5 Places to Touch a Man to Turn Him On

5 Places to Touch a Man to Turn Him On

You may know how to touch a man to connect with him – as a friend, as a trusted work colleague, or even a “brother” or “father” type. But come on…that’s not how you really want to connect with him!

Maybe you have romantic feelings for this guy, but for some reason, you can never quite turn those feelings into romance, flirting, or anything sexual.

This is quite common, actually. When we don’t “flirt” naturally with people, it can be difficult to suddenly turn that relationship into romance and sexual attraction without making things well…

Weird. Or in the worst-case scenario, creepy!

So here’s an idea. Stop worrying so much about language and instead, concentrate on initiating physical contact. This is the type of physical contact that WILL send him a message. And it’s not going to be sisterly or motherly, or anything like that. It’s going to turn him on and make him question what happened.

As in, “Oh…is she coming on to me?”

1. The Front of His Neck

The nape of his neck is sensitive enough, so you can imagine at how big the reaction is if you stimulate the front of his neck, which is connected to the thyroid gland, which connects back down to his genitalia. Simply put, guys are ticklish around the front of the neck because it’s a sexy turn on spot.

No wonder necking and kissing right on and around the neck feels so good. You can nibble him softly, or place little kisses along his neck, or even kiss and and suck a little aggressively and leave an embarrassing hickey – which some guys don’t mind. They kind of take pride in having a wild girlfriend and having a hot makeout session the night before.

Remember to lick up and all around from the bottom to the shoulders and clavicles, then up to the Adam’s Apple and the lower jaw.

2. Sensitive Spots on the Arms

You don’t much think of a man’s arms, unless of course he’s hugging you with them. But when it’s your turn to turn him on, don’t underestimate how sensitive a man’s arms are. Specifically talking about the inner arms, inner elbow, and even the inner wrist.

The inner arm skin is softer and less protected making it very sensitive to the touch and practically defenseless against a woman’s lips, or her gentle caressing fingers. This move works even better when you move your fingers down from the biceps to the elbow and the wrist.

It’s also no coincidence that guys pride themselves on the size of their biceps and arms muscles and adore a little female appreciation. What’s cool about this area is that you can touch his arm or wrist practically anywhere, even in public and it won’t look too weird. You could turn him on for hours and keep his desire for you on slow boil.

3. The Agony of Da’Feet!

Yes, feet. No, not encouraging a weird foot worship / toe sucking thing!

It’s just scientific – feet are extremely sensitive parts because of their many nerve endings and pressure points particularly around the bottom of the feet, the arch, as well as the toes. You can try this move on a boyfriend or even a “very good friend” who wouldn’t mind a free foot massage.

Start with a foot massage and then make a special effort to stimulate his toes and feet. Touch them softly, just shy of tickling them. Don’t move with too much pressure or too fast, that’s tickling. Instead, do it slowly and softly, evoking his senses. You can even tease his legs and ankles before proceeding to his toe.

If you’re uncomfortable kissing toes, simply massage his feet in oil to get him all hot and bothered. Feet and toes are so sensitive there’s an entire industry built on reflexology and feet massage therapy so you know it works!

4. Ribs

Ribs also have thinner than average skin and so get very sensitive when a man is turned on and the blood is flowing. Ribs can be a source of erotic teasing or outright tickling – depending on the speed and pressure. So don’t start too strong. Do a slow tease, with a very gentle and soft touch. Rather than stroke too fast too soon, hold your hand there and very slowly trace the shape of his ribs, or even all the way down to his abs.

If you’re “friends” you might get away with a very personal and surprising rib-touch. If you’re more than friends, or lovers, use your lips to stimulate the same area, gently placing kisses all over his midsection until he’s breathless.

5. Below the Belly

While no man will ever complain about fast-forwarding and lunging at his penis, let’s consider the brilliance of making him wait for it. Specifically, by giving more attention to the area right above the genitals, and right below the belly button.

This is one of the most sensitive areas of a man’s body and yet the most neglected, because, well, guys tend to be super-enthusiastic about private parts, and less so about the erogenous zones.

But this area, which we can call the V-shape above his genitals, is so sensitive he might groan and shudder just at the touch – just at a strand of hair falling over it.

This area includes the inner thighs (which you could even touch under a table if you’re bold) and stretches to the area between his belly button and genitals. Stroke your fingers along, or if you really want to drive him crazy, use your lips or hair during sex.


By now you understand that touching a man, the act itself, is a strong message.

When you want to communicate family love, warmth, and friendship that’s a distinct message. And when a person touches you in that way it immediately comes across as friendly, warm, and platonic. We don’t even second-guess it. We feel it.

In the same respect, when you want to communicate love or attraction, you feel the intent and you communicate those feelings the next time you touch them. Unconsciously, you may begin to give your crush more intimate feelings when you touch. You may also touch him in a slightly different way that he will pick up on.

He will be alarmed and then flattered, maybe even second-guessing what you meant by that touch.

Touch is infused with emotion. Simply allowing yourself to feel something and then communicate that feeling with touch is the first step towards progressing in the relationship.

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  1. I wish I sought your help before my relationship ended , maybe if I’d tried touching those areas on a man’s body that turn him on, I may have been able to save my relationship, I’ll still watch Mathew’s videos, he’s brilliant

  2. Sharon E Allen

    I’ve done everything to my dude except his toes. He”s still sending me mixed feelings. What should I do?

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