Pet Names for Your Boyfriend

Coming up with a pet name for your boyfriend (yes, a man you’ve been intimate with and probably LOVE!) is a big deal. It may seem like a little thing in comparison, but you might say the little things are what make or break relationships. Let’s consider a few tips for creating pet names for your boyfriend that you’ll both like – and that will improve the already tight bond you have together.

Avoiding the Wrong Names

On one hand, you want to choose a nickname that’s cutesy, sweet and affectionate. On the other hand, you don’t want it to be a negative pet name or even one that embarrasses him. Some of the worst pet names I’ve come across are names that mock the man’s height, weight, penis size or even his perceived flaws. Don’t do it! Even if he pretends to like, he probably doesn’t!

You also have to avoid anything that’s potentially embarrassing, especially if it’s a nickname you use out in public. When a guy is with other guys, he doesn’t mind if you call him “Sweety” or “Babe.” It’s expected. But you can bet that if you pet name him something like “Little Chief” that’s not going to go over well with the guys!

Use discretion. Why not create a public pet name and a private pet name you use only when you’re in the bedroom or alone in the house?

What the Best Pet Names Teach Us

The best pet names you’ve ever heard were usually chosen by category, not at random. For example, some women create pet names for their partner based on his physical traits. It’s pretty easy to nickname a guy “Buff” or “Big J” if he’s a big, tough guy.

But what if the guy is average size? You could instead nickname him according to his personality, his hobbies or his skills.

But some couples want more emotion attached to the name. This is why it’s common to nickname guys after special memories you share. Lastly, you can always name your special guy something that’s pleasing to the senses. Something sweet to taste, or a pleasant smell, or melodious to hear.

Examples of Romantic Pet Names

So let’s start reviewing some of the most popular pet names and even some of the lesser known options.

1. Something Kinky

If you want your own secret name for private use, think of something kinky or sexy – something flattering to his ego. Instead of just “Stud” call him “Stud Muffin”. Instead of lover or Lover Boy, how about Dr. Love?

2. Something Romantic

Too much baby talk might be cloying so avoid anything that’s not a real word. How about something like “My Prince” for a man who’s strong, brave and dashing? Snuggle Puss or “Hunka (Burning Love). Boo is a great name, especially with a slight variation like Boo-Boo or “Boozee” or “My Boo”. How about Boo + Bae for Baeboo?

3. Some Sweetness

Guys tend to like sweet names like honey. So why not experiment a little with a similarly yummy name like PB for peanut butter, “my bagel”, tomato, or even “ice cream”? Sugar Daddy is a funny name for a hubby, or even Sugar Baby for a young hot stud. Pie is always an easy pet name to elaborate on. Sweetie Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Chocolate Pie, or Caramel Cutie!

4. Spicy!

Hey, why not go for salty and spicy names too? Tater Tot has a nice ring to it! Pepper or Hot Sauce implies some extra zing. Also, McDonald’s doesn’t seem to mind if you use their menu items for pet names. Love Nugget or McLoveMuffin. Also, if you’re looking for a funny fast food-related “private name”, you can’t go wrong with The Whopper!

5. Animal + Sweetness

So you know by now that animal names are cute. Why not combine a sweet name with an animal name for something unique? Don’t just call him bear…Honey Bear! Teddy Graham! Sugar Tiger or Beast Muffin. Even meat-oriented names like Lamb Chop or Meat Loaf might be catchy over time. Monkey is also an underrated animal name, so Sweet Monkey or my favorite (also a cocktail name) Salty Dog.

6. Personal Pet Names

Some of the best pet names I’ve heard incorporate the guy’s name into the pet name. So Robert could become Bob-Cat or Rod easily becomes Rod-Bear. You can also go for a rhyming personal name like Jake the Snake, Dan the Man or Gabe Babe!

7. Inside Joke Names

The most endearing nicknames are the ones based on an existing inside joke. So if a guy is from Maine, his name could be just “Maine”, or even a gag like The Maine Man. A guy from California could be Hollywood. Or you could remind him of an incident that happened when the two of you first met. Did you meet in a grocery store? Is his nickname Groceries? How about calling him by his cutesy ID handle if you first met online?

8. Boy and Girl Names

Another way to make your pet names romantic is to choose matching names. If he’s the big, bad man he becomes Beast and you’re Belle. Or Iron Man and Pepper Pots. How about King and Queen, or Tea and Cupcake?

9. Something Celestial

We do love our celestial names, don’t we? Whether it’s Moonlight or Sunshine. Even something like Angel-Face or Goddess is sweet. Moonbeam and Twilight also have their charm. Moonshine, well, that might imply something else! Something beautiful but also mildly intoxicating! Hmm…does that sound like your man?

The answer lies in finding a name that endears you to each other, a name that celebrates all the fun memories you’ve had together and encourages you to make more. Have fun with this one. It’s okay to experiment. Use what seems to stick and then let the name naturally evolve if that’s what feels romantic.

Over time, your pet names for each other will be reminders of the deep love you share together.

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