How to Ride a Guy (10 Tips You NEED to Know)

A woman riding a man is one of his HOTTEST fantasies and one thing he’s dying to do in bed if you haven’t already tried it. Riding a man is a completely different penetrative feeling then missionary, standing or side-by-side. Even the orgasm feels differently since you’re mostly the one creating the friction.

It’s a little bit of a learned skill to ride a man until he comes—and begs you to keep going, and then to stop, and keep going again and then stop. It’s a wonderful, exuberant feeling to be in control and have total power over his orgasm.

Of course, it’s not going to feel so natural when you first start doing it. You may feel awkward and have basic questions like, “Do I jump up and down?” or “Do I slowly rock back and forth?”

We’re going to answer all of your riding questions today on how to ride a guy. And by the end of this article, you’re going to be able to say, with tongue in cheek, this isn’t your first rodeo!

1. Experiment with different positions.

Sitting on top of his lap is a very kinky position especially when combined with a lap dance. Woman-on-top and reverse cowgirl (woman on top but reversed) are also very good positions for visuals. Change it up and keep him guessing if you really want to blow his mind.

2. Pay attention to the penis!

Of course the worst case scenario is “broken penis” and it’s not impossible…in fact a lot of guys get injured in, ahem, “riding accidents”. That’s why it’s best to pay attention to his penis and how deep inside he is…make sure not to let him slip out if you’re going to ride him hard for several minutes. Make sure he is comfortable before you put your entire weight on him, especially if you’re both sitting down. The best way to avoid injury is to find a “natural angle” for the both of you and then match him.

While it is fun to bounce, grind and roll, in terms of giving him pleasure (and protecting his penis from harm) the slower and “fuller” in and out stroke works best. It stimulates his shaft and his penis head while also ensuring you don’t suddenly crash down at an awkward angle.

3. Roll, grind, jump or sway—it’s all up to you.

There is no right answer on how to ride him in terms of velocity. It all feels good, though obviously swaying or rocking is slower and better to do when you’re just getting started. As you both become more passionate you might try a “rolling” technique using your hips and butt, or even a more aggressive grinding. Jumping is the biggest risk in terms of injury, and what you might often see in porn scenes. It’s really important that you actually watch his penis and make sure he’s not slipping out before you come back down from that big splash. You can also do a slower version of a jump—an up and down pull up and stroke, that’s slow enough to ensure he’s always deep inside you when you land.

4. Lean forward so he can play with your entire body.

One of the best advantages to woman-on-top is “boobs in the face”, so don’t deprive him of the dessert. Lean downward just a little bit so he can reach you. It’s not just visual excitement, the fondling is what he wants. In fact, hugging, kissing and even cheek to cheek touching enhances the experience.

5. Steady does it, not changing positions repeatedly.

It might actually help to change positions if you’re staving off premature ejaculation. But if you’re ready for him to orgasm the key is to create a steady and consistent rhythm and then repeat it for as long as he can take. Obviously, if you don’t have the endurance to bounce or jump, don’t try it. Instead, choose a rolling pattern that you can keep doing comfortably for several minutes.

6. Relax and take control.

First, men love it when a woman takes control! Hence, this awesome position! Now that you know that, it’s time to relax and enjoy yourself. Part of the reason he wants you to ride him is so you can make yourself come. He wants you to do what feels good for YOU, because chances are, it will be just as good for him! Take your time in finding the spot position, right angle and the right MOTION. Figure out the angle and rhythm that best stimulates your G-spot. You can easily gauge how much he’s enjoying it by the noise he’s making!

You can also rest assured he would rather you orgasm first and then come back to finish him off rather than worrying about mutual orgasm or giving him an orgasm first. He may even be turned on enough to orgasm when you do since the visual and aural stimulation could be more than he can bear. Which brings us to the next point…

7. Touch yourself or get him to touch you while you ride.

Whether or not you can find your G-spot in the position that you’re in, clitoral stimulation will only help. Woman-on-top allows you to experience both vaginal penetration (possibly G-spot, since straddling allows penetration at an angle) while giving manual clitoral stimulation. If he wants to touch you while you ride him, let him do it…or touch yourself while you ride. It’s only going to make the riding more intense and pleasurable for both of you.

8. Keep tight eye contact during the ride.

Tantric-loving right here! Intense eye contact during riding creates an even more powerful sensation and stronger emotional bond. While he is going to want to gawk at your breasts, remind him how good riding can be, by making him look right into your eyes as you straddle him to orgasm.

9. Touch him all over.

It’s hard to concentrate when you’re riding, protecting him, and getting off yourself…but he will give you an extra moan of appreciation if you take the time to touch him. Gently stroking his balls, grasping at his chest or stomach, or caressing his face can all enhance the full body orgasm he has coming.

10. Finally, be confident!

I know it’s going to be tough to swallow your inhibitions and be aggressively naked and full-on sex vixen, but you have to own this moment. You have to be self-assured that he wants you, and that you’re going to send him into meltdown by giving him all of what he wants. Talk to him about what he wants, before after and during, so you’ll be on the

same page. If you’re feeling good and uninhibited he will feel the same way. Positive energy – that’s what you want!

Have some fun with this unique lovemaking technique and don’t stop experimenting until you’ve tried multiple variations of “riding.” Practice makes perfect and hey, practice is always lots of fun!

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