How to Touch a Guy

How to Touch a Guy

If you really want to feel intimacy with a man and move your relationship forward, physical touching is the “dynamite” you’re looking for!

However, not all men are inclined to make the first move. Some are shy. Some are not so much shy, but they want louder and more reassuring signals from you. If they don’t get these signals, they will hold back from making a move. They will either fear rejection or worse, fear a slap in the face!

You must project how you feel to them, so that they feel comfortable and powerful making a move. The old cliché of the dashing young heartthrob who just takes whatever woman he fancies into his arms and kisses her is not applicable in today’s world—not with “rape culture” and with men being taught to wait for consent.

That means you have to send the right signals if you want your man to be the dashing and romantic type.

If the man is not getting your verbal go-ahead, then maybe it’s time to up the ante by physically touching him.

Boxing rules apply here: don’t go below the belt!

Here are eight suggestions to follow when you want to touch a guy and bring out his manly desires.

1. Start with a hug.

Hugs are always safe, because even platonic friends hug. Just make sure not to hug-linger too long. Go for a full hug rather than an awkward half-hug. But be sure to only hug him when you first see him, or when he tells you good news about his life. Don’t over-use the hug, in other words. This should be something special.

2. Squeeze his shoulder or arm.

This is a powerful move that immediately suggests intimacy, but without going fully “romantic”. Once again do NOT linger, but give a quick gentle squeeze of a neutral body part like his shoulder or arm. For the best result, do this when he’s excited and you’re giving him the subtle, “calm down, baby” signal.

3. For greater intimacy, pat his hand or his back.

When you want to send him a stronger signal, aim for his hand or back—but once again, don’t wait too long and risk things getting awkward. You should merely pat his hand and then let go after a second passes. This immediately lets him feel the tease of a romantic hand-hold but then dismisses it…leaving him wanting more intimacy!

Likewise, patting him on the upper back is a strong signal that shows love and concern. This is a great way to show empathy or to say goodbye.

4. For a flirty climax, playfully “smack” him and giggle like a schoolgirl.

This is a somewhat blatant move and should ONLY be tried if he’s already reciprocating the good feeling between you two. Don’t hurt him now! Just give him a very light and gentle smack on the shoulder or upper arm, pretending as if you’re disciplining him because he’s just soooo bad. You can alternately slap his knee. In essence you’re saying, “Stop it! But…no, I really mean keep going because I love it!”

5. Touch his chest and linger…for just a couple of seconds.

Now this move really brings it home. A man immediately knows you’re flirting with him if you put your hand on his chest and hold it for just a second or two…as if you’re saying, “Wow…you feel so strong!” Maybe it’s because your hand is so close to his heart. Or maybe it’s because you’re touching his pectoral muscles and sternum, and it sends a “tingle” to his head. Whatever the case, this is a great move that will leave no question as to how you feel about him.

6. Put your arm around him.

This is a more aggressive move BUT it can actually be disguised as “platonic flirting.” All you’re actually doing is showing general affection. Put your arms around him just below his shoulders and hold it a few seconds, or as long as a minute. This says, “You’re my buddy!” You can show off in front of others, letting everyone know you’re best buds.

Now here’s the cincher. You’ve stimulated him with a longer touch BUT you’re also suggesting you are platonic friends only—that you mindlessly flirt with everyone the same way. Now he’s a little confused as to whether you’re just being silly or are really interested in dating him. Good…keep him guessing.

7. Ruffle up his hair!

This is another risky move but it’s perfectly normal to do it right after he gets a haircut. As soon as you notice the new style, go up and gentle play with his hair. Pretend like you’re admiring the cut. Let him feel the thrill of a woman touching him intimately.

Alternately, instead of playing with his hair, you could act like you’re straightening it out and grooming him to perfection. Yes, it is a very forward move and yet if the guy likes you by now, he will love it and give you a puppy dog face that says, “keep going.”

8. Inner ear! Find a reason to whisper something important to him.

This is a great finishing move that will definitely send him some strong signals. No, don’t use your hands to clean his ear, that’s a bit too icky. Rather, find a reason to lean in and whisper something “important”. It can be a secret, a piece of gossip, or just a random thought that you wanted to share with him.

Lean in close. Whisper gently, with a smooth and sexy voice. And when you’re done, look him in the eye to make sure he gets the message.

This will allow him to experience real intimacy with you without directly challenging him. He will feel the vibes, and long to hold you close like that again. Now, he’s thinking, “I think she likes me! She sure likes to touch and whisper…maybe I should make a move.”

That’s exactly how it should be. Trigger his passions and get him comfortable so that he can move in fearlessly and be a “romantic lead”.

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