The 10 Types of Hugs (which one are you doing?)

Guys are sometimes hard to read, right? He seems enthusiastic, he seems friendly, touchy-feely and flirty.

But then he sends a confusing signal (maybe a strange sentence or just a disinterested look) and then nothing makes sense anymore! You can’t tell what he’s thinking anymore. You’re afraid to put yourself out there because the guy’s a coin toss. He might like you…or he might just act that way around everyone!

Has this happened to you? How CAN you tell if a guy likes you?

Believe it or not, paying closer attention to the way he touches you can help you determine what he’s thinking. Take the hug for example. A lot of guys are willing to hug. A lot of guys actually initiate a hug rather than asking.

That’s great because the next time he hugs you, remember, he might actually be giving a clue about how he feels about you.

Men are very expressive and not too subtle…especially if you’re analyzing their physical behavior and are not just paying attention to their words. Their gestures are telling. When a man hugs you it’s not just telling—it’s surprisingly obvious!

But if you’ve never thought about a hug as anything but a hug, then maybe you’ve missed a few signals.

Let’s talk about hidden meanings behind hugs. We’re also going to review the 10 most common hugs that guys give and what they actually mean.

1. The Tapping Hug

Beware the tapping hug! The tapping hug implies politeness, platonic care, and maybe even a touch of pity. If your guy friend is hugging you and gives you the tap or the pat, it’s a sign that he is cool with you…you’re his buddy, hint hint! He might even sense that you like him more than he likes you. He doesn’t want to hurt your feelings and so gives this kind of disappointing hug.

2. The Waist Hug

This hug feels intimate, as he puts his hands nearer to your waist, as if you’re out on the dance floor. This suggests an intimate gesture, one with trust and the desire to get to know each other. Men are very conscious of where their hand is touching and would consider it a very good sign if you responded well to this type of hug.

3. The Back Hug

Along the same lines, the back hug takes things even further—with the guy sliding his hand down your back and maybe even grazing the top of your butt. It’s a nice gesture coming from a boyfriend, but from a guy you just met…you can probably assume he’s a player!

4. The Staring Hug

The intense eye contact + hug is always a good sign, as it shows his interest and his courage in showing you how much he likes you. It’s usually something lovers do, but if a casual friend does it, he’s definitely into you and wants you to know that.

5. The Behind Hug

This is a common relationship hug, what a boyfriend or husband usually does to show instincts of protection, tenderness and closeness. However, if a casual friend does it (and never seems to hug you any other way) it might be a sign that he’s afraid to commit. Maybe he feels something but doesn’t know how you feel about him. His instincts say “Yes!” but he’s convincing himself, “Maybe Not!” Maybe a guy like this needs a little encouragement to be more open with his feelings.

6. The Distant Hug

You know a guy’s hot for you if he barely touches you, keeps you at an arm’s length, and even when he does hug you he puts his hands on your shoulder, keeping you far away. You know I’m being sarcastic, right? The whole point of a hug is intimacy. If he’s holding you back from a real hug, he has no desire to get closer. He’s being polite, if you can even call it “polite”.

7. The Lingering Hug

The lingering hug is alarming and confusing. You know something’s unusual about it but are not sure what. Usually, it’s good news. Guys that hug this way yearn for intimacy and care about you deeply. It’s a somewhat quieted expression of love, something that perhaps they can’t put into words. Maybe they’re holding back for a good reason…but one thing’s for sure, they sure feel something and they can’t stop their body from showing it.

8. The Quick and Easy Hug

In contrast to the lingering hug, the faster the hug, the more impersonal and forced it feels. It’s almost a formality. They hug you because it’s polite or important for appearance’s sake.

You should also beware the “one sided” hug where he grabs you by the shoulder and faces someone else. This is a somewhat forced or insincere gesture, unless of course he’s nervous about hugging you and YOU’RE the one giving off defensive gestures…like shoving his hand away.

9. The Bear Hug

This can be a confusing type of hug, since it’s usually a relationship hug that implies protection, cherishing (of a wife or girlfriend) and commitment. This hug is firm, gentle and has an emotional feel to it. He might wrap his arms completely around you, in addition to giving it an extra firm feel. This means he wants to look after you and be your man.

10. The Creeper Hug

Finally, beware of guys that go for creepy hugs – like touching your neck or trying to touch your stomach or face without permission. Another variation is rubbing your back or tugging at your clothes. This indicates a bit of arrogance, not to mention a presumptuous man who thinks he’s entitled to invade your personal space.

Now that you have this knowledge, use it like you would X-Ray vision! Find out what that cute guy is actually thinking when he gives you a hug. You might even start hugging more flirty guys just to see what they think or feel when in close contact with you. The answers might surprise you…and who knows, maybe a good hug will be the start of a beautiful relationship!

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