that you trust him and he should trust you. Plan time with him and open up to him, just as he has done with you.

Capricorn isn’t always easy to communicate with, however, if you can be patient and look passed his defensive nature, you will find many great qualities in him. Capricorn Male is a loyal lover, a brave fighter, patient and tenacious. He is sociable and practical in all his relationships, particularly with his partner. He might have trouble opening up and trusting you in the beginning, but this is only because he trusts you so deeply after he falls in love. Be patient with Capricorn…he will surprise you in beautiful and romantic ways!

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