How to Be the One He Wants

Is it true that a man is secretly looking for “the one”, just like you? Then why is it that men seem so hard to impress—especially after the first night in bed? If he feels emotional connection then why does he suddenly snap out of it after sex?

That’s an easy one. Because feeling an emotional connection and having a great and passionate night is STEP ONE in figuring out if you’re really “the one” or not. Not surprisingly, many women will fail this kind of test because they figure the emotional connection was already made. Now he’s in love, right?

Unfortunately, in most cases, sleeping with a guy after one night of emotional connection is not enough to pass all of his criteria for being “the one.”

Instead of assuming that your moment together has cinched the relationship, now it’s time for you to strategize and actually start communicating with him, letting him know you are “the one” who owns his heart…

If he chases you for it.

Here are a few important points to remember.

1. Be invested in him.

This means not only do you take an interest in the things he loves, but you also work hard to keep up your appearance, staying the same women he was initially attracted to. This means that you trust him; not just his honest word but also his judgment. You have great respect for him because of his talent, his character, and because you believe in what he does and why he does it. This quality is so important especially in this day and age when you have so many women who never really bothered learning who a man is inside…she is only concerned with the peripherals.

2. You’re not in love with his potential…you’re in love with who he is now.

Frankly, every “wrong woman” out there thinks a guy has potential. But he knows he’s met someone really special when she loves the man he is in the present. She is always ready to take his side because she cares about his feelings and his pride. She doesn’t want him to change to be someone better. She wants to help him in his own quest to be better, and on his own terms. He feels understood by his partner, that she gets the way he thinks…it’s not all about him trying to impress her. The feelings are truly mutual.

3. Be strong, be independent and be more sexual than he is.

A man will ultimately fall for a woman as strong as he is. He is turned on by independence and strength of character. He admires a woman who stands up for what she believes in, even if it’s at odds with what he thinks or says. He is fascinated by her strength and knows she has truly risen above the rest of the competition who doesn’t have that same conviction or passion.

This means not only are you a talented and hard working person (in your field or in a personal ambition that you feel is important in life) but you also don’t NEED him. You have your own life, career and self-confidence without him. This is what creates the attraction in the first place, that you both simply enjoy the company of each other with no power play or dependency.

Lastly, a man will always be in desire of a woman who has just as much or more libido as he does. A man wants to know that whatever he feels sexually, his worst taboo fantasies and his constant and growing sexual desire, will never shock, offend or bore the woman he loves. In fact, she admires his virility. She enjoys sex just as much.

Don’t even make him feel as if you tolerate his sexual desires or “give him what he wants.” If anything, he should be in awe of your sexual prowess and dark desires. You take the initiative just as often as he does. Frankly, he should be a little intimidated by you, in terms of sex because you are a lot like him—you always want more. That loss of security and predictability will only keep him addicted to the Pandora’s Box that is your sexuality.

Hey it may sound corny but I promise you it works. Every guy’s dream is to be married to a woman he can barely keep up with sexually.

Let him know that even the “little things” that matter to him also matter to you. He doesn’t want to marry a prude or a “lay there” type of girl, and you don’t want to marry a boring old fuddy duddy. Let your sex life soar!

4. Always Be Easy to Access but Hard to Get

Lastly but most importantly, a man wants to know that he has to chase you in order to keep you interested. This is important especially in keeping his interest over the long-term. He wants to be challenged by you. He wants to work harder for your attention and attraction to him. The joy of impressing you, chasing you and “performing” for you turns him on.

Just remember that he always wants you to be accessible. That means that you don’t necessarily play “hard to get”, nor do you put up the witch shield just to be difficult.

A real woman knows how to smile, laugh, flirt, and keep him interested…keep him thinking that he’s getting somewhere…even when she’s giving him the run around.

Now that doesn’t mean that you’re playing him or manipulating his emotions. It’s simply letting him know that if he wants to get serious with you, he has to be real. He has to tell you how he feels and earn your commitment.

It’s as simple as that. You can flirt and tease and have fun just like him. But you’re not going to invest more than he invests. You let him guide the relationship and you let him decide when he’s serious. That’s not only a protection for you, but that also reminds him that Yes, he really likes you…because he keeps chasing you. He keeps giving it his all. You’re “the one” because he’s never worked harder than he does when he’s with you.

Every time he waves and dances for your attention, he is reminded that he is attracted to you. You’re someone special.

Keep that in mind and you will always have the advantage in the relationship!

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