8 Ways to Touch Your Man That Will Drive Him Wild

8 Ways to Touch Your Man That Will Drive Him Wild

By now you probably understand a few ways to touch a man in a more-than-platonic way. Guys tend to notice when you touch them in a new way, with intention to flirt.

Now, it’s time to take it a step further and ask: how can you touch him to drive him wild? To actually get way out of that friend-zone and make him hot for you?

We’re going to break this discussion down into two parts. First, how to touch him to initiate a relationship – as in, how to get him to kiss you or ask you out or something progressive. These are more subtle touches.

Then, we’re going to talk about some ways to drive him wild, as in, how to seduce him into bed, (both direct and indirect), or even how to keep him coming back to you after the first night.

These are physical touches that communicate intense feelings!

Touch That Signals You’re More Than Friends

How can you touch him in ways that signal something more?

1. Lower Back

There’s something very erotic about familiarly placing your hand on the small of his back. Linger there, touch him and then gently slide your hand further down, almost to the crack of his butt. It’s a very subtle move that can be done while you hug, dance, or even pose for a picture with others.

The great thing about it is you can always play dumb and pretend as if your hand accidentally slipped and went a little too low. But he’ll be so alarmed, and intrigued at your naughty side, he will want to talk about it.

2. The Chest

Touching a man’s chest is a great move, and it’s hard to believe more women don’t try it on guys they secretly crush on. Shoulders and arms are easily misconstrued as friend-zone spots. But when you touch a man’s chest, you are going beyond the comfort zone, a place where no “friend” should ever enter without some sexual tension.

Your hands are not only on his chest, and pecks, and upper abdomen, but could easily glaze over his nipples, which are also sensitive spots. Bonus points if he’s wearing a collar shirt and you can just barely feel some hair on his chest. It’s a move that may obliterate the friendzone and bring out a whole new side of him, that crushes on you.

3. The Elbow or Palm

If touching him so obviously intimidates you then take a step back and try his arm/hand area. Specifically, the soft fleshy area of his inner elbow OR his palm. Both spots feel very sensitive to the touch, almost ticklish, but not quite. More like, if an attractive person touches this spot – and lingers there, preferably with some eye contact, it puts him in an almost “altered state”, meaning hold his attention captive.

He can’t not feel something more than friendship, an auto-response of pleasure and attraction, knowing full well you’re stimulating his sense of touch on purpose.

Holding hands is one thing. But that could also be a friendly gesture. However, touching the palm or elbow and giving him that subtle stroking pleasure, is a bold move he can’t ignore.

4. The Thighs

Finally, if you’re both sitting somewhere (at a table or theater, etc.) there’s nothing quite like the eye-opening “hand to the thigh” routine which can be as subtle or as sexy as you want it to be. You can start subtly by putting your hand on his knee, then slowly moving up to the thigh, to emphasize the point. Or you can simply linger your hand at his inner thigh and feel him grow as you move closer to his pelvis. But this move is not too subtle…he’s bound to want to take you home at this point!

“Next Level” Sexual Touch

When it’s time for sex and you know he’s already fallen for you, NOW it’s time to blow his mind and give him the best sex of his life. While an entire book could be written on technique and strategy, let’s instead focus on the right “spots” that are going to rock his world and make him think you’re a master of the seductive arts.

1. The Perineum and Scrotum

The perineum is that often neglected spot in between the genitals and anus, and it just so happens to be a patch of sensitive skin, one that’s very superficially near to the prostate gland. Very gently pressing on this area, or just rubbing it with rhythmic strokes, can intensify a man’s orgasm.

The scrotum, in like manner, is nearby and just as thin-skinned. The sack that holds the testicles is not only very sensitive to the touch, but also has a sort of “seam” right in the middle (the raphe) located in between the testes which is just as explosive in terms of pleasure. As you can probably guess, you have to be very soft and subtle right around this area.

But the scrotum and perineum are the most ignored part of the genitals and yet the most pleasurable. A man will surely appreciate your “scientific” approach to his pleasure.

2. The Sex “Squeeze”

Try to grab another part of him during sex, preferably his other reachable erogenous zones, as passion increases. Sex and climax feels twice as good when you use your hands, whether clutching onto his chest, his stomach (or right below), his buttocks, or even his knees or calves as you ride him. He will think you’re a wildcat!

3. The “Weaker” Points of the Penis

While it’s easy to be distracted by that elephant’s trunk in the room, let’s try to remember that pleasuring a man’s penis is only as good as what areas you’re paying attention to.

He may like some attention paid to his whole shaft, but he is going to enjoy being stimulated around three specific points: the frenulum, the underside of the penis where the head meets the shaft, the lower base of the penis where the shaft begins, and the glans or head, which has 4000 nerve endings all on its own!

Knowing these pressure points is very important not only for his pleasure but for your convenience. Why deep-throat a guy all night long if you can give him even greater pleasure in just a few minutes because you know what he responds to even better than he knows?

Bonus points if he’s uncircumcised because the foreskin also has additional nerve endings for

4. The Anus and Prostate

Finally, there’s the unmentionable spot, the one he might not even be sure he likes.

While not every man is comfortable doing it or discussing it, chances are if you know what you’re doing, and he trusts you, he will have no complaints as you introduce him to a brand new orgasm. Using a prostate massager or your well-lubed finger, you can introduce your boyfriend to a prostate massage and give him the closest thing to multiple orgasms he may ever feel.

Just be sure to discuss this first as no one likes the big finger surprise without some warning!

It’s easy to see that touch is the secret weapon you need to get a man interested in you, or even to escalate the sexual tension that might already exist between new lovers.

A little touch can quite literally communicate what a dozen conversations cannot say. Remember that when you touch him, you have to also communicate intent, a state of mind, and a feeling of vulnerability. In other words, letting him know that you like him and that it’s safe if he pursues a more romantic conversation.

Sometimes all you have to do, besides the touch, is to maintain steady eye contact and a smile, so he will sense that you are comfortable with him and am very interested in getting to know him better. Try these techniques and you might notice a change in your love life.

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  2. I have tried a few of these touches and they definitely work. The response was “ how did you know to touch there, it was amazing “

  3. Im so overboard with stress ‘depression ‘extremely anxiety I can’t stop thinking how rude this guy I am over heals for . But too it’s so complicated now ever than befor, after my divorce from my children ‘s father about (6/7 ) years ago, I wasn’t looking for anything or anyone. Matter of fact didn’t have the time to even think about any other man . I was to busy sitting & takin care of my father as he was own hospice at tht time . So my cousin comes over to visit she asked so it’s been more than almost (7) years so you have anyone in mind that was my least thought at that time. So she makes a fb account i inboxd not really thinking I’d get a reply huh didn’t take long . This guy said all the things a woman wanted to hear. Which we I said I don’t want a relationship jus a friend chat but lilless said day’s weeks months now even years. And the bad part of my situation is we’ve never met . We’ve never talked own a cell we’ve never video chatted but I do know he’s whom he say’s he is. Bec fact’s are he’s an impersonator. But still he thinks everything should be one way every since what I have recently received from him for the first time in almost (7) long years a new iPhone but that’s nothing compared what all I’ve sent him . This is supposed to be both ways but to him it’s all about his need . Please Mr Coast I’m n desperate need for your help. I’ve joined many many apps and never got the results I need to get him to open up to me or to meet me halfway and I’m not giving up I’ve not come this far to just walk away. He’s a sweetheart wen he wants to be but too also he’s a dick head and gets so rude about wen I don’t bow to his needs I tell him I’m not his mother I can’t be at his every beck and call . Not the way he asks then Matthew wen I don’t he goes so cold own me . Want message me want talk to me for days or sometime’s a couple of weeks. I’m not giving up I have a lot established in this so called relationship but I want it to be more then jus me here and him n Spain

    1. You need to STOP. NOW. You are being played beyond words. Period. You are not only wasting money that you could be spending on yourself and your kids, you are wasting VALUABLE YEARS OF TIME you can never get back. If you are so desperate to be loved go out into the world. Meet people. Don’t get personal ONLINE with “ someone you don’t know haven’t seen no video chats never met.” As long as you give he will take. He could say he’s anywhere, what does that matter. He gets mad when you don’t give, he shuts you down if you say no. That’s female behavior, user mindset 101. Wake up hun, live your best life. Don’t chain yourself to someone who is willing to take from you, seek those who want to ADD TO your life. For all you know that is a female. We know how to pull at heart strings and string along. His WIFE is probably the one telling him what to say to reel you in. Don’t wind up a face on the missing persons list trying to get someone who doesn’t want you but what you have. The RED FLAGS ARE ALL AROUND. You list them but you don’t want to believe them bc affection here and there.

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        I’ve been in relationship of domestic abuse

  4. Trust – They all work – Prostate…..Go slow – a bedroom discussion and slow moves – it works – also Short nails –

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