75 Sexual Fantasy Questions for Men

75 Sexual Fantasy Questions for Men

We can assume that when you’re finally ready to talk about sex with a guy, he is primed, eager, and ready to go – like Ken Jennings playing the final round on Jeopardy!

In fact, he’s probably been thinking about this milestone for quite some time. Men love to talk about sex and probably just as much as they have sex. While people might assume that men mostly love the physical part of sex and the release (sure they do), you might be surprised at how much they CRAVE the emotional part of it.

This “emotional side” of sex can be good or bad. Bad is obvious. A clingy woman, a woman who acts too much like his mother, or who seems mentally unstable. That’s the bad side of foreplay.

But when the emotion is good – as in “I can’t stop thinking about this mysterious femme fatale who is a wildcat in bed and gives me the most intense sex of my life!” – that’s when he really becomes addicted to you, physically and emotionally!

So the question becomes how do you make sex memorable? How do you make it more than just a release and more of an amazing experience that he can’t stop thinking about?

The Complete Sexual Fantasy Questions List

Why not start by creating your own 75 sexual fantasy questions list? What this is, is a compilation of 75 sexual questions that will help evoke thought, feeling, and conversation. Of course, not every fantasy or act is going to merit a “Let’s try this” checkmark.

But what matters is that you’re having a discussion about it. You’re learning each other. You’re experimenting in mind, if not in action. By learning more about each other, your likes and dislikes, as well as those of your partner, you’re increasing communication.

Intimate and honest communication is what makes good sex possible!

What you could try is taking turns reading a list such as this one and then marking each question (both of you) according to this criteria:

A: I would love to try this!

B: I am open to trying this at least once.

C: I might be interested in this if I take it slow.

D: I would not enjoy this…but maybe something similar like…?

F: I would NEVER try this!

Now you can start to negotiate with each other as far as what you think is sexy, what he thinks is sexy, and what you can agree on as a couple.

Let’s start with some easy and pretty “tame” questions to start this sexual fantasy list.

What is a Good Flirty Question?

  1. Where is a weird location you’d like to make love?
  2. What’s something super kinky about you?
  3. Have you ever been caught doing something kinky?
  4. Do you remember any “wet dreams” you had?
  5. Have you ever sent a sexy photo of yourself to someone?
  6. What’s the most you’ve ever orgasmed in a day?
  7. Are you quiet or loud when you orgasm?
  8. What celebrity would be your Free Hall Pass?
  9. Would you ever use food during foreplay?
  10. If you could have sex anywhere on earth, where would you choose?
  11. What’s the first physical thing you notice about a girl?
  12. What’s an example of a “sext” you would send?
  13. What’s an example of a sexy costume that turns you on?
  14. What’s an example of sexy lingerie that turns you on?
  15. Would you dress up for a girl to reenact her hottest fantasy?
  16. Have you ever fantasized about someone secretly? Who?
  17. What’s your idea of a romantic affair?
  18. What unusual sex position would you like to try?
  19. What porn (or erotica) is one of your favorites? Why?
  20. Have you ever been naked in front of a stranger or friend?

What Are the Most Common Male Sexual Fantasies?

Every guy has secret sex fantasies – it’s a fact!

What are some juicy questions to ask a guy about his sexual fantasy ideas? Try some of these common but very sexy questions that men just love to answer.

Would you can also be replaced with “Have you?” if the guy is experienced in dating!

  1. Would you ever have sex in the shower?
  2. Would you ever have sex with a platonic friend? (Who and why)
  3. Would you ever have sex with an enemy? (Who and why)
  4. Would you ever have sex for trade?
  5. Would you ever do butt stuff?
  6. Would you ever have a threesome?
  7. Would you ever have group sex?
  8. Would you ever make a sex tape?
  9. Would you ever have sex on a plane?
  10. Would you ever have sex in a dressing room?
  11. Would you ever have sex in someone else’s house?
  12. Would you ever have sex in a beach?
  13. Would you ever have sex with a stranger?
  14. Would you ever have phone sex?
  15. Would you ever have sex in a movie theater?
  16. Would you ever have sex while other people watched?
  17. Would you ever have sex in a public restroom?
  18. Would you ever have sex on a dance floor?
  19. Would you ever have sex with an authority figure and what kind?
  20. Would you ever have sex in a pool or a lake?

What Are the Most Intimate Questions?


  1. How many women have you been with?
  2. What is the most shocking and taboo fantasy you’ve ever had?
  3. Have you ever had sex with someone you work with?
  4. When did you lose your virginity?
  5. What was your first sexual experience with another person?
  6. What was the best sex of your entire life?
  7. What’s something a lover can do to make you crazy for her?
  8. What’s your favorite sex toy?
  9. What’s your most embarassing sexual memory?
  10. What was the craziest fling you’ve had?
  11. What is one fling you regret having?
  12. If a girl really wanted you, what would she say or do that would work?
  13. If you were super horny and hitting on a stranger what would you do or say?
  14. Do you close your eyes or keep them open during sex?
  15. Do you like sex in the dark or in the light?
  16. What’s the most inappropriate crush on a person you’ve ever had?
  17. What instantly turns you on?
  18. What instantly turns you off?
  19. Do you think one night stands or long-term affairs are hotter?
  20. What part of your body is the most sensitive?

What Are the Most Extreme Sexual Fantasies for Men?

  1. What’s a BDSM kink you’ve heard about that you would try?
  2. Would you prefer to be tied up or a girl tied up?
  3. What are some sexy roleplays you would love to try?
  4. How do you do dirty talking? (What kind of things would you say?)
  5. Do you like spanking a girl or getting spanked by her?
  6. What’s your idea of sexy rough sex?
  7. Do you prefer to be in control in bed? (Name an example)
  8. Do you like to be submissive in bed? (Name an example)
  9. Would you ever have a threesome with a girl and a guy?
  10. What’s a cheating fantasy you’ve had?
  11. What’s a most common male fantasy you would never try and why?
  12. Would you ever have sex blindfolded?
  13. Would you ever surrender completely to whatever your partner wants?
  14. What’s a wild men’s sex fantasy that you would never do…but still think is sexy?
  15. Would you ever strip for a group of ladies?

When it comes to naming what sexual fantasies do guys like, be sure to get details – especially if he gives vague or one-word answers.

Make it a rule that he must describe what he means and give specifics – that’s half the fun!

Of course, the point behind these lists is to really connect intimately with a man, even beyond sex. When you’re bonded emotionally, sex is the least of it…and you feel so much closer in mind, body, and soul, so to speak.

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