Signs of Virgo Man in Love with You

If your best guy friend was born between the dates of August 23 to September 22, then there’s a good possibility he is a Virgo personality, according to Virgo’s astrological profile. As a man, most women find the typical Virgo to be highly intelligent, busy, and organized. He is motivated to succeed and surround himself in an orderly and clean environment.

You might say that he needs this tranquility in order to deal with his over-analytical mind.

The more anxious he gets, the more he needs to occupy his mind with tasks. This means he has some admirable traits, like accountability, the need to please others, and a hard-worker. At the same time, this devotion to being productive also means he can be hyper-sensitive or even resentful when others don’t seem to give him the respect he wants.

But he reserves the harshest judgment for himself. He beats himself up over minor errors and slip ups. Above all, he wants to control every situation that he’s involved in, even if the idea is to relax. No wonder he brings all his organization and career tools to vacations!

He has an obsessive mind and will create patterns that he adheres to. But you might not know it, considering just how charming he is and how impeccable his manners are in dealings with him.

What Motivates Him?

Virgo men are particular and so YOU are particular in your tastes, just as you might carefully pay attention to every nuance of a red wine. Virgo is not for all tastes, given his controlling nature and workaholic personality. He also enjoys some of the more obscure things in life, making him an ideal match for a few, and not so great a match for the many.

Some believe that Virgo gets along better with lovers who are younger than he is, since he enjoys being the “mentor” and his mentee finds his intellect and his hobbies fascinating. There can be huge power differentials here, so always set boundaries from the beginning. He must learn that he cannot control everything, least of all you!

Virgo can appear cold-hearted to some, when in fact the problem is not his lack of emotion…it’s his guardedness. He’s hesitant to share what he’s thinking or feeling because he has that almost monk-like state of controlled behavior. He is also a bit paranoid of what other people think, so this could influence the relationship, especially when it comes to being seen in public or with his family.

He will eventually allow you into his heart and his private/public life, but that comes when a commitment takes place. He must do everything by careful planning, after all.

Does Virgo Love Me?

Virgo is logical and disciplined to a fault. He will trust you eventually, absolutely, but he can’t be premature about trusting someone this much without merit. He can’t afford to expose his true heart to someone who hasn’t earned it yet.

A Virgo guy is hard to read at first and sometimes depends on other people to move things forward, at least in the beginning. He is highly sensitive about rejection since that interferes with his controlling nature. He will wait until he can study you, learn you, and find out if you’re truly interested in him.

If you reciprocate you’ll quickly learn how intense the relationship is because he loves whole-heartedly! He spoils you, works hard for your approval, gives you gifts and constant affection. He seeks to be a protector, your defender, and the guardian of your relationship.

As Things Get More Intense…it Gets More Challenging!

Usually relationships work in the opposite direction: when he trusts you and you start seriously dating (or living together) things get easier. Well, prepare for a bit of testing with Virgo. He does still love you, but with a more committed love, you will have to survive his perfectionism. He expects a lot from himself and so expects more out of you.

This could make him appear critical, (especially about matters in public view), difficult to please and frustratingly controlling, always seeking perfection.

If you love him you must understand his quirks and forgive him when his adherence to rules (usually his own self-chosen rules) comes out. So as long as he doesn’t go beyond your established boundaries, he’s usually harmless.

Virgo males are introverted by nature, meaning he either doesn’t show much emotion at first or wears a mask of fake emotion to get through the day. Falling in love with someone is a huge milestone in Virgo’s life and it’s no coincidence that’s when he will feels the most out of control and unpredictable. Love is fun, whimsical and exciting…

But that’s NOT who he is, deep down and you must realize this so that you don’t take offense when he goes back to doing what he knows. Namely, regimented routines, logical approaches to problems, and adhering to a high level of perfection.

As his partner, you must allow him to do things the way he wants so that he will always feel in control and safe. Make it clear to him in the beginning what boundaries you have and what aspects of your life you must control, with no input from him. The sooner he realizes these things in advance, the sooner he will learn to deal with them.

It also helps tremendously to have as many things in common with Virgo as possible, including his level of perfectionism, his strong discipline and his high standards. The worst matches are, obviously, Virgos who fall for free spirits who want to disrupt his life.

The good news is that Virgo will always be stable, always have a tidy home and organized marriage (no money problems!), and WILL be communicative, since he’s not the passive aggressive type at all.

Just remember to give him as much devotion and loyalty as he shows you. He is all about reciprocation and he speaks the love language of logic. Let him be who he wants to be and he will thrive in life, making you very proud and very happy.

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