6 Signs a Man Loves You Deeply (This Reveals The TRUTH)

In other blogs, we’ve discussed the signs of a man’s attraction to you. Those signs are fairly easy to spot, because they’re all about superficial things. Physical attraction, emotional attraction, and to an extent even an intellectual attraction.

But identifying true LOVE, is a challenge. Why is a man in love so different from a man in lust?

Easy answer, because a lot of men really don’t KNOW the difference, at least not at first.

Sure there are players out there and womanizers and the like, but I’d be so bold as to say that the vast majority of men do fall in love with women and do imagine themselves in a serious relationship…

Right until they lose interest! Something switches off inside their mind and they realize, “Whoah I’m not actually in love. Now that I’ve had sex with her, I’m thinking clearly. I’m seeing the future. I’m seeing all these potential problems I just didn’t see before.”

And now the hard part, breaking the news to his girlfriend that it’s time to break up.

Guy: “Oh…this conversation isn’t going to go so well, is it?”

So what might help you to avoid misunderstandings like this is to identify what a man actually LOOKS like, and acts like, when he’s in love. These are a different set of signs than just sexual attraction. Many men experience “Love-Lust” (a lust they confuse as love) and they do show signs of this physical attraction. They might think they’re “in love” but they will seldom ever SHOW signs of real love when they’re dating.

That’s what you need to be on the lookout for, so let’s review the most telling signs.

1. He doesn’t just want to flirt – he actually enjoys giving.

Flirting is a mutually beneficial activity so of course guys flirt. But when a man starts giving, and works harder to make you happy, that’s when you know he’s serious. He’s giving more than he’s receiving. He’s meeting you more than halfway in an effort to impress you, showing you his best qualities and big heart.

Men who just want sex will do this too…but only temporarily. They don’t hyper-focus on one woman when they’re looking for fun because they will eventually find other temptations. The man who loves you will devote his full attention to winning you over.

2. He’s interested in what you’re feeling, thinking and where you’ve been.

A man who is physically attracted is going through the motions: dating, flirting, and setting up a “scene” for sex to happen eventually. A man who’s falling in love is far more interested in getting to know you, the real woman behind the body and face. He wants to know how you’re feeling, what you’re thinking, and will draw you out in conversation. He also wants to know your “stories”, details about who you are. He wants sex, sure, but getting to know YOU and experiencing a strong emotional connection is becoming far more exciting to him than just sex.

3. He works you into his life, rewarding you with glimpses into his routines and his mind.

A man in love will always find a way to communicate trust to the woman he loves. He will not only provide but will invite you into his life, entrusting with personal information, or very vulnerable emotions. He takes a chance by trusting you and sharing a piece of his heart.

He will also work you into his life by rearranging his schedule for dates and conversations. Inviting you out to meet his friends and family comes next, and eventually, he will make plans to include you in all aspects of his life. He demonstrates his “commitment” to you even long before you discuss the idea of commitment.

4. He memorizes things about you.

A man who is in love makes an extra special effort to memorize information about the woman he loves. He keeps track of special days, her personal preferences on everything, and even remembers details of conversations they’ve had. He does this because he realizes that developing a serious relationship with you requires attentiveness. He wants to learn you in order to better please you!

Guys who just want sex? Don’t be surprised if they frequently forget everything you tell them!

5. He devotes his unique talents to you.

Whether he loves to cook, create art, or has another hobby, a man in love will find small ways to “worship you” on a regular basis. He will not only do things FOR you, like cooking, but will also focus more attention on you throughout the day and when he’s alone. He will do things in honor of you, like watching movies or reading books that you recommend. He wants to get inside your mind and understand who you are, and so he focuses more exclusive attention on YOU, forsaking other women.

Men who just want a one-night stand, rarely fixate on just one woman. They know it’s a game about quantity, not the quality of time spent.

6. He’s always available for you.

Finally, a man in love will demonstrate his loyalty to you in the most dramatic way possible: by being there for you when you need him, like a knight in shining armor. Whether you need a favor, or need an emotional confidant, or need some brawn or brains to tackle a problem, he’s ready to provide. Men are natural providers and the harder he falls in love, the more he wants to wow you—outdoing all the other men vying for your attention.

As you can see, it’s all about the EFFORT he puts forth to impress you. Men in love work harder than men in lust. Men in lust also have shorter attention spans than men in love – who can just as easily “be there for you” years after their attraction first starts.

The next time a man shows an attraction to you, study his behaviors and his words. You may only notice sexual attraction at first, but over time, love could develop and he will start showing signs of true love. If you’re looking for a serious romance, that’s the kind of attention you want to encourage!

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