Cute Pet Names for Guys

Why be ashamed of your love? One of the best features of an intimate relationship is that you get to express yourself freely, even the lovey-dovey thoughts that you might avoid too early on. Do guys mind? No! Once you earn a guy’s trust, he will open his heart to you. Once he sees that you’re okay with open displays of affection, he will be more inclined to show you his heart and be emotional, without fear of embarrassment.

In fact, one of the first steps in helping a man to get in touch with his feelings is to let him feel free to use a cute pet name. Now you could let him come up with his own, if he prefers. But men usually don’t want to volunteer cute names…they prefer if you do it and then they follow you, using the pet name as a term of endearment. Besides, if you leave a man to do it, he’ll probably just choose something boring like “honey” or “darling” and it’s about time to think different.

So I’ve assembled a long list of cute pet names for guys that he’s going to like. Feel free to borrow these or improve upon them. Remember, the more original and personal the nickname, the more your boyfriend will like it. So let’s consider some of the most popular and interesting pet names people have come up with…

1. My Little Ewok (for the Star Wars fanatic, who didn’t love Ewoks?)
2. Zeus (Why not the most powerful of all the gods?)
3. Gummy Bear (He’s a bear of a man but sweet and squishy for his girl)
4. Roger Rabbit (He makes you laugh and he’s such a pleaser)
5. My Boo Z (Boo is good…but give him a rapper-friendly Z at the end)
6. Sugar Bumps (From the movie Batman, and hey it has a nice ring to it)
7. Baby Face (An old expression from wrestling, when the good guy had to be handsome and with a babyface; villains were the ugly ones)
8. MVP (The Most Valuable Papa!)
9. Skeletor (If he loves being the villain and the naughty fellow, here’s one he’ll get a kick out of)
10. Lil Hobbit (Tolkien fans will like this one)
11. Muppet (Is he cute and with an adorable voice? Also, very easy to talk to!)
12. Tamer of Dragons (Game of Thrones reference, since you’re the dragon queen!)
13. Angelito (Spanish phrase meaning Little Angel and it sounds exotic!)
14. Baba Ganoush (Tasty Lebanese dish and every man wants to be tasty)
15. Baby Doll (Unisex name for anyone who’s good looking enough to be a perfect doll face)
16. Papa Smurf (He’ll love this one, if he grew up watching the Smurf patriarch)
17. Blue Eyed Demon (Yellow eyed demons are scary, but blue eyed demons are cute and very naughty)
18. Brave Heart (A warrior and a poet!)
19. Funky Monkey (Or Brass Monkey, a reference to the Beastie Boys, which most men over 30 love)
20. Cookie Monster (The devourer of tasty cookies, double entendre?)
21. Doodles (Great name for a guy who likes to draw)
22. Gangsta Baby (Not a scary or mean gangsta but an adorable tough guy)
23. Jewel (A precious jewel that you protect and show off proudly)
24. Kit Kat (Tasty little treat!)
25. Lightning Rod (He’s thunderous and powerful and he lights up the sky)
26. Genie of Love (He grants your every wish, especially the one about love)
27. Goblin King (If he only knew how women loved the movie Labyrinth and how hot David Bowie was)
28. Poker Face (A good name for a man with a stern look but high intelligence)
29. Moogle (A Final Fantasy reference to a cute little creature, gamers will like it)
30. Tigger (From Winnie the Pooh, of course, the most flamboyant and energetic character)
31. Mahna Mahna (How about a hippie muppet that plays by his own rules? That’s what I’m talking about!)
32. Leroy Brown (Based on a great song)
33. Big John (Another great song)
34. Hulky or the Incredible Sulk (If he can take a joke, and loves Marvel, this is a good one)
35. Optimus Kind (A real Transformer of a hero but kind, gentle and a great leader)
36. Mr. Darcy (Based on Jane Austen’s book, a difficult man at first but one with a heart of gold)
37. Super Boo (If he’s the hardest working boo you know)
38. Hacksaw (If he’s good with building things)
39. WWE Superstar (Does he work out like mad and fit enough to be on the WWE channel?)
40. My Paramour (Old fashioned pet name but retro-cool)

The secret to coming up with names is to make it personal and to let him feel like part of the inside joke. This is what makes the name exciting and sweet, feeling the connection to YOU. It’s your little secret and using the name reminds him of this.

It should always reflect positively on him and make him feel safe and emotionally linked with you. That’s why it doesn’t bother him to say cute or even blush-worthy statements, because he feels that intense trust! It makes him feel good to say it and hear it. That’s what you want and you want him to feel open and emotionally “naked” so to speak.

If he ever feels embarrassed or shamed, you lose that trust. So even if it’s corny, encourage him to use his favorite words, if he volunteers one. Use it yourself often enough so that he gets used to sweet talking and doesn’t feel weird about it. Not all guys can open up emotionally. They tend to be more macho, thinking that’s what women want. But believe me, he’s dying to be a sweet-talker if you give him the chance.

So by all means encourage him to be as open as he wants to be, always assuring him that you are his safe place, you are his honey bear!

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