9 Things a Man Will Do Only if He Really Loves You

How do you know if a man really loves you? Is it by the grand romantic gesture he makes when he proposes? Is it the way he looks at you and maintains strong, romantic eye contact? Or is it the way he treats you like a queen when he’s around family and friends?

Maybe…then again, such grand gestures can also be faked by a gifted actor. What really tells you how a man feels about you are the “little things”. The little things he does that show you, not only that he cares about your feelings, but that he’s thinking about you constantly.

He will do several “little things” if he’s falling in love and some of them really are “you blink and you miss it.” But we’ve compiled a checklist of behaviors that strongly suggest he’s falling for you. These are the types of little acts of love that most men will never bother faking.

Catch your guy doing any of these and you can bet his heart is swooning.

1. He loves to make you laugh.

A man who is mostly concerned with being macho and sexy doesn’t need to make a woman laugh. A man who is falling in love enjoys making you laugh. He wants to make you happy and please you, even in casual conversation. He may tell jokes, make funny sarcastic comments, or even do a bit of a “clown” act with his funny faces. Your laughter is like music to him. He really enjoys performing for you and getting a genuine reaction.

2. He makes time for you.

A man that’s totally into you knows how to manage work, family and romance. He actually reschedules his life to spend more time with you – you’re his muse, what keeps him flying so high in life. He’s even willing to sacrifice time or opportunity for your comfort…something a workaholic married to his career will never understand.

3. He will introduce you to his family…even though it’s not a “big deal”.

When a man really likes you, passing the family test is a requirement. But since he’s so crazy in love, he actually reassures you that it’s no big deal. He wants you to know that they’re nice people and that you should just relax and be yourself.

It’s almost like the manager who really likes the new job candidate and so taps the boy on the shoulder, letting him know he’s got the job! Well this is the reverse of that. He’s letting you know it’s going to go well. When he’s actually rooting for you to get along with mom and the gang, it shows that you are already a part of his family, at least in his head.

4. He will make small but significant changes without being asked.

A man will not want to change for a woman who pressures him to change his behavior. He will resist. But if he’s falling in love with the kind of person you are, he may make minor changes on his own, hoping that he will impress you.

He’s taking notes about what you like and what turns you on, inspires you, and makes you happy. When the time is right he will try to charm you by showing off this new “side” of his personality. He will exhibit the behavior he thinks you want—what makes you desire him. He won’t really consider it “changing for you”…just showing that he wants your approval.

5. He will tell you that you look beautiful at the “worst possible time”.

That’s right, he will still think and say you’re beautiful, even without makeup, even when you first wake up in the morning, and even if you’re a crying or sweating mess. He will reassure you that you’re beautiful and desirable at a time when you feel the exact opposite. Because that’s how smitten he really is.

6. He will start playing “big daddy” and become very protective of you.

There is something very endearing about a man who is so in love with you that he becomes a full-time worry-wart. He also gets a little angry if you’re being needlessly careless and put your health at risk. He is so madly in love, he’s worrying about you and telling you to stay safe. Even when he’s not there to protect you, he’s texting, make sure you arrived to your destination okay.

7. He will always make time to listen.

This is something players just hate doing. A man with sexual intentions will only listen to a point – to get something out of the experience. But when a man really loves you he will always listen to you talk – and it’s not just conversations that are funny or that allow him to shine.

Instead, this guy wants to hear it all. Share with him your sad thoughts, your anger, your funny stories or even mundane happenings of the day. He is in love with the way you talk, think, and express yourself. That’s why listening is never a chore—it’s a privilege when he’s in love.

8. You are in his future.

He simply doesn’t think of the future as “unknown” or entirely open, not when it comes to you. He wants you in his future. He may even get moody if he thinks about planning a future without you in it. In the back of his mind, he is thinking of ways to work you into his plans. You may not be his only ambition in life, but everything feels so much better when you’re by his side.

9. He actually considers your advice.

Fact: Most men will go out of their way to AVOID your advice, especially if you’re always volunteering information and telling him why he’s mistaken. Guys tend to resent a woman telling them what to do.

But if you understand the simple idea that “a man doesn’t want you to solve his …HE want to solve it himself” then you will give him the independence his ego craves.

Once you show him that you support him, believe in him and have faith in his abilities…

THAT’s when he actually wants your advice. He takes your suggestion seriously. He values your trust and your friendship so much that he tries it your way…and swallows his pride a little bit, admitting your idea was brilliant. That’s love!

It’s all about the little things…men who are in love express their feelings in subtle ways at first. But if you reciprocate the attention (think subtle, just like hi!), he will feel more confident. You may get that big, sweeping, romantic and courageous gesture of love after all.

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