6 Signs He Wants a Relationship with You

Why would an attractive and successful man ever want to settle down?

It’s something we hear all the time, especially about rich men or celebrities. But even locally speaking, when it comes to wealthy, attractive and successful guys, it’s hard to make them fall for you. Right?

After all, they could have their pick of anyone. They probably want someone special, someone who’s far above average. Self-confident guys know their worth, so they’re pickier. They may even want sex first before they even THINK about settling down.

That may be what some people think about successful men, but it’s usually not true. Men are more complicated than that. Sure, some men do avoid commitment, usually men who are very young or who have been hurt in the past.

But for the most part, men DO want love. They do want an emotional connection. And just like you, the man you’re crushing on is probably looking for a serious relationship too.

The real question is, how do you know? Are there are any signs to look for that indicate a man is really interested in you? How do you know if he’s just being friendly? Or worse, just wants a one-night stand?

There are several signs that show a man is interested in a serious relationship, and they’re usually not the kind of behaviors that can be faked. You can tell how serious he is by paying attention to his conversation and noting his patterns of behavior. Here are six ways to tell right away if he’s in this for the long-haul…

1. He hints at an “us” and a future with him.

Unless he’s unusually confident, your man will probably start by implying things and testing your reaction before he comes out and says it. He may mention how you’ve been together, or had a few dates, or wonder what it is you’re doing. He may talk about the future, hypothetical scenarios and even just barely bring up serious things like children, owning a home, sex, and so on. Remember though, he is usually subtle about it at first. So if you like him, encourage him to be bolder by responding positively to these hints.

2. He likes you right now, not just your future potential.

One sure way to have an unhappy marriage is to marry a partner who wants to change you! Most people don’t change much in personality, and will definitely never change if they feel pressured to change just to appease their partner. The desire to change comes from within yourself. That’s why a man who likes you RIGHT NOW and doesn’t care about how great you could be, is the real deal. He doesn’t pick on your body, he doesn’t make fun of your flaws or batter your self-esteem. He isn’t interested in making you a project. He actually just really likes spending time with you. That’s a great catch!

In contrast, men who only care about your potential will very often express their dissatisfaction with you right away—oftentimes with a smile and a joke. Beware!

3. He actually wants you to meet your family and friends—without delay!

If he already likes you and enjoys your personality and traits, he will be eager to introduce you to his friends and family. Why? Because he knows you’re ready. He already likes you and thinks you’ll impress them just by being yourself.

If a man isn’t serious about you, he will usually avoid scheduling a meet up with his friends and family. He doesn’t want to be embarrassed. He doesn’t want to have to “explain” you to them. In other words, he doesn’t think you fit his lifestyle and thinks this will be a short-term relationship.

4. He doesn’t flirt with other women and he isn’t involved with other women.

Now, this might be a “loaded” topic because a lot of guys will argue that a man should never go exclusive with a woman without a firm commitment from her. Otherwise, he waits for her and then she doesn’t want him anyway, right? So some men think it’s only fair to play the field until they meet the right one.

Well here’s the thing…if a man is really interested in you, you usually won’t have to ask him to be exclusive. He will naturally gravitate in that direction. Why?

Because he wants to show you undivided attention. He won’t see any advantage in flirting with other women in front of you because he’s focusing his efforts on you. He will have to work harder for your undivided attention and so that will leave him less time to give to other women. He may even find other women boring compared to you. Simply put, when a man wants a serious relationship he really doesn’t feel the need to chase other women.

5. He’s open with his feelings.

Men that are only after sex may sometimes fake “feeling”, but they rarely talk about their own feelings. Or their life, or anything too personal. They’re hiding and putting on a show but not letting their heart get involved. When you do notice a man is actually confiding in you and sharing his feelings openly, it represents a major milestone in the relationship. This is why practically dating coaches will tell you to avoid sex until you reach that stage in the relationship where he wants to connect emotionally.

6. You have similar lifestyles and life goals.

Lastly, don’t underestimate the importance of sharing life goals and plans for the long-term future. One of the reasons men do avoid commitment in the first place is because they feel your lifestyles may be too different or that your long-term goals are incompatible. If, however, he can see you fitting him and matching his lifestyle, he will be more likely to include you in his life.

If you notice these six items, he definitely feels an attraction and it’s well beyond physical. Keep up the good work and give him more attention, so that he’s inspired to try harder to win you over.

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