10 Sweet Goodnight Texts for Him (He’ll Think of You All Night Long)

One of the best ways to emotionally connect with a guy you like is to send him a message right before bed. During these moments, he’s feeling the most vulnerable, and if he likes you he wants the conversation to go on. This is the perfect time to “leave him wanting more”. Rather than just have a passive goodnight, try to make it extra romantic or at least, hint at the idea of romance if you’re not quite intimate yet.

These sweet goodnight texts will stay with him. He’ll start to feel vulnerable right along with you, once you give him a glimpse into your softer side. It’s especially effective to turn up the sweet romance if your relationship is very flirty or if it feels too platonic. The little taste of romance is a reminder that you do have feelings for him…but that he has to come forward and express how he feels first.

Sweet romantic lines can be challenging to come up with and what’s seems sweet to you might not be sweet to him! That’s why I’m sharing a few sample good night texts that are sweet and will appeal to a man who obviously cares for you and is thinking about you, but hasn’t yet made his dramatic gesture of love. Feel free to steal and adapt the lines to your own personal style.

1. “You make me feel so safe. So comfortable, like I can tell you anything. Goodnight… although I really don’t want to go. But I should let you get some sleep. Goodnight for real this time.”

This is a simple goodnight statement that builds intimacy and encourages him to keep talking and confiding in you.

2. “It’s so cold tonight. I wish I could warm up.” OR “It’s so hot tonight. I need a shower. But it’s been fun talking to you. Goodnight.”

Both of these lines are suggestive and will have him thinking, “If only I could warm you up” or “Maybe you should get naked.” If he actually says these lines, he’s very much into you. If he giggles, that’s also a good sign. Stone cold silence, maybe he’s not quite there yet.

3. You’re going to think it’s silly. But I still get butterflies in my tummy when I talk to you. I always thought you were a cool guy. Goodnight, (NAME).”

Better to use this later in the relationship after some trust has been established and you’re sure that he likes you. But it’s a great way to remind him that you do like him, followed by the use of his first name which makes it feel real.

4. “I like talking to you. I think about you a lot because you challenge me. You make me feel… you make life so fun, damn it. So don’t sell yourself short Goodnight.”

This is a clever way of telling him that you love him without actually using the words. You’re admitting that he’s changing you and that he’s always on your mind. It’s a moment of vulnerability and honesty, that’s what he wants to hear.

5. “I wish you were in bed next to me… I’d love to fall asleep in your arms. Gnight…”

This is a bold line, but it works like magic IF you use it later on and under the guise of falling asleep. When we’re sleepy we tend to say more shocking things, right? It’s a very sexual line yet cloaked with an innocent and romantic feeling. He will be obsessed with you for a while, especially if you pretend you don’t remember saying it or are embarrassed that you said it.

6. “Night. Sweet dreams. I hope you dream something tasty, delicious and sweet. ;)”

A wonderful statement that leaves him a smile, because it’s well, “sweet” and also a little sexy. It’s a great idea to evoke all of his senses.

7. “I was rereading some of your texts at work. I was smiling to myself and people were asking what was so funny. I couldn’t tell them. You shouldn’t be so funny while I’m working! Goodnight… behave tomorrow.”

Reward him with a strong “pet”, showing appreciation for his humor. Men love to be rewarded for something specific!

8. “Goodnight, my friend. Sending you hugs, kisses and squeezes via text.”

A nice text that plays with him a little bit, calling him a friend, but ending with a hugs, kisses and squeezes visual. You always leave it up to him to escalate sexual tension and that’s what he likes.

9. “You asked me one time why I liked you or if I liked you? Because you have high standards. Because you live life on your own terms. Because you don’t apologize for who you are, because you have no reason to. You’re a good man and always will be. Goodnight.”

A nice little goodnight speech to butter him up and remind him of the simple fact, No, you’re not impressed with just anyone. It takes someone special and he is special. That’s what every man wants to hear.

10. “Long day. So tired. But I didn’t want to go without saying goodnight. So goodnight. Talk soon.”

Simple but sweet. When a guy likes you every little message counts, because it shows you’re thinking of him and you want to keep this connection going. Be aware of how much he misses you and reward him with little pats like this.

The interesting thing about goodnight texts is that are similar to good morning texts, in that they are not open-ended questions. They’re quick comments and they’re designed to make him think or feel – but not necessarily to respond. You want him to ponder you and the conversation you’ve already had. So you want strong and sweet statements that paint you as a vulnerable woman he might be interested in. If he feels that tension, that attraction, he will pursue future conversations with more energy and courage, hopefully, making a relationship happen.

(If he doesn’t, well please refer to some of my troubleshooting blogs on reading men’s signals!)

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