5 Signs He Wants to Date You Exclusively

One of the questions I’m most often asked by women who have questions about men is, “How can I tell the difference between a man that wants a serious relationship vs. a man that just wants sex?”

My answer is usually along the lines of “Well, most men want sex at first. That’s why you have to be smarter than him and make him wait, giving him the chance to meet the real you.”

But I do believe there really are two “types” of men looking for sex. And depending on what type of guy he is, you’re either going to have a volatile relationship or a fairly good one built on attraction, chasing, falling in love and the whole nine yards.

Type 1: He wants sex with you because you’re convenient.

Type 2: He wants sex with you because you’re interesting and unique.

Immediately we have two very different types of attraction and really, two very different types of relationships. One is obviously going to be more compatible than the other.

Because the guy who wants sex because it’s convenient is hoping to bed you, take what he wants from you and move on. If you challenge him and make him wait, he’s either going to fake interest in you until he gets what he wants, or he’s going to just walk away figuring it’s too much hassle.

Sure, there is always the possibility that the man who just wants sex (like, from anybody anytime anywhere!) could fall in love with you.

But compared to the guy who actually thinks you’re unique? One of a kind? Amazing? Not just sexy and beautiful but smart, mysterious, and one who “fits” him?

That’s the kind of sex you want. That’s the kind of attraction you want. And in the end, that’s the kind of relationship you want.

Sure, the Type 1 guy may see you as “unique” but in the end, does he really care if it’s you or just a willing F-buddy? No, he wants convenience. If you want a more intense and romantic relationship then you’re looking to attract a man who actually thinks you’re amazing, worth fighting for, and worth chasing.

And yeah the sex is better when you’re with a guy who actually appreciates YOU for YOU.

Here are five ways to tell if he’s actually attracted to you and interested in dating you EXCLUSIVELY—and all because he realizes you’re special even in a sea of single people.

1. He not only likes spending time with you…he actually plans dates.

He’s always up for hanging out. In fact, he’s so committed to you he actually commits to a date and plans it out. He’s trying to be a regular part of your life, going one step beyond other guys who keep it casual. Men are usually more spontaneous in the early dating stages. They will never invest any serious time in dating or planning unless they’re ready to be your boyfriend.

2. He’s not just unafraid…he’s eager for you to meet his parents, siblings and friends.

The one true sign of a “booty call guy” is that he NEVER wants you mingling with his people. He’s scared of what you might say and he’s scared of what they will think of you. But when he’s falling for you, he’s actually very eager for you to meet the VIPs of his life. He’s proud of you. He wants his parents to meet you and ask them what they think. And even though his friends will razz him a little bit, deep down he knows they will be happy for him. He’s thrilled about making you part of his life!

3. Topics become increasingly deep and spiritual.

The more interested he is in you exclusively, the deeper your conversations will become. Sex really only makes for shallow conversations. “Like” gets you a little more interesting discussions, usually his “favorite topics”. But when he really likes you and may even love you, you’ll notice a major shift in conversation. He wants to know you on a much deeper level. You both start to talk about life, values, morals and highly personal topics. It’s a more intense way of connecting together. You’re testing your compatibility as a couple. Once he sees what a match you are, he’s thinking that he wants to go exclusive because he’s afraid of losing you and all that work he put into the relationship.

4. He always checks with you before making plans in the present or in the future.

The best way to know if a guy wants to go exclusive? If he actually bothers to check with you before planning his day, his year and the rest of his life. The very definition of a casual relationship is one without planning, no commitments or pressure. But when a guy is falling for you, HE takes the initiative. He plans not only dates, but all of his big plans. Career moves, his residence, his family and friends…all of these considerations are run by you because he plans his future around you. He’s already taking care of you and thinking of your feelings. He won’t do that to anyone but “the one” who’s worthy.

5. He has a moment of truth.

At this point in the relationship your nervous fellow will go one of two directions. Either he will come out and admit that he has strong feelings for you or he will hint around that he wants a more intense and exclusive relationship. He will talk about his desire to settle down and get serious about someone…and yes, he’ll be gauging your reaction just to make sure you’re not weirded out by the idea. By now he will also be more communicative about his feelings and his caring about you as a friend. He will also ask your advice and opinion on every thing, because he’s slowly getting used to idea of becoming exclusive.

By the time you finally do become boyfriend and girlfriend, he will already have taken a few steps forward to make your relationship feel more committed. He will also become progressively happier and full of joy when he’s around you. Guys can’t hide love very well, can they? They love to chase the women they love and “catching you” is the best reward of all.

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