30 Good Night Messages for Friends

Is there a difference between goodnight messages for friends and goodnight messages for a guy you like? Definitely!

I think you know, just by default, it’s not a good idea to give a guy false hope. You don’t want to flirt too much with someone that you don’t like. At some point, he’s going to want to move forward in the relationship and that’s not what you want.

So yes, there are definitely different signals and messages you would send a “friend” who’s not actually boyfriend material. You want to keep him as a friend.

Friend, as opposed to an “enemy”, a creepy you want to leave you alone!

So what I thought I would do is list 10 goodnight messages for a “friend” in three different contexts. (1) A friend you like to hang out with, purely platonic, (2) a friend you suspect might like you but the feeling is NOT mutual, and (3) a guy you’re not sure whether you like or not, but he is still a good friend.

Here we go.

Goodnight, My Buddy!

1. I hope you have a peaceful night. You deserve a good sleep!
2. Boyfriends and girlfriends come and go. But there’s something very special about a friend that will always be there for you. We are soul mates, like brother and sister, and we’ll be friends forever.
3. I don’t just want to wish you a goodnight. I want to wish your family a goodnight, since they have to listen to you snore like a thunderstorm. I pity them! G’night!
4. Be grateful for each day and for each night. I know I’m grateful for having such a good friend.
5. Goodnight, my friend. We will be friends forever, even 50 years from now. Even after our spouses leave us, even after we’re dead. Our souls will always be linked. Because you’re just that special to me!
6. You’re the Bill to my Ted. Thank you for coming with me on this excellent adventure of life. Goodnight.
7. We meet so very few friends in life. We have friends of convenience. Boyfriends. Flake friends. But I appreciate you because you are a real true friend, for life! Goodnight.
8. Goodnight. I will always cherish our friendship. I love the hell out of you. You’re there for me always, even when boyfriends don’t turn out, you’re always there to lift my spirits.
9. Goodnight, old friend. I pray for you. I wish for God to watch over you and bless your efforts. You are a wonderful person and we all love you for being such a good example.
10. I hope you know how much I appreciate our talks. A lot of people will never get our special friendship. It’s not about sex or romance. But true lifelong friendship. That’s so rare and it’s a treasure I will keep close to my heart forever.

Goodnight, Thirsty Dude

1. I have to go to sleep now! But it’s been fun talking to you, my friend.
2. That’s awesome. Well, I’m getting sleepy. Any longer and I’m going to conk out, lol. Goodnight!
3. Thanks for an interesting conversation. I have to go now, but let me know how that thing at work goes. TTYL!
4. Thanks for the links. I may or may not go, I’ll play it by ear. Anyway, got to go! Have a good night.
5. Lol Thanks for the chat and for the laughs. Gotta go to bed now, getting up early. Night!
6. Hahahah! Thanks for the funny links. I’ll be laughing for days. Goodnight!
7. It’s been fun catching up. Take care and tell your family I said hello. Goodnight.
8. Thanks for the update. But alas, I must go. Have a goodnight, my friend.
9. That’s fascinating! Goodnight everybody!
10. Hey, I got to go! Talk to you later. GN!

Goodnight, My “Friend” That I’m Sort of Attracted To

1. I don’t have any nightmares anymore, because I now have a wonderful friend that protects me in dreams. Goodnight, my knight in shining armor.
2. Goodnight my dear friend. I hope you’re going to bed with a smile. Because nothing makes me happier than picturing a big smile on your sweet face.
3. I hope you have wonderful dreams. I hope you wake up in good spirits and live the day tomorrow fully. When you’re happy you make others happy. You’re a lightning bolt of positive energy!
4. We are miles apart and yet we are always close together in mind. That’s what makes our friendship so perfect.
5. Darkness is only for a little while. So is a bad day. I know you’re going to wake up tomorrow feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the world! And I’ll be there to cheer for you.
6. You inspire people. You bring the best out of people. Don’t ever forget how special you are. I know it, we all know it. I hope you know it too. It’s a joy and an honor knowing a hero like you.
7. Have a good night, my friend. And message me tomorrow to let me know how amazing your day went! I want to see you full of hope and sunshine.
8. You are going to kick ass tomorrow. I have faith in you. I know you can do this. Pump yourself up and make me proud. Night!
9. Nobody makes me feel as free and as confident as you do. You bring out the best in me. I want to be a better person because of you. Don’t stop inspiring people. You really do touch a person’s heart, you know. Goodnight.
10. Goodnight, you hard working superhero. I am going to dream about you…I just have a feeling. (Smile)

In conclusion, don’t be so quick to dismiss a good friend. Friends are hard to find these days. Just witness how many people complain that they have few friends and would like to do more, go more places, and meet new people. Friendship is a wonderful thing.

So yeah get rid of the creeps who claim to be your friend but who just want sex. Stay close to your friends who truly care about you.

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