15 Cute Good Night Messages He’ll Love

What do you say to a guy who’s coming onto you but who you don’t have a relationship with? Or what about a guy that you like but he’s just now texting you and you don’t want things to get too serious? (Good instincts, by the way)

Then maybe it’s time to take a step back and start thinking “cute” instead of romantic or sweet. Sweet is close to romantic but it’s just a little more subtle. Cute means fun, friendly and flirty. There’s no serious commitment there and yet all of your conversations are positive and low-pressure. He knows that he can easily talk to you and that’s a great start.

Now the awkward part…how can you make small talk and send cute goodnight messages without letting him know you’re crushing on him?

Well here’s the goal. You can flirt with him a little bit but you still have to make him think that he’s the one chasing you. He’s moving things forward because the romance is his idea.

If you’re the one pushing too hard (with romantic messages that are out of the blue) he’ll have second thoughts. He’ll think you’re chasing him and that’s a killjoy for some men.

That’s why “cute” works early on. So what I decided to do was provide 15 examples on cute goodnight messages – messages that are witty and fun, but not quite there yet romantically speaking just in case you want to take things slower.

1. Goodnight. Oh hey be sure to beware of monsters hiding under your bed. If you want, I can fight them off for you.

As in hang around his bed, just to be safe. Delightful visual!

2. Goodnight…hug that teddy bear. I know you have one and it’s so cute. Oh and if it’s a pillow you hug, that still counts.

Gentle teasing and appreciating his cuddly personality, works well.

3. I’m glad we get to chat like this. You are an interesting and cool person, even more than I thought originally, lol. Goodnight.

Admitting that you enjoy his personality and the chats you have is a great way to keep him coming back.

4. Goodnight, handsome. Be a ladykiller in your dreams, which I know you will.

Flirting with him but in an innocent way.

5. Dream beautiful things tonight and they might come true. Goodnight.

Clever use of the word beautiful and encouraging him to follow through with his fantasies.

6. Well I have to go to bed…you know what they say, parting is such sweet sorrow. Especially when you have such interesting conversations late at night.

Regretfully breaking away from the conversation is the best way to entice him to talk to you again. The better the conversations,

7. What do you think you’ll dream of tonight? Something fun and heart-warming I hope. Until we speak again.

Nice way of directing his attention and it gives him the prompt to think of happy things.

8. I have to go now otherwise I’m going to fall asleep with you, literally in your arms, via phone. Lol

Wonderfully flirty line putting the idea of romance in his head.

9. I do wish we could talk longer. You’re always on my mind, probably because you ask such fascinating questions. Goodnight.

Give him some credit for the good texting conversations.

10. I do spend way too much time thinking of ways to make you laugh. I suppose I better bid you a goodnight or I’ll talk all night long!

Admitting that you’re developing “platonic” feelings for him and that you enjoy his company – it will only push him to flirt more.

11. Thanks for being a good listener and conversationalist. I always have fun texting you.

A nice way to thank him for all his time and effort and reminding him that your relationship is fun and trusting – no negatives.

12. I don’t want to sleep tonight. I think this here is better than anything I’m going to dream.

A bold statement and yet nothing too scandalous. You don’t want to sleep (hint hint!) and you know this conversation is the highlight of the day. You’re giving him credit for being so entertaining as a potential boyfriend.

13. You are unique. And of all the people in the world, you’re the only one reading this message. So smile and have a great night.

A nice way to make him smile and appreciate the moment – the fun in just having a private conversation with a good friend. Associate yourself with positive feelings in his mind, not just laughter, but sweet moments like this.

14. Maybe in another life we were good friends or something more. I know I’m really starting to dislike saying goodbye or goodnight. But maybe that’s because you’re just too funny.

Cute way of explaining the connection you both feel, without actually suggesting a date. Maybe you’re twin flames or soul mates and are meeting “for the first time” in this life. It’s a thought sure to blow his mind, if he’s a spiritual person.

15. We should both have a drink sometime and chat and say what we really think.

What a thrilling invitation. Unwind, drink and start expressing yourself honestly, losing some of those inhibitions. It sounds like a phone date!

As you can see “cute” works and in many cases cute works BETTER than romantic or overly flirty messages. You want to intrigue his curiosity and make him laugh. Give him just a feeling or a vague thought and let him think it over. The teasing is what makes the relationship exciting to pursue, especially if you both take your time.

Bring him back wanting more and you’ve started a great friendship, one that could easily develop into a romantic relationship. Starting small is a good idea because you build trust over time and make the relationship deeper than just lust or attraction. You learn each other, respect each other and develop a true friendship that can go deeper, when he’s ready. What matters is positive association in the beginning, that’s what men can’t resist!

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