What to Get Him for Valentine’s Day

Men at least have a clue about what you want for Valentine’s Day. They figure, something sweet and expressive (and that’s all about love!) or, some fairly expensive appliance you’ve been hinting around about for a few months.

Now shopping for a guy…that’s complicated! What in the world does a man want on the most romantic day of the year?

The first thing to realize is that for every inner girl inside of a woman, there is also an inner boy hiding inside of a man. Men and boys like the same thing: experiences, novelties, and toys. The key is, to figure out the appropriate age group and try to match the item to the man’s unique personality. Don’t try so hard to go for deep epic romance, since to men, actions always speak louder than words. The thought is what counts and if you’re happy this Valentine’s Day (after he gives you the present you’ve been waiting for) then he’ll be thrilled. Keep up that positive momentum and boyish spirit of the moment.

Here are 10 ideas on what to get him that can’t miss.

1. A Watch

Every man, from old timers to young boys like small appliances, particularly the kind they wear. It’s a prestige thing, to show up to a meeting looking like a million dollars. What better way to spell out luxury and manliness than a leather stainless steel watch with Quartz analog movement? While Rolex pleases the big spender, an MVMT watch is affordable and premium quality. If he doesn’t like to tell time, get him an Apple watch so he can always have his trusty Wi-Fi by his side.

2. High-Quality Underwear

Who says women are the only ones who love getting sexy outfits for Valentine’s Day? Men will like it too, especially if you get the luxury brand of boxers that are soft, stretchy and colored in subtle shades. Make sure you remind him that this is sexy underwear, which you demand he shows off to you later on. If you both have new “lingerie” to show off, you can make this occasion an extra special night.

3. Kitchen or Home Electronic Appliances

Men want electric devices that can expedite their daily routines and make them feel as “boss” as George Jetson. So think about Alexa, Google Home, or another device that automates simple processes. If you already have one, then go for something a little more subtle—like a Hyper Chiller gadget which cools hot coffee down to drinking temperature in just about 60 seconds.

4. Make him feel young again by buying a remote-controlled buddy!

Boys like cutesy animals but men prefer drones! Drones are ridiculously inexpensive now and they’re easy to work with for beginners as well as advanced techno-wizards. Some have cameras and some are as inexpensive as $70. While of course, more sophisticated models can cost up to $20,000. Don’t get him that one…

5. Retro Video Game Systems

There’s something very hip about retro games lately…no wonder Sega, Atari and Nintendo have joined the retro games market recently and have added their rebooted systems with online libraries of old games. If he grew up anywhere during the 70s to the 90s, chances are these titles are part of his childhood and he will find the gift quaint, sweet, and just plain awesome.

6. VR Headset

If your man would rather surf YouTube and Netflix than play video games, why not give him a fully immersive experience with a VR headset (which hooks up to a cell phone) as well as some headphones? Even if he is a gamer, he will be blown away by the ability to see only the action taking place as he wears the VR headset and gets to enter strange new worlds Avatar-style.

7. Membership Perks

Guys love doing stuff, right? So why not sign him up for free concerts whenever they come to town, courtesy of Sofar Sounds? Or if music isn’t his thing, buy him a cigar of the month or snack of the month club membership. Chances are, he will have a healthy appetite and there’s nothing he loves more than his baby bringing him a snack. Better if you don’t actually have to make him a sandwich either and can get him some jerky-of-the-month flavors!

8. His and Her Sex Toys

Chances are, sex always impresses your man in any way, shape or form. Show him you can still be a “wildling” even after the live-in relationship has lost its novelty. Buy the both of you some his/hers sex toys (such as a matching set of a vibrator and sleeve) and work the toys into your adventures. Men really do crush on sexually liberated women who aren’t afraid to admit that sometimes toy night is a turn on.

9. Plush Dolls(?)

No, you’re not imagining this and no, this isn’t Yahoo Answers where we just pull stuff out of our a…uh, attic.  But believe it or not, a lot of women are buying cutesy plush dolls for their partners lately.  We’ve certainly scanned for the “weirdness” factor (a heartworm plush doll, really?) and the cheesy factor (like plush boobs for the horn-dog guy).  But our favorite hug toys at night have to be comic book and movie plush dolls, which geeky film critic guys are sure to get a kick out of.  Who couldn’t love a huggable Alien from Ben’s Bargains?  A talking Chewbacca from Star Wars?  Last but not least, how about a gigantic teddy bear that stands six feet tall?

As bizarre as it sounds, men sleeping with dolls is a slightly growing trend, especially when they travel away from home and want to fill the void left by an absent partner.  Well hey, what can we say?  If you’re intent on buying your lonely traveling man a teddy bear, buy one of those six-foot-tall behemoths.  Men do like everything in XL, don’t they?

10. A Unique Ring

Men can’t stand jewelry…unless it’s we’re talking about a ring.  While some men are connoisseurs of rings, gems, and stones, we’re thinking affordable is the best way to go this year.  Why not pick up a novelty ring?  Awesome Stuff had a bunch of unique rings that every red-blooded guy is sure to get a kick out of, from rings that tell you the time, to a whiskey barrel ring, to a Steampunk cog ring, to a Titanium multi-tool ring for the outdoorsman and a bullet ring for the gun enthusiast!  And if he loves “weird and cool”, choose an eagle ring, wolf head ring, or our comic book geek selection: The Iron Man mask ring.

As you can see, the theme this year is quirky but classy.  Men love toys so indulge their inner child this year and watch their smile glisten when they open the gift box!

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