14 Romantic Anniversary Ideas for Him.

14 Romantic Anniversary Ideas for Him

He’s a hard-working man with a heart of gold. Isn’t it about time you gave him an anniversary to remember? If your man is a romantic at heart, then why not match his passion this year? You can create your own romantic anniversary ideas for him and surprise him with something completely new.

Great Ideas for Anniversary Celebration

What are good things to do on an anniversary? In this article, we’re going to discuss 14 good anniversary ideas that are fairly easy to do and still uncommon for the most part. A lot of couples aren’t very romantic. And sometimes it’s just the guy who comes up with a romantic idea. So just think of how cool it’s going to be when you come up with some romantic anniversary ideas for him this year! Chances are, you’re going to blow his mind if you try any one of our scenarios.

1. Spoil him – Give him a special day all about his comfort.

If your guy is a special, hard-working and long-suffering man, why not reward him with an anniversary crafted by you, dedicated to him? Spoil him starting from the moment he wakes up or gets home from work.

Start by making his favorite meal. Then, present him with a gift that he’s going to love. For the best results, try writing down all the times throughout the year that he talks about needing or wanting something from the mall, or online. Narrow it down to what you think is the BEST toy he’s been dying to have.

Then, spoil him again with dessert and a relaxing night of doing whatever he wants, whether his favorite pastime is watching an old show or movie, playing a game, or having a few drinks. Give him a happy anniversary card and then give him a sexy goodnight.

Hey, it’s simple, inexpensive, requires very little preparation, and sure does make him smile!

2. Romance him – Write him a poem and give him a gift.

Want romantic anniversary ideas for him? Try to combine the first idea and this idea in one night. When it comes time for romance, don’t wait for him – ROMANCE HIM! Write him a love letter or a love poem and share your feelings for him. If you suspect your guy feels lonely or taken for granted sometimes, this is a fine way to remind him just how much you love him.

You can make the poem sweet, emotional, or even a little bit funny. Then just when he’s all buttered up and sweetly smiling, surprise him with his gift. Get him a sentimental gift, like something he’s always wanted but just never got around to searching for. Or give him a gift with an inscription, reminding him of how much you love each other.

3. Woo him – Take him somewhere he can shine!

If your guy used to be the life of the party but has recently been burned out from work and family obligations, then it’s time to remind him just how cool he can be. Why not take him out to a fun place, a bar, a club, or even a karaoke night? If he’s always loved singing, dancing, or having drinks with friends, this is a fun spin on the traditional anniversary dinner.

And even if he’s not the karaoke type of guy, he can still show off his fancy brain by besting everyone on trivia night, or board game night, or whatever else floats his boat. This is a fun option for a guy who’s been stuck at work, or at home, and needs some joy in his life!

4. Surprise him – Get all of his friends together and have a party.

While this is not exactly intimate, it can still be a romantic option. What better way to make the BOTH of you feel loved, than to invite friends and family over for a “Surprise!” anniversary dinner. It’s all the more special if it’s the big 10, or 25, 30, or 50 and you can actually renew your vows.

What kind of surprises do boyfriends like or husbands like? Of course, big events with lots of friends and toasts! You can rent a small dance floor for the night, have some snacks, drinks and music, and invite everyone he likes. Not only can they bring anniversary gifts, but all your guests can make a toast. They can make it funny, make it sweet, and make it positive – a tribute to all your years together and why you make such a great couple.

Maybe it’s not for shy guys, but if your man likes to party, he’s really going to love this night.

5. Remember him – Treat him to a night of memories.

If the two of you just aren’t up to company, but do love the idea of taking a trip down memory lane, consider staging a “This is Your Life” bit personalized just for him. Gather a bunch of old photos and other media. You can assemble the photos in a scrapbook or even create a virtual slide show. Now, tell the story of how you met.

Remind him of some good times you’ve had and what amazing things you saw and did together. Try to find old quotes or old writings to go along with the photo presentation. It will feel even more poignant if you can stage the presentation as a narrative of how your marriage brought both of you the happiness you always wanted. Look back on all the memories with gratitude and remind him of how much fun you’re both still in love and still together!

6. Captivate him – Send him on a romantic scavenger hunt.

Why not take a coy approach to the event and create a scavenger hunt using post it notes, or email clues, or any number of “signs” that direct his attention to something. What makes it a scavenger hunt is that you have a series of riddles that connect to each other, leading him to one final destination.

That final sign could be something romantic, like a lavishly decorated bedroom, or something fun like his favorite dinner and a movie. You could make the hunt especially interesting by using it as a platform to introduce various unique anniversary gifts for him.

Or you could use your imagination and reveal something special on this anniversary day. He will appreciate the gift and the love letters and all…but he’s going to love figuring out the “hunt” and winning this mystery game.

7. Reignite his passions – Recreate your very first date.

If he’s a sentimentalist then he’s going to love the idea of recreating the very first date you had. Try to get the details down. Where did you go? What was the mood? What did you both order? What were some of the conversations you had? Relive the experience and relive those nervous feelings from a nostalgic point of view.

If you want to make it even more fun, try to pretend like you’re meeting for the first time all over again. Don’t say anything familiar or too “real life.” Immerse yourself in the fantasy that you’re going back in time and pretend you’re two strangers connecting.

8. Bring him outside – Go camping under the stars.

If you love the idea of relaxing outdoors, then consider booking a camping trip or taking an RV out to your favorite remote woodland location. There’s something very spiritual about lying on the ground and gazing up at the stars.

Turn off all cell phones and any connection to the modern world. Embrace the “off the grid” feeling of just relaxing and being in each other’s company AWAY from your everyday life.

And if you run out of things to say, or listen to, play a downloaded movie. You can relive the old drive in movie night! You can even buy a projector for a laptop for a fairly low price just to make the experience feel more legit.

Create a little picnic area for lunch and dinner and then set up some sleeping bags for one long night communing with nature.

9. Impress him – Bring him to a fancy place.

If the two of you don’t have time to get out, then make the next anniversary special by splurging just a little bit. Dress up for each other. Go to a fine restaurant and then order something completely new that neither of you have tried before.

And hey, here’s some more anniversary ideas for him.

Have a few drinks. Or hit a few breweries or wineries. You might even consider hiring a chauffeur or an Uber driver to take the pressure off driving home. It’s a great opportunity to take selfies and show off on social media – letting everyone know this is a special year.

Since you’ve had a few glasses of wine, why not get matching tattoos to commemorate the occasion?

10. Pamper him – Take him to get the full spa treatment.

How often does your man go to spas – really? So just think of how impressed he’s going to be when he gets a five-star manicure, pedicure, and massage? Pamper him with some luxury that he would probably never ask for, but wouldn’t mind trying more often if someone else booked the appointment.

There are multiple types of massage, from oil to hot stone to deep tissue if he wants some real stress relief. Couples can even arrange for dual massages happening at the same time. His relaxed and rubbery-feeling body will thank you!

11. Thrill him – Do something exciting and adrenaline pumping.

Why not embrace your fears and your need for high adrenaline sports and make this coming anniversary your wildest one yet? If your man is game, you can go sky diving, bungee jumping, or paragliding.

For the shyer kind of guy, talk him into going to a theme park and riding some roller coasters, or perhaps going to a water park in the warmer months. If you haven’t done anything fun since 2019 then it’s about time to go back and feel the rush again.

12. Dress everyone up – Have a fun theme night anniversary.

If your guy is more literate than high-jumping, think about going to a renaissance fair, in a couples’ costume, or even hosting a costumed theme party with friends. If you’re close to the end of the year, Halloween and Fall are two fun themes that you can incorporate into your anniversary. December through February can be winter-themed.

If you don’t want to host, then you can always attend a local comic or movie convention and mingle with other fans while showing off your new costumes – and of course, posing for pictures.

Dressing up in a fantasy scenario can be a lot of fun, and it’s less pressure to “perform” (as in a roleplay) if you’re just going to a local event with other people. Have fun with it in the day time and then get romantic with each other later that night, when it’s time to disrobe.

13. Titillate him – Sex the day up!

What do guys want on an anniversary? Well, it’s no stretch of the imagination to say they want intimacy! So instead of just doing the old routine this year, tell your partner that you want to try something different.

Exchange some kinky fantasies to play out. Or an even better option might be to buy a two-player adult board game. Adult board games can introduce shy couples to different foreplay ideas, sexual positions, or even fantasy confessions. It’s bound to make you laugh and spice up your love life.

14. Treat him to a (planned) spontaneous vacation.

Yes, you’re right in thinking that the best vacations are spontaneous. But it’s just not a good idea to spring something like that on your boyfriend/husband…unless of course you thoroughly research everything in advance. Then it’s amazing! What man wouldn’t want to be swept off his feet and taken on a surprise road trip or flight to an exotic vacation spot?

He’s going to smile at the idea…but then he’s going to worry about all your home obligations.

That’s why you have to take care of all the loose ends before you plan the trip. Find somewhere for the kids to go (including pets!). Take care of all bills and any appointments you’ve set.

How can I surprise my boyfriend on our anniversary? Try to get employers, family, and friends in on the surprise, so they will keep the vacation a secret from him until it’s time for the surprise. Make sure everything is accounted for and make a checklist so you don’t forget.

Then, surprise him with a gift AND a signed card from everyone he knows wishing the two of you well on your second honeymoon!

How Can I Make My Anniversary Exciting?

Whether you’re just learning how do I celebrate my first anniversary with my boyfriend, or you’ve been married for years, remember that the key to romance is SLOWING DOWN and experiencing something brand new.

Go out of your way to break the monotony. Try something new and focus on what you feel in the moment, and how you feel about each other. If you put forth even a little effort to surprise your man, he is going to be beside himself with an appreciation for all that you are, and how much you love him.

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