Why Feminine Magnetism is The Key to His Heart

We’re living in an age where gender roles and male/female properties are very fluid.  Not only do we hear this from this from the transgender and LGBTQ community, but even among heterosexual men and women, embracing non-traditional roles is fairly common nowadays.

Women work full-time.  Men become house husbands.  Women have become more assertive in making the first move with guys.  Guys are becoming more open with their feelings. Times change, people evolve.

However, even though there has been a lot of experimentation and variation in gender roles, one thing remains the same.  That is, the issue of polarity. You see, certain forces have the ability to attract or repel other forces. Not only in nature, not only in science, but even in relationships we see the pattern.  

Some behavior attracts while other behavior repels.  The secret to better dating success may well be to change the energy that you are projecting and make sure it matches, or COMPLEMENTS the energy the other person is giving off.

One way to define this sense of polarity is to say that femininity attracts masculinity.  By nature, what is feminine attracts and what is masculine chases. While gender / sex is obviously adaptable, the energy itself mostly stays the same.

Usually, masculine lovers prefer feminine lovers.  Feminine lovers are drawn to more rough and “alpha” types.  This is true for heterosexual men and women, as well as some (though not all) butch and femme gay/lesbian couples.  While there are exceptions to every rule, this seems to be a recurring pattern and many believe it’s learned behavior stemming from thousands of years of procreation.  Others believe it’s natural and perhaps even linked to genetics.

The Smell of Compatibility

Statistically speaking, smells and pheromones are definitely linked to attraction.  The traditionally feminine woman prefers a masculine smell.  In fact, women prefer men with MHC genes (major histocompatibility complex) who differ from her own.  This provides an evolutionary advantage, should they have children later on, since MHC genes are linked to immune system function.  More varied MHC, coming from “opposite” partners, leads to healthier offspring.

Obviously not every couple getting together wants children.  But thousands of years of procreation leaves certain predispositions in our minds.

Men are Attracted to Feminine Body Types

It should go without saying that men are attracted sexually to bigger hips and breasts.  (In the immortal words of Sir Mixalot, you other brothers can’t deny!) But where does the attraction come from?  It’s possible evolutionary advantage is to blame again, since you might speculate men instinctively size up women’s bodies for sex and childrearing.  A certain waist-to-hip ratio makes a woman seem fertile and thus feminine.

Of course, you could also argue that men are simply programmed to chase after feminine women because society in general promotes the idea of curvy women, skinny women, and a “healthy” body type.  

In addition, softer skin, higher pitch of voice, healthy hair and teeth, and even legs proportionate to height (as opposed to total height) were considered “feminine” by men.  The desire for feminine physical qualities tested even higher with men that had higher levels of testosterone. Isn’t that interesting?

Even good grooming habits also related to an instinctive desire to mate, since men associated good grooming with good health and sound mind.

Emotional Femininity

While physical femininity was very attractive to most men, emotional femininity was also just as important in the survey, especially in early dating.  Women who showed nurturing qualities like empathy, sympathy and expressiveness were considered more feminine and attractive by men.

Men were also more attracted to intelligent women, which may be surprising if you’ve always associated femininity with subservience or submission.  But that’s not the case. Men actually view female intelligence as an attractive feminine quality, once again, in hopes of birthing healthy offspring.  In contrast, instability, depression, anxiety and introverted behavior were considered less attractive to men.

Now that doesn’t necessarily mean this is all scientific fact.  It’s speculation more than fact, since those survey results can be interpreted in a number of ways.

While this theory may have a basis in science and genetics, it’s actually a very simple lesson in common sense.  Men like feminine women because they are fun, healthy, open-minded and easy going!

They make the relationship itself easier to deal with.  Their qualities allow for better communication, and in turn less conflict.  And sure, if the relationship ever progresses to a family, a warm and affectionate mother is very important to a child’s health.

Should You Be Yourself or More Feminine?

When considering female magnetism, remember this: there is nothing wrong with you “being yourself.”  If you’re more naturally tomboyish or have a “male side” to your personality, it doesn’t mean you have to abandon everything unique about you.

Femininity is not about pretending to be a certain type of girl or having that sensuous and graceful body language.  It’s more about learning what your man’s needs are, understanding them, and then giving him what he wants AFTER he earns it.  

Female magnetism is about being a good giver AND a good receiver.  Be a gracious receiver and encourage a man’s natural masculinity. Remember if HE offers, it’s a gift.  Just because you accept a man’s kindness does not mean you are becoming vulnerable or weak.

Part of the challenge is understanding what a man NEEDS or WANTS from you as a feminine woman.  We’ll discuss this in a future article entitled “Why Men Want Feminine Women.”

For now, just remember that you don’t have to stop being yourself to get a guy to notice you.  You should be your “true self” on a date so there won’t be any confusion later on. But you always have the option to start projecting more feminine energy to better interact with his masculine energy.

If you want a masculine man, exude more feminine qualities.  If your masculine-minded crush doesn’t seem to notice you, then change your approach slightly.  Focus on being a better “receiver” by letting him work for your attention. Then learn what makes him tick and what he desires from his ideal woman.  This is the true spirit of femininity…understanding how a man’s mind works.

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