69 Sex Position: Everything You Need to Know to Do It Right

I don’t know why, but sixty-nine—a sexual great position!—is sometimes neglected in relationships. Why? It’s a form of mutual oral sex that’s intense, easy to manage, and one that ends beautifully, especially if you like seeing your partner all hot and bothered.

Maybe the problem is that Internet porn rarely focuses on mutual pleasure, but as far as mutual goes, it’s hard to find anything better than 69, dudes. (Bill and Ted quote, never gets old!)

Here are 10 tips on how to have better mutual oral sex and to make it a regular part of your sexual menu.

1. Shower beforehand to make it clean and fresh.

If oral sex seems like a turn off before you even start, then maybe you’ve both let yourself go recently as far as hygiene. Shower in advance of oral sex. Splash on your partner’s favorite perfume on other parts of your body. The smells and tastes will be more appealing and you’ll both enjoy it more.

2. Be generous with the edible lube.

Not only does extra lube make blowjobs better, it’s much better on YOU too. Everyone assumes oral sex has to be “natural” but for no apparent reason. What’s pleasurable, that’s what matters. Make sure it tastes good and make sure you have plenty of wetness.

3. Choose a position you’re both comfortable with.

You know how some positions are so hot you don’t need to be all that comfortable doing it? Yeah well this is NOT that! You can only enjoy mutual 69 if you’re both in a comfortable position. Experiment and find out which one suits the both of you. Some men like woman on top 69 but side to side may actually be easier on your neck since there’s no need to support each other’s weight then. Bending your top leg and supporting yourself partially on your elbow may also help you get into a good position. Some lovers also claim that putting a pillow on top of your butt and or head really helps in top-bottom 69.

4. Use MORE than just your tongue.

Oral sex is not all about the tongue and constantly sucking or licking away. The best thing to do is to have fun with it and alter the rhythm with various foreplay ideas. You can go from breast play to licking with a tongue, to sucking, to using your hands. Tell your boyfriend to find your G-spot while he licks your clitoris. Lightly massage his perineum or his testicles while you give him head. The combination of techniques is what makes it good.

5. You don’t have to make it a mirror 69. You CAN take turns.

It may be even more pleasurable to focus attention on one partner at a time and take turns “mutually” pleasuring each other. That way you can incorporate more techniques into your foreplay, such as a full body tongue or kissing massage. Besides that, you don’t have to just START with 69. You can initiate it gradually, after foreplay, after regular oral sex, or even before / after penetration. You don’t have to start and end on 69, is what we’re saying. Create a more interesting choreography and mix it up sometimes.

6. Discuss butt stuff in advance and don’t presume anything!

Anal sex and analingus (which is exactly what you’re thinking it is) are not always “cool” with both partners. Some people like anal play and some are turned off by it. Discuss beforehand to avoid misunderstandings. It’s not just that you shouldn’t anal-play without permission…that’s obvious. But also keep in mind that lingering around your partner’s ass may or may NOT turn them on. Some men are very self-conscious about that kind of thing. You might be too, so discuss the butt and how comfortable a distance you should keep from it, if applicable.

7. Have a threesome with a robot.

Robots, they’re discreet, right? So don’t hesitate to introduce a vibrator or any other sex toy you enjoy into your 69 play. Most men are not threatened by them and in fact it may actually be a huge relief to him to help you reach orgasm, rather than to assume all that responsibility himself. Even if neither of you is in the mood for long foreplay, but both

want a quickie, sex toy 69 may be more erotic than just mutual masturbation with a toy.

8. Watch porn or listen to erotic dialog while pleasuring.

Here’s an idea—if the awkwardness is intimidating, distract yourself by watching or listening to something sexy besides just all those “wet pops”. Relax, you don’t even need Google Glass to try this one. Just put some headphones on and load your favorite porn clip or erotica audio story to feel the moment as you work your mouth.

9. Once you’re comfortable with the act itself, experiment with the Kama Sutra.

Kama Sutra positions are great for experimenting and if your 69 habit has become a bit routine it’s time to spice it up with a brand new view of the action. A website called Sex Positions.club even had an illustrated guide to some 69 sex positions you can try for mutual pleasure.

10. Double your kink with some light bondage and discipline.

If 69 feels a little too awkward or silly then give it a JOLT of erotic thrills when you take away a partner’s ability to move freely. You can both decide who gets to be the “submissive” and endure the challenge. For example, cuffing or tying your lover’s hands behind their back. Or tying him to all four bedposts. Removing sight with a blindfold could also make it extra kinky. Starting with spanking and then going on to mutual 69 could also surprise your partner.

It’s really about experimentation. Don’t view the 69 as an awkward and uncomfortable obligation where both partners must orgasm at the same time. Mix it up and try something new with each session. It’s merely one sexual technique that can add variety and kink up your already red-hot sex life!

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