Things a Guy Will Text You When He’s Really Into You.

Things a Guy Will Text You When He’s Really Into You

Guys can be confusing, no doubt. And just when you think he’s not into you, you find out later (usually much too late!) that he was kind of into you. That sucks! Wouldn’t it be much better if you could know when a guy is interested in you and when he’s just being nice?

Well, don’t count on him saying it outright. While some guys are very charming and open, a lot of guys are not. They may feel shy, or intimidated by you, or maybe unavailable for some other reason. The key is not in hoping for the best and definitely not in assuming he’ll tell you when he’s ready. (That almost never happens!)

The best thing to do is to look for the signs that a guy likes you and then, once you discover how he really feels about you, encourage him to keep on flirting and texting and deepening the relationship.

So what we’re going to do now is discuss some of the things that (almost) every guy says through texting when he’s really into you, but for some reason or another can’t come out and say it.

1. “Good morning. (Or Goodnight)”

Guys that say good morning or goodnight are playing the “boyfriend”. He wants to be there when you wake up or go to bed. He may even ask you how you slept or how your day went after work. Wanting to be part of your life in some small way shows a high degree of interest in your personal life.

2. “Smiley smiley smiley”

Guys who use too many smileys are either smitten with you or just horny in general. If he’s been talking to you for a long time, it’s likely he views you as a friend…and the smileys represent the strong emotions he has for you that he can’t reveal.

3. “If I were there, I’d take you on a real vacation – across the world!”

It’s no secret that guys fantasize about making the women they like happy. So if he ever offers to do something for you, whether it’s sexual or even fun, or just the smallest favor, that’s a strong indication that he’s enthusiastic to please. Men are natural pleasers and workers. They build families and aren’t exactly modest when it comes to advertising their best abilities.

4. “What’s something you always wanted to do that no one else knows?”

When a guy really likes you, he will very much enjoy playing twenty questions. He will be preoccupied with your thoughts, your past, your life goals, and everything else about you that you haven’t told him yet. Ever wonder why we say, “Don’t tell him too much too soon?” Because he’s already dying to know. And letting him ask each question individually, rather than flooding him with answers he didn’t want, is the best way to keep the flirting game going.

5. “You still haven’t liked my status! You’re just trying to make me crazy!”

Guys do love to tease the women they like, and it’s usually some very small thing – something that no one would ever take seriously. But if a guy has found something “safe” to tease you about, then that’s a sign he likes you. He wants to tease you without actually hurting your feelings. So just indulge him and tease him back and watch him get playfully antsy.

6. “So let me update you with what’s going on in my life.”

Ever had a guy just unload his personal life history to you, without actually asking him for details? Yeah that’s a definite signal. Men don’t tend to share information with people they don’t like or don’t trust. But a guy who’s smitten over you does want to share. He wants to connect, share memories, and confide in you like you’re his new best friend.

Don’t feel too confused about this one. Men will only write you a long letter IF they think they have a serious chance with you.

7. “I’m going to call you, “Bookwork” from now on.

Guys who invent nicknames for a girl are definitely flirting. Creating a nickname together, just like making and sharing inside jokes, is a form of bonding together and creating a pre-relationship. It’s what couples do when they’re feeling romantic. The same thing is true of the guy who wants to call you something sweet, or wants to share secrets.

8. “So I had a few drinks and…”

Call it a quirk, but guys love to get drunk and confess their silly feelings. Probably because it’s a relief for a guy to speak his mind without inhibition, and alcohol does the trick. He may feel extra bold and feisty when he’s out drinking with friends. If he feels a sudden spark of courage, he thinks maybe he will confess how he really feels…or at the very least, you’ll figure it out!

He might not come out and say he likes you, but he will hint around and test you just to see what he can get away with.

9. “You are such a good person. Seriously, I’ve always admired this about you…that you…”

If he pays you a “serious” compliment (as opposed to beauty, or intelligence or anything general) that shows a degree of effort and forethought that he doesn’t just give to anyone. You’ve earned it, in his mind.

And no, guys that are not interested in you will never give you a compliment from the heart. All of their compliments are shallow or at least peripheral. A guy who’s in love with you notices what other guys do not see.

10. “I made this meme, thinking about you and what we talked about lol”

OK, if a guy gives you a “gift” – even if it’s a meme, a gag gift, a virtual card, or anything that requires more then ten seconds of clicking, then that’s a sure sign that you’re a very special friend that he thinks about a lot.

Maybe he’s not sure what to call his attraction to you yet. Maybe he’s not completely available yet. But remember, it’s all about the effort he puts forth. And a man who works hard just to make you laugh is really smitten!

Did you notice that all of these statements seem a little strange? It’s almost as if he’s implying something that he thinks you’re picking up on. Unfortunately, your signals are getting crossed. Usually, guys don’t get the point across and women are left confused, wondering why he said that, texted that, or what he really meant when he said that one strange thing.

Well. rest assured, if a guy texts you any of the preceding statements, he is probably interested in you. Or at the very least, he’s trying to work out his feelings for you, and desperately wants you even though he’s fighting with himself.

Why not make it easy on him, IF you like him, and send back a friendly signal? It doesn’t have to be too blatant or over the top. But you can get a little cutesy, or touchy-feely, or even just ask him a bold hypothetical question to see how he reacts.

Chances are, if you give him just a little bit of encouragement, he will quickly respond and push the limits – before finally revealing that he really likes you!

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