What to Do If Your Ex is Dating Someone New

Everyone hates the “other woman”, don’t they? Even if we’re just talking about TV shows or movies, just the SIMULATION of another woman threatening the romance of our favorite fictional couple makes us see red.

Maybe you’ve experienced the same feeling. If you’ve just found out your ex is dating someone else, it feels like a punch in the gut. You take it personally. You’re shocked that your ex can just forget that he once loved you and jump into a new relationship so soon.

Hey, it never feels good. It is an awful feeling. And try though you might to rise above that jealousy and anger, of course you’re going to feel hurt.

But here’s the thing. Just because it feels like it’s over and that you’ve “lost” this game, it’s far from over. In fact, it’s only just begun. If you really want your ex back, don’t sabotage everything you’ve built with him over the years because of impulsive anger.

Instead, read over these six new relationship survival tips and start strategizing. Master this lesson and you may be surprised to discover that your ex WILL come back to you. Because while there are plenty of fish in the sea, there’s NOT a lot of women he is truly compatible with or that he loves as much as you. You may still have the edge!

1. Encourage him to follow his heart wherever it may lead him.

Let him explore the new relationship and offer your encouragement. This not only shows him that you’re not jealous, but that you’re happy in your own life. This suggests to him that you’re having the time of your life, being single again. You’re meeting new people, focusing on your career, learning new hobbies, traveling the world, and of course, dating new guys.

Keeping things positive will only infuriate him, as he realizes that he’s jealous of how happy you are, no longer chained to him and that old relationship.

2. Understand that this new girl is his ATTEMPT to find something he may never find again.

The new girl is simply “new” right now. It’s the thrill of new romance. But that wears off quickly after sex and that’s when a man starts to analyze true compatibility with a new lover.

Not surprisingly, a lot of men find that these “rebound relationships” don’t satisfy them. They’re missing something special. The emotional connection may be there, but it’s not always as strong as the one he had with you. In fact, most guys take YEARS finding “the one” after a divorce or the end of a long-term relationship.

Contrary to what a horny guy thinks, you don’t instantly meet your soulmate as soon as you’re single again. It’s back to the starting point, back to square one, so to speak.

3. He will always love you. You will always have your precious memories with each other.

This is a real advantage that you have over most of his new girlfriends. They will never be able to replace you, or make him forget the good memories he had with you. The love you shared was unique, once in a lifetime. Because every relationship is special and no coupling is “exactly alike”, not when emotional connection is involved.

Yes, he will always miss you and love you, and think about you, because there is no erasing over those memories. They will always be locked in his heart. You will always be a part of his life. Pity the woman who has to compete with YEARS of intimacy that you enjoyed with him.

Just mention an old memory that you both enjoyed and watch him smile ear to ear, thinking of how happy you both were. It’s a powerful Jedi mind trick. We can’t help but feel whatever a person is describing. Talk about positive memories and feelings, rather than focusing on negativity.

4. Don’t bother trashing her. Instead, learn about his new relationship.

Trashing his new girlfriend is desperate behavior. If you still love the guy, then spend more time getting him to confide in you about his new girlfriend and the relationship. Become his best friend. Become her friend. Get all the details.

Why? Because you’re actually “scouting out” this new relationship and discovering what he likes, what he doesn’t like, and how she feels about him. In other words, you’re analyzing the weaknesses of this relationship.

This leads us to the next point…

5. Focus on becoming a better girlfriend than the other woman and projecting more of the qualities he wants in his “perfect” relationship.

Rather than becoming defensive and guilting him about his decision, instead, make him feel jealous by showing him just how awesome you are.

Don’t brag…work on self-improvement. Make positive changes and SHOW him that you’re still his ideal woman. You have everything he wants and you also have a new “edge” to you that he’s never seen before.

This is very hard to resist…especially since he’s slowly becoming bored of his rebound relationship.

Is this not ethical behavior? Actually, you don’t have to do anything wrong. Consider the next point.

6. DON’T SLEEP with him.

There’s no need to “steal him away” just for sex…especially since sex with the ex is not going to do you any favors. Have sex with him and you’ll just satisfy his curiosity about you, without changing anything about his new relationship.

Now you wait. Eventually, as he realizes he’s not happy in the new relationship, he will want to break up with her and get back together with you. Not only will he think this is the “right thing to do” (since cheating is wrong and all that) but he will also want to prove that he’s serious about winning you back – and that it’s not just about sex.

You, of course, are just referring back to the first rule of dating: don’t sleep with the guy until he’s emotionally committed to the relationship.

So in conclusion, even though him dating someone new does sting your ego at first, think the long-term scenario. If she’s a rebound, it’s unlikely he will stay with her.

If he’s stuck in the same place, emotionally speaking, he’s not going to magically find his soulmate. Meanwhile, you will be making all these positive changes in your life and will make your ex insanely jealous. He will not only crave YOU back but also envy how happy you are.

Now that you have his attention back, let’s see how hard he wants to fight for you!

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