10 Dirty Text Messages You Need To Send Him Right Now

Isn’t it wonderful? That moment when the two of you finally realize you ARE more than friends and that there is an intense attraction and emotional connection there. Maybe you’ve already slept together once. Or maybe you’ve decided to have sex later but in the meantime want to explore phone sex or cyber sex. (This is fairly common in long distance relationships) Great time to be alive, right?

Uh oh…the only problem is, you’re not really a “natural” dirty talker. What do women say when they send “dirty” messages to their boyfriends?

We’re going to give you 10 ideas for fabulously dirty texts…but more importantly, we’re going to give you the guidelines needed so you can create your own texts when you’re ready and he’s waiting.

1. Your goal is to keep him visualizing you.

The level of “filth” isn’t the main issue. What matters is that you want him obsessed with you, constantly thinking about you. So feel free to use a line like:

“I want to trace soft little circles all over your body. I want to memorize every inch of your dick and f__k you until you forget where you are.”

Now only is it dirty and hot, but it also makes sure he keeps a strong visual image of you doing something that pleases him. You could also describe your face and your eyes as you pleasure him, letting him imagine that visual.

2. Stroke his curiosity…but leave the ending for later.

One of the best ways to sext, especially if you live nearby and are getting him excited for another date, is to describe a sexy scenario but leave it at a cliffhanger. So something like this might work:

“Seeing your sexy smile on Facebook got me so horny this morning. Tonight I’ll be waiting at your place, no underwear. Then I’m going to do something you’ve always fantasized about…”

3. Let him know you’re thinking of him and can’t control yourself.

Bragging about your desires and letting him know you’re masturbating while thinking of him is going to make him crazy—and it’s even better if he’s busy at work because he’ll be distracted all day long! Say something subtle yet very kinky like…

“My hands are occupied right now…I saw your picture today and I lost all control of myself.”

4. Make him envious of your pleasure.

Tell him it’s “too bad” he’s not with you right now, since you’re in a horny mood and want to introduce him to something kinky…but he just missed it. This will whet his appetite for another date ASAP! He might even volunteer to come over early.

“Too bad you’re not in my bedroom right now…I would tease you so bad…until you screamed. Until you begged me to let you come.”

5. Introduce him to something new you’re willing to do.

Using a line like…

“I had such an amazing dream last night. I was your sex slave and you were commanding me to do all these things.”

…has two advantages. First it’s the “dream” scenario, meaning you have free reign to say anything. Besides that you’re letting him know that you could be even kinkier if he wants to explore his naughty side.

6. Encourage him to speak to you in an unfiltered way. Ask about his taboos, and “worst ever” fantasies.

With a question like “What’s the most taboo extreme thing you’ve ever thought about doing to me? Be honest…” you’re gently pressuring him to break that “good taste” barrier and just admit his raw desire for you. He may be shy at first but he WILL rise to the challenge. It works even better if you tell him that his most extreme fantasy is doable or at least possible. It lets him know you’re wild and ready to experiment if he is.

7. When in doubt, make him giggle in nervousness as you put a lesbian / threesome fantasy into his head.

Guys do like the old, “Would you be mad if I kissed another girl?” line. It lets your man visualize that he’s with a wild, uncontrollable sex goddess. You don’t even have to be bisexual or plan to do anything in real life. Just the nerve in asking him about it will make his imagination soar.

8. Give him multiple choice questions and then create an interactive sex fantasy.

Asking him a line like, “I really want to dress up in something special tonight. What do you think…sexy maid outfit? Hot nurse? Or dominatrix?” will get him excited about a colorful night of roleplaying. Even better than he can offer suggestions and get an interactive fantasy.

9. Recall the last time you were together and make him long for it again.

Another clever technique is to get him to remember and focus on the last experience you shared together, tempting him to repeat it later that night. He instantly recalls it and immediately feels the same sensation he remembers. It’s a hypnotic way to give him pleasure, even if it’s just for a moment.

“Remember the last I was riding you…how I grabbed your tummy and held on while I straddled you faster and faster? I want to do that again…in your office.”

10. Poke him a little bit and let him feel happy to chase you.

You might not think much of a line like “Stop thinking about me so much! Have you no shame?” but it actually teases him, pokes him a little bit and challenges him. It gives him the impression that you’re initiating, you’re confident and that he’s the one madly obsessed with you. Guys really like this reversal and it does remind them that he’s the one chasing and you’re the one (playfully) resisting.

Make the line a little naughtier by adding something like:

“All you can think about is f__king me. You really do have a dirty dirty mind, don’t you?”

In the end, men really want YOU to come up with these hotlines so that it will feel more passionate. Just remember that the key to dirty texts is to becoming closer to his thought process. It’s not about the filth, it’s about uncensored honesty. The desire to be close to him and for him to be vulnerable with you. That’s what dirty sex / texting is all about.

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