Can You Get Your Ex Back? Take This Quiz!

Can You Get Your Ex Back? Take This Quiz!

Still wondering if there’s a chance you and your ex could get back together? Hey, stranger things have happened. In fact, there’s about a 50/50 chance, at least statistically speaking, that you and your ex will give it another shot.

How do you know if a reunion is in your future? Take our quiz and find out!

If you answer yes to one question, give yourself a single point. Add your total up at the end of the test and then find out your likelihood score as well as an explanation on what you need to do.

1. You can read your ex’s minds based on his social media pages.
2. Your ex still comments on your social media pages.
3. When you think you might run into him, you always dress up just by instinct.
4. He always seems to run into you or find a reason to contact you.
5. He shares memories of your relationship on Facebook or wants to chat about them.
6. You still reread old emails, wondering what went wrong and why.
7. You DON’T want him to find a new girlfriend.
8. He does not like your new partner. At all.
9. You still flirt with each other when you talk.
10. You both always manage to call each other when something BIG happens.
11. You remember the good times in your old relationships more so than the bad memories.
12. Your ex is dating someone a LOT like you. Hmmm…
13. You still compare anyone new to your ex.
14. Dating is all about sex. Neither of you seem to be progressing or trusting anyone else.
15. He expresses regret about the mistakes he’s made.
16. He always seems to be hot and cold around you.
17. He is still ANGRY!
18. Your ex lies or exaggerates his own happiness just to spite you.
19. You still touch each other a lot when you meet in person.
20. He hasn’t given you your stuff back yet. He’s obsessively holding onto it (the relationship).
21. He’s still awkward around you. He’s not mature or happy. He’s just being weird.
22. He isn’t dating anyone else.
23. You are making great changes in your life.
24. You are improving all the nagging flaws you once saw in yourself.
25. Even though you’re changing for the better, you still have a great attraction to him.
26. Have you gone 30 days with NO CONTACT from him?
27. You’ve added more sexual kinks and moves to your repertoire – and boy will he be surprised!
28. You are becoming more independent than ever before and you don’t need him the way you used to.
29. You have been practicing talking to new people and flirting with other guys when they’re nice to you.
30. You’ve made a greater effort to dress up, look good, get in shape and turn heads wherever you go.
31. You are not interested in going back to the way things were. That was Hell.
32. You can still talk to your ex for hours at a time on a specific subject. You know each other that well.
33. Your ex hasn’t been changing that much. You’re making more progress than he is.
34. Your ex still sends you old pictures or old songs.
35. You know exactly what your ex is looking for when he tries to find a new girlfriend.
36. Your ex never hits below the belt so to speak. Even though you’re not together he still goes out of his way not to hurt you.
37. Your ex still talks to you about his parents, friends, job and other life matters.
38. You have let go of the anger and animosity of the past. It doesn’t hurt anymore, because you’ve learned from it.
39. You have come a long way from the woman you used to be when you were with the ex. You’ve changed so much you can hardly recognize yourself.
40. Your ex was very hot and attracted to you when you first met.
41. Your ex still gets turned on when you do that certain thing.
42. Your ex doesn’t just apologize for the past. He wants to talk about what he was feeling.
43. Your ex sometimes seems OK and calm…but then flips out later on social media or on the phone.
44. You got a new haircut to symbolize the new you.
45. You have gone on vacation alone (or with friends) and have the pictures to prove it happened!
46. You picked up a new hobby and or skill.
47. You’ve reconnected to the person you once were before you met the ex.
48. You understand what went wrong in the relationship and can analyze the situation objectively.
49. You spend more time thinking of how your ex can chase you than you chasing him.
50. You are a happy person, capable of finding contentment alone or with others.

How did you score? Er, on the test, not with the ex. The answers may surprise you!

Score Results


You’re not thinking much about each other and that’s concerning. Maybe you’re still thinking about him as a passing thought. However, when you’re in love with a man he is constantly with you. If you feel nothing for him then there may be a good reason. Your mind has learned that he’s not good for you and it’s best to try again with someone more compatible.

Maybe you’re still thinking about your ex, but it’s possible he is not feeling the same attraction. Is it possible that the same old routines got boring over time? If that’s the case, what can you do to become a more fun and interesting date? The best results come from within, not performed or rehearsed. Try new things. Experiment. Go places and do things. Embrace new opportunity and take a chance. It will help change your entire outlook on life.


You may or may not end up with him since you both seem kind of wishy washy about the future and the past. The real issue here is are you still good for each other? Or are you simply idealizing the old relationship, figuring it was better than nothing (when in actuality it was pretty awful?) Remember if this is going to work it’s not enough that you change or he change – you both have to change and be serious about self-improvement.


You’ve figured out one very important thing in winning back your ex: the more you know about him, the better. The more you use your knowledge of your ex to win him back, the less he can resist you. Most other women don’t know him as well as you do. You know what he’s attracted to. Now, after the breakup, you know what turns him off and angers him. You have the “recipe” to win him back. Now all that stands in your way is your own determination.

You have him wrapped around your little finger! One reason we can be sure you’re going to win him back is that you’re just so determined – and yet focusing in the right direction. You’re not begging him for another chance. You’re not trying harder to please him. You’re letting him chase you. You’re focusing on your own needs and wants – to be attractive and improve yourself. He will see that too and that’s when you can seduce his mind all over again.

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