30 Pick Up Lines for Boyfriend

“Hey, if I said I worked for UPS, would you let me handle your package?” she said to the well-dressed young man, who blushed at the thought.

Hey…wait a minute! Aren’t men the ones that are supposed to be coming up with pickup lines? Or have times changed and are women now allowed to be the aggressors and go chase men with beautiful lines like “You are kind of dorky…but your body interests me.”

Well, there is not an easy answer to that. Have some women been able to impress a guy with a cheesy pickup line? Of course! Will it work for you? It’s hard to say.

Maybe the problem is there are many different pickup lines for different occasions. There are also very different pickup lines in terms of style and situation. For instance, here are three circumstances that would all require very different pickup lines.

• You see a cute guy and want to make small talk with him.
• You’re in a bar and want to flirt with a guy you sort of know from work.
• You’re already in a relationship…but you don’t quite know how to tell your boyfriend that you’re horny.

No sweat…let’s give some examples for all three occasions!

Before we begin, just a word of caution. Remember that women who are too aggressive in the beginning can scare men away. So if you want a serious relationship with a guy and then come up with a sexy, man-eating beauty like “Are you wearing space pants, bruh? Because that ass is out of this world!” – don’t be surprised if he walks away OR just laughs (and uses you for sex).

Subtle usually works better in dating because you’re just getting to know each other. If your pickup line is too bawdy, he will immediately form an impression of you. It might be better to hold off on using the more hilarious or crazy lines until you’ve started a casual friendship. We tend to forgive our friends for all the terrible things they say, don’t we?

10 (Subtle) Pickup Lines for a Cute Guy
1. So…you look like a guy who knows the city pretty well. Where can a girl find a good pizza place?
2. It sure is crowded in here! Any closer we’d all be sardines in a can.
3. That is an awesome beard. (Or hat, or something unusual) I just had to say it.
4. Ooh I’ve been wanting to read that book. (Or see that movie, or listen to that musician)
5. I’m sorry to ask this but could you please do me a favor (very small favor)? Thanks, I just couldn’t quite get it myself. It’s good to know chivalry is still alive and well.
6. That (shirt, tattoo, pet) is kind of awesome. I take it you like (what the shirt says, or if it’s some kind of fashion statement)? I’ve always thought they were…
7. Say I couldn’t help but notice that you looked lost (or something else that’s obvious). Do you need any help?
8. Did anyone ever tell you that you look like (attractive male celebrity)? No, seriously I thought that’s who you were when I first saw you.
9. Hi I’m (NAME). I’m new around the neighborhood. I just thought I’d say hello!
10. Hey (NAME). I recognized you from the office. Yeah…was just on my way to get coffee. Want to a co-op a table and talk about anything besides work?

10 Cheesy Pickup Lines for a Hot Guy
1. So aside from being a butt-double for Ryan Reynolds, what do you do for work?
2. Now kiss me if I’m wrong…but the earth is flat, right?
3. I’m not Will Smith in Aladdin, but rub me three times and I’ll make your wishes come true.
4. Well I must be in some fancy museum, because you sir, are an amazing work of art!
5. So…my girlfriends just bet me ten bucks that I wouldn’t go up and flirt with the hottest guy at the bar tonight.
6. I’m sorry dude, but that shirt has got to go. It’s a fashion no-no. But after you get rid of it please stay!
7. Hey can I take a selfie with you? I just want to make my ex jealous by getting a picture with a hot supermodel.
8. Awww are you feeling down? I can feel you up if you’d like!
9. Are you as beautiful inside as you are on the outside? Or are you just a sexy asshole that women can’t resist?
10. I heard you like bad girls. Well that’s great because I suck at everything.

10 Hot Pickup Lines for Your Boyfriend
1. Well hello, sexy! What’s your name? I want to know whose name I’ll be shouting tonight over and over again.
2. Hey good looking, want to do a scandalous celebrity sex tape without the video camera?
3. I’m so thirsty, baby. I just need something in my mouth.
4. Help this girl is on fire! I need a hot fireman to come in and spray me!
5. Make like a vampire because I’m giving you permission to come inside.
6. Excuse me, sir? I have a coupon for multiple orgasms. Will you honor it?
7. Hey honey. F__ me. Right now.
8. (Roleplaying) Hey handsome. My boyfriend’s not home right now. Want to come help me fix my clogged sink?
9. (Send him a sexy picture via phone) I need you to come over ASAP. I want you. I need you. Be sure to clear your schedule too.
10. Is it hot in here? Maybe it’s just me. Is it wet in here? Maybe it’s just me? Is it naked in here? Maybe it’s just me!7

Have some fun with these pickup lines and feel free to steal or adapt any of these cheesy lines for your own personal use. Try to keep the humor alive and fresh in your relationships, whether platonic or romantic.

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