What Men Secretly Want.

What Men Secretly Want

Men are easy to figure out, right? They just want sex. Then they want love and attention. Figure that out and you’ll have a man for life!

The only problem is…it doesn’t always work out that way. Sometimes men want something MORE than just sex, more than just attention and “love”…or at least the love that you think they feel. Love is very confusing and it’s so tightly intertwined with a man’s ego and id, that it’s very often hard to understand. Just because a man feels strong emotion doesn’t necessarily mean he’s in love. Just because a man is willing to TRY a relationship with you doesn’t mean he’s actually ready to go all the way and give you the marriage and family commitment you really want.

Now granted, although every man is an individual with unique attributes, it’s also safe to say that a wide variety of men DO exhibit some of the same characteristic behavior. In other words, they all behave and react in similar ways, suggesting either some sort of herd mentality instinct or perhaps it’s just cultural influences, since I mostly write about the North American male mindset.

But one thing’s for sure…a lot of successful and attractive men out there DO have a type. They do look for certain qualities. And though it’s convenient to say it’s all about chemistry and pheromones and nobody really knows what a man wants, I’d suggest YES, sometimes we do know what a man wants. Because we observe the patterns, we see exactly what he’s doing and we understand the motivation.

Consider these five Very Important Motivators in a woman that practically every man wants—even if it’s not the kind of thing he will openly admit.

1. He wants a woman who can surpass him sexually.

Yeah most guys love sex—amazing revelation, right? But you might be surprised to know that though men will fight like brave knights to get a woman into bed when it comes to a long-term relationship, they really seek out women who will surpass them in sexual desire. As in he wants the woman to take the initiative more often. He wants a woman to be just as horny as he is. He wants a woman to be sexually adventurous and either do, or at least talk about, things he never imagined! He wants to be challenged and sometimes he even wants to feel like he’s lost all control of you and you’re just way too much heat to handle (but of course, within the confines of legal, moral and ethical decisions). In other words, a man never really loses his desire for sex. As he grows older, he really admires a woman who dresses sexy for him, still enjoys seducing him, or who still values sex as a means of intimate communication.

2. He wants you to encourage his chasing.

Although men do like a woman who takes the initiative, he does still have the innate desire to CHASE a woman. He wants to put forth the effort to impress her. He wants to provide for her. He wants to woo her constantly, always, soaking in that relationship dynamic of being the provider and giving you exactly what you ask for. Women who lose sight of this simple biological mindset of men will oftentimes make devastating mistakes—like trying to control him, trying to limit him, trying to change him, or not giving him enough to do, or enough reward for all his hard work with attention and affection. Men like to chase, but even more importantly, they like to be encouraged to chase their most beloved partners.

3. He really wants to marry his best friend.

While men “friend-zone” a lot of women after a one-night stand, one fact is abundantly clear: he’s looking for a woman who understands him. Rolling around on a bed and feeling warm and fuzzy has nothing to do with understanding a person’s true character. By the time a guy friend-zones you, he comes to the conclusion that you don’t understand him, you’ve made no attempt to understand him, and sex is probably all you have in common.

In contrast, a woman who actually takes the time to emotionally bond with a man before sex attracts him to her almost magnetically. Men want an emotional connection, even if they don’t think they do. They want a best friend—someone who will listen to them rant for hours and then ask them open-ended questions. They want to confide in you all their darkest secrets. They want to hear all your stories and solve this “mystery” of who you are. Real relationships are all about emotional intimacy. He wants to feel safe in your presence as if he can talk about anything and not feel judged by you. That is what makes sex really good and what will make him crave the aftermath of sex (the breakfast and talking!) even more so.

4. He really wants to be respected for his character, his accomplishments, and his ambitions.

Men desire respect and believe it or not, they rarely get it. They live in a world that judges them for everything—for not being rich, for not being a little more handsome, for not staying forever young, for not being a little more intelligent, and so on. And of course, women judge them for being “dogs” – for just wanting sex instead of love.

Pity the man who just wants some respect! Not respect as in, “You’re a good man and I respect a good man.” No, respect as in “You really are special. You’re different from a lot of other guys. I see wonderful qualities in you. I believe in you and your dreams. You’re my hero!” This is the kind of deep respect every man wants from his partner. It’s NOT respect based on gender roles as if he’s the man and deserves respect for just being male. It’s the respect you have for HIM, for who he is inside, and what he has done with his life.

5. He really wants his independence and wants YOU to be independent too.

A good man is really the opposite of a controlling narcissist. He doesn’t feel the need to control you or limit your full potential. It’s not all about him. It’s about the both of you, the team, the family, you create together. Instead, he encourages you to reach out and follow your dreams. He’s not intimidated by your success because he is happy with his own life. He is an independent guy in his own right and appreciates when you allow him to be independent without laying down rules for him to follow. He is proud of you when he sees how much you accomplish.

In short, he embraces independence. Yours and his. Because he knows two strong-minded people, who agree on most things and have similar goals, will make an even better couple in the long-run!

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  1. You have confirmed my thinking about relationships with men.

    The messages in passages 2-5 have confirmed what I’ve been thinking about in the relationship I am currently in with a Hindu man.

  2. Matthew even with a good relationship it always helps to renew your relationship and verify the relationship is the best it can be for you both. Not settle for comfortable or convenient .

    Thank you Matthew for being honest and helping all of us to watch those red flags .


  3. Thank you Matthew for these valuable insights. I recently met a man with whom I might have a future, and all of your points ring true and will help me navigate next steps with him.

  4. Thank you ,how my thoughts on men and how the react on love and sex now give me more of an understanding how to deal and graviate on there self worth and an mindset of men and respecting them more

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