How to Know a Sagittarius Guy Is Serious About You

Horoscopes are not always perfectly accurate but it’s hard to deny that a lot of what you read just so happens to be true. Astrological signs are almost scarily accurate when it comes to describing the nature of the person, according to the sign. While not every day is 100 percent accurate, it’s hard to deny that observations about a man’s zodiac sign are usually spot on.

Take Sagittarius for example. Sagittarius is the “Archer” and represents men born between November 23 and December 21. Sagittarius is the traveler, the adventurer and the one seeks to find real truth in his life. This certainly makes him fun to be around and quite the interesting conversationalist. In fact, he may have too many questions, given his restless and excitable nature.

Sagittarius can be hard to read because a Sagittarius Guy can be overly blunt and does sometimes talks too much. He considers it all part of his quest for truth. Not surprisingly, this approach can send mixed signals when it comes to dating.

He’s honest without necessarily being committed or even conscious of what he implies. He is highly intuitive and not always so fond of tradition or formality. They are oftentimes walking contradictions so keep this in mind as we consider his unique dating style.

We’re going to review six ways that the Sagittarius Male will show you he’s really interested in a serious relationship and actually mean it. Remember, don’t take his words too seriously but take special note of his actions.

1. He won’t imply anything…he will tell you directly that he wants to date you.

Sagittarius Guy is very direct, it’s his entire persona. So he will typically not hold anything back when he decides he’s seriously interested in you. He may even be a bit dramatic about revealing his feelings, and true to character, very frank about his feelings and what he perceives you feel. Above all he wants to be accepted and appreciated for his inquisitive and honest nature.

2. He will focus his compliments on how smart you are.

True, he is a romantic person and a flirty person in general (and sometimes his candidness can be misinterpreted as romantic interest). Still, you always know if the Sagittarius Guy is seriously into you by WHAT he compliments. He is always looking for knowledge and new understanding so for him, complimenting your intellect is evidence of real attraction. He’s turned on by your mind and seeks to have long and meaningful dialogues with you. He will have many questions to ask, covering multiple aspects of life. By being well read and open-minded you will turn him on intellectually and encourage him to pursue you further.

3. Since he is a traveler he will want to take you along with him.

This may be more metaphorical if Sagittarius Guy is not a literal “traveler” (even though he oftentimes IS!) but it simply means long trips, new adventures and the willingness to try new things. He wants to see the world and that is his big motivator, but if he really likes you, he wants you to come with him and share your perspective of things. It’s the journey, not just the destination.

4. He may be a big talker but he will take commitment slowly and seriously.

Yes, attraction is obvious. His desire for you will be immediate. In contrast, however, Sagittarius Guy tends to develop an emotional connection slowly not extremely fast. In fact, you might have to beware of sleeping with him too soon because he tends to be impulsive and thinks about serious stuff later on. His relationships take time to build and commitment may be a significant wait, so be careful about assuming or promising too much before trust is truly developed. He is not much of a traditionalist however, so don’t take his lack of formality as a bad sign.

5. He will ask lots of personal questions and may increase his online communication as time goes on.

Online communication allows for more intense and intimate discussion—even beyond sex. He likes the freedom of expression texting allows, as well as the “constancy” of his connection with you. Don’t be surprised if he frequently texts you questions at odd hours of the day since he might be too impatient to wait. He may also like to send you viral content he found interesting, perhaps as a lead in to a discussion he would like to have. He will also be very excited to share or discuss his favorite books with you, since books are a glimpse into the way his mind works. The idea here is that he simply loves sharing his life and perspective of life with you and that’s definite progress.

6. He will make time for you.

Even though you are a busy active woman, Sagittarius Guy realizes your high value and so will make time on his schedule for you. This doesn’t necessarily mean he will always be available himself, since he is a traveler and an impulsive adventurer. But because he is so fond of you, he will make extra time to spend dating, going to new places and sightseeing life. He makes time for the woman he really likes, whereas someone he doesn’t much care for, might only accompany him on a crazy adventure once or twice.

It can be difficult to read the level of Sagittarius’ commitment, but his interest is always sincere. Be careful about rushing him into a traditional commitment since by nature he is very outside the box. Focus on being available when he makes time for you, and slowly but surely showing your dependability as an emotional confidante as well as an intellectual equal.

He is a romantic type of guy but his true self comes out later when he reveals his most vulnerable emotional side. Be adaptable, be smart and be wise to the way he tests you. You’re in for a fun and brainy ride with Mister Sagittarius!

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