8 Romantic Questions Men Love

One of the most amazing “milestones” in any relationship is when you can finally begin to talk honestly, emotionally and nakedly to each other. No secrets, no holding back and no games. Just true, unadulterated intimacy and communication.

When this happens there is a profound sense of connection, acceptance and mutual respect. You don’t have to pretend. Better yet, you don’t have to avoid telling the truth because you think you might upset your partner. As long as you’re both honest, you can share how you feel, what you think and what you desire.

Now reaching this milestone isn’t always easy. People tend to be guarded early on in dating. Neither of you trust each other at first because you haven’t really developed a rapport. You haven’t shared with each other. Right now, you have a curiosity.

Build on that curiosity over time until you reach that point where you find solace and comfort in each other’s voice. You’ll start to anticipate talking. You’ll want to share more, deeper thoughts and even your innermost memories and opinions. It will become a wonderful pattern in your life and one you can keep going indefinitely.

What might help you is to ask more pointed questions that make your partner think. Now hold on a minute…while your man might like to talk about philosophy, history and dance theory, those are not necessarily the best of subjects to BOND over. When it comes to creating a strong bond, you have to stay focused on how you affect each other. Discuss matters that are deeply personal to you. Causes that matter, attractions, thoughts, and most of all, (naturally) what you really think of each other romantically.

Here are eight romantic questions to start with…

1. OK be honest…what did you really think about me when you first met me?

Give him permission to be blunt or even slightly apprehensive, by giggling and encouraging him to be candid. First impressions are oftentimes wrong, so there’s no need to take offense if he just thought you were sexy but had no real interest in dating you. There’s also no reason to take any other criticisms too seriously. What really matters is that you can both admit that your first impression of each other was only about ten percent of the whole individual. Now that you’ve grown you see things in each other you never imagined.

2. What is your idea of the best romantic getaway? Where in the world would you go and what would we do?

This question lets him ponder not just the “ideal date” but the date he would craft himself, in an effort to impress you. See just how romantic he can be when his heart is into it.

3. What are some of your favorite childhood memories?

This is a big step in the relationship, since talking about memories (and happy ones, of course!) is one of the best ways to bond and share a more personal side of you. Ask him about specific days he remembers, pastimes he did with his parents or siblings, holidays, playing with friends, and life lessons he remembers. He will experience all the same feelings as he describes them to you. It’s actually difficult not to fall deeper in love with you after many conversations like this…you know what they say, “knowing him is loving him.”

4. You say you like me or love me…what is it you like the most above everything else?

Challenge him to go deeper about his attraction to you. Find out why he’s so motivated, what qualities he values, and why he feels an emotional attraction to you in the first place.

5. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Test his fun-loving and adventurous side by asking him some of the exciting and unusual highlights of his life. Not only does this allow him to relive his glory days of the past – but now he’s more inspired to be crazy and wild again, this time in an effort to make you smile.

6. Who was the first girl you ever loved or crushed on? Looking back why did you like her?

This is a great question because it lets him admit old attractions that have since fizzled. Not only does it give insight into how his mind works and what he finds sexy, but also gives him permission to honest with you. This is important here – associating only positive experiences when it comes to confessing true feelings. Show him how much fun it can be to be intimate with each other…not just physically but emotionally.

7. What’s an example of a nightmare you would have…in sleep or just daydreaming?

Find out what makes your guy tick by asking him about what scares him. Although the conversation is stressful in theory, this actually gives you the chance to be physically affectionate with him and playfully offer to console him when he admits to his fears. Not only is this an interesting conversation, it also makes him vulnerable. A man being vulnerable in front of you shows the level of trust he’s giving you and only you.

8. What makes you feel loved and appreciated? Modern age and yesterday.

Finally, quiz him with a more direct question – what makes you feel love and when do you remember it happen? Secretly, of course, you’re actually asking him “What can I do to make you feel more loved?” You’re just phrasing it in a hypothetical indirect sort of way, giving him freedom to talk openly. On one hand, he will appreciate the chance to speak his mind without a filter. But he will also start to tell you things that he realizes about himself and his unique “love language.” These are his requirements in a relationship and what he can give back to you.

Take mental notes so that you can remember these. Figuring out your future boyfriend’s motivation is one of the best ways to avoid conflict but also maximize cuddle time!

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