9 Texting Signs He’s Flirting With You

9 Texting Signs He’s Flirting With You

Let’s be honest: texting is sometimes confusing! With all the subtle emotional shifts, the carefully chosen words that imply something, and the missed signals that you never quite get the first time, it’s easy to see why so much miscommunication occurs between text conversations.

Sometimes we use emojis because they seem to communicate some thought – or at least hint at what kind of face you’re making when you’re joking, or expressing grief, or being a little coy.

But emojis aren’t enough! Maybe the problem is that we can never really communicate feelings very well, when we’re just writing short messages – as opposed to being in person, touching, looking into your crush’s eyes, and using a different tone of voice.

As we often talk about, the best thing to do is to turn your texting chat into a physical date at some point.

Now that said, there ARE some ways to analyze text and determine what a guy is REALLY saying behind all those confusing, innocent, and very often weird texts. Don’t worry, we have all the secrets of decoding guy texts right here. Let’s cover nine texting signs that the guy you like is crushing on you and very possibly even flirting with you.

1. He shares a lot of information that you didn’t ask for.

You can tell that a guy enjoys your company, even if it’s just words on a screen, when he starts volunteering personal information. He’s hoping to bond with you and will share details of his life that he thinks you will find interesting. Or, not so interesting. He might not even be such a charming guy when it comes to presentation. What matters is that he’s trying…and in some cases, these one-sided conversations might even be hundreds of words long…maybe a 2000 word letter!

2. He shows concern for you on a daily or weekly basis.

Maybe he’s shrewd, in that he doesn’t overwhelm you with too much text. However, he is good at keeping in touch with you. He may inquire about your health or your daily happenings, or maybe hold off for about a week (just so he doesn’t seem too obvious).

There’s no reason why a guy would do this, unless he’s your pastor, or is trying to sell you insurance plans. It’s safe to assume if a guy is that persistent he is interested in you, and is hoping to create an emotional connection by “being there.”

3. He takes his time responding to you, just so he can word things the right way.

Easy way to tell if a guy doesn’t like you? He auto-responds. He sends a few words, just to let you know he “hears you” or “Yeah, ikr?” He’s not rude but he doesn’t put much thought into his replies.

On the other hand, a guy who likes you usually doesn’t auto-respond. He’s nervous to be talking to you so he will think over his text before he sends it. Or, if he does quickly respond then he’s still careful to elaborate on what he meant – and then carefully chooses his words.

A guy that likes you simply doesn’t take chances with mindless texts.

4. He always (or frequently) starts a conversation.

Not only does he check in, but he also puts effort into making conversation. He also tries to make it interesting. He won’t simply talk about himself, but is actually pretty good at drawing you out. He asks questions, just to make you feel invited to the conversation. He is more than happy to start a conversation, whether it’s a link, a question, or a statement. In other words, he doesn’t just type boring things. He is pretty darn good at creating interesting conversation.

5. He finds reasons to compliment you or say something positive.

Shy guys or overly “respectful” guys will usually not ask you out right away. They might even avoid saying anything too fresh or risque, out of fear of losing you as a friend. But what he will do, and often, is find reasons to compliment you.

In the same spirit, he is usually the first to laugh if you say something funny or goofy, and encourages you to share your real opinions on things. He is also quick to point out areas where you agree. He’s your biggest fan…if you pay attention to the signs.

6. He fishes for information, mostly to see if you have a boyfriend.

Not only is he interested in your life, but he’s unusually concerned about your situation. Whether you’re dating anyone, or unhappy in a relationship, and so on. Don’t be surprised if the guy fishes for information in subtle ways.

7. He remembers little details you share with him.

This is one of the most telling signs because guys don’t tend to remember little things. Guys who are married a long time sometimes forget. Guys who don’t find women attractive will often forget. But… guys who are very interested in you and trying very hard to get you to notice them will make it a point to remember little details. If you ever thought to yourself, “How did he know that?”

8. He tries to find safe ways to tease you.

A lot of guys out there still have trouble with this one. But it’s one of the first things they learn about how to flirt with women. Don’t just kiss up, don’t just say things like a gentleman. Tease. Flirt. Have fun.

Well, if you pick up on a guy doing that, that’s a pretty big sign that he’s into you. Even if his teasing isn’t exactly first-rate, if you can sense that he wants you to laugh, or he’s being playfully difficult (as in “oohh, I’ve giving you a hard time…but not really!”) that’s a dead giveaway.

9. He actually tries to initiate an in-person meeting.

Yes, guys that are really into you always want to move things over to the physical realm. They are not content with texting all the time. They want to graduate to talking on the phone and then on a real date – or something like it, if not in title. He’s a smart guy…and you should follow his lead if you like him. Getting off text and meeting in person is the BEST way to improve your sexual tension through text messages.

As you can see, men usually do have an ulterior motive in texting you – especially if the conversation keeps going on, when it could have ended a long time. The key to remember is, he ALWAYS texts you back – even if he shouldn’t. Even if the conversation is fading, or if there’s simply nothing else to say, he will still say something. Men always chase after what they want, even in little ways. If you like a guy, the challenge is to get him to chase bigger, louder, and better – so you can escalate the romance!

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