Things to Call Your BF (He’ll Love This)

When you love someone, you “name” them. The name becomes a symbol of love and intimacy. You don’t just know the person – you remember them fondly. You cherish the memories you have together. All the more so, when you “name” your true love. Of course you use their first and last name in the beginning, but over time you want to personalize the name to show even deeper affection.

First and last names are a bit formal. Everyone knows him as “Bob” or “David”, but only one person knows his true heart, the man he is inside. That’s you…so shouldn’t you have a special name for him, a reminder that this relationship is so much deeper? You’re soul mates, romantically linked forever! Let’s make this a name that’s sweet, endearing, and heart-warming to think and speak.

The best nicknames are not random cutesy titles but are words based on memories and feelings that you have for each other. The romantic names you call your boyfriend are like an inside joke, a secret that only the two of you can fully appreciate.

Let’s consider 20 of the best things to call your boyfriend and variations that might make the feelings even more personal.

1. My Lover, My Dear

Or translated into another language, it becomes something exotic like Mon Cheri or Mi Amor. This is even more charming if one of you is French, Spanish, and so on.

2. Glorious Knight

Most men do love the idea of a chivalrous knight. Knights are symbols of valiance. Men who fight to please women, who would do anything for the honor of their lady, their queen. Any variation of “knight”, even “Knight of Springfield Street” (your home address) would be a charming title.

3. Hot Chocolate or Hot Coffee

The only thing comparable to a man’s love is your love of coffee or chocolate right? So calling your boyfriend something you love, with extra cream or sugar of course, is a tasty treat.

4. Captain Cuddles

Captain is an honorable name and combining that prestige with something you love, like when he cuddles you, makes for a very cute nickname. It’s got a Captain Hook flavor, don’t you think?

5. Pickle

Who doesn’t love the tart taste of a pickle after eating too much sweets? This is an even better nickname if one or both of you love pickles. Bonus points if he giggles at the name because pickle is sometimes a euphemism for, well…

6. Angel Bread

Not only is he beautiful like an angel…he also tastes very sweet!

7. Peanut Butter

If you’re not digging chocolate, then try naming him after your favorite snacks – PP&J, Reese’s Peanut Buttercups or those adorable peanut M&Ms.

8. Big Boy or Big ___

Big boy, big daddy or even “Big John” (or whatever his first name is) is a simple yet very affectionate title. Men who are “big” tend to be protective, tough and very devoted to providing for you. Reward him with a most honorable title of “Big”, letting him know how safe you feel in his arms.

9. Sexy Boy

If he’s the lover, the ladies man, or the sexy seductive type, give him a nickname of Sexy Boy or Sex God, buttering up his ego.

10. Nature Boy

If he loves to camp, or has a fondness for the outdoors, then he’ll surely appreciate a title like nature boy.

11. Inspector

Inspector, Detective, would be a cute nickname for a boyfriend who’s a natural puzzle solver, critical thinker, and mystery aficionado.

12. Eyelashes

If he has natural eyelashes, and not all guys do, let him know how special he is with a cutesy title in honor or those lashes.

13. World Champion

Or “Champ”, this is a nice title for a guy who loves sports, competition, athleticism and the culture of all things male. Give him a nickname befitting of his man cave of excellence.

14. My Creature of the Night

Is your boyfriend the brooding type? Or do you just want a love like Bella and Edward from Twilight? Anything dark, or even something hip like “my Vampire” or “my Werewolf” would be a fitting tribute.

15. Sweet Stuff

Anything “sweet”, from honey to vanilla to caramel or cupcake works. But if you can’t decide between your favorite desserts, simply call him Sweet Stuff or Sweetheart. And if he has a sense of humor about you making more money than he does, call him Sugar Baby or Sugar Boy.

16. Hot Pockets

Another kinky name, this time suggesting not only that something hot is inside his pockets, but also that his sexiness is steamy hot like Hot Pockets: Pepperoni flavor.

17. Clown Prince

Why settle for a love like Bella and Edward when you could have a mad love like Joker and Harley from Suicide Squad?

18. Salty Dog

Lastly, you can’t go wrong with this one – not only a bartender’s favorite drink, but a name that implies a salty wit but also a loyal husky dog that’s ready to protect his lady.

A Few Words of Caution

Be very sensitive when it comes to “reusing” cute nicknames for your boyfriend that you previously used with another man. If he figures out that you’re recycling cute names he could take offense. Each relationship should have a unique name that celebrates the one-of-a-kind love that you have found together.

Remember the best way to choose cute names for each other is to focus on the positives – something you admire about him, something that reminds you every day how happy you are to have him and be a part of his life. Avoid anything negative or too sarcastic, since you don’t want him to feel embarrassed or resentful. Choose a name that makes him feel good about himself! In return, he will be grateful for having you in his life and will choose a fitting nickname for you that’s sweet, romantic, and most of all grateful for the love you share!

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