Does My Ex Still Love Me Quiz

Some people believe that love never dies…it simply stays quiet. Out of respect for the ex, sometimes we disappear. You “let him go”, so to speak and let him find happiness with someone else. Maybe that’s happened to you. That certainly doesn’t mean you stopped loving him. You just decided you loved him enough to let him go. More to the point, you loved yourself enough to let him go, rather than forcing him to stay. That’s commendable. Even though it hurts in the beginning, it is the right thing to do.

Do you think your ex feels the same way? Absolutely. I think in about 90 percent of all cases involving LOVE, even when the relationship ends, the both of you still care about each other and still love each other in the truest sense of the word. The tricky thing is, not all relationships that end are based on love. Some relationships might even involve “one-sided love” and in that case, the ex probably never loved you to begin with–and that explains why he can sometimes seem so cruel. He just never felt any serious emotional attachment.

Take our “Does My Ex Still Love Me” Quiz and try to determine if your ex still loves you but is staying quiet, or if there was never much love to begin with…

1. How often does he think about you?
A: He always stays in touch via phone or chat.
B: He stalks me online but never says much to me.
C: He only chats with me once in a great while usually text.
D: He never says anything at all, or checks up on me. Maybe playing hard to get?

2. How does he seem to act when he talks to you?
A: He’s always emotional, either angry or depressed.
B: He seems almost deliriously happy, like his life is so great now.
C: He seems a little cold, but polite.
D: He seems really friendly and cool…but maybe he’s just like that to everyone.

3. How jealous is your ex?
A: He is constantly bragging about all the women he’s dating.
B: He is not seeing anyone else but always makes time to talk to you.
C: He is so happy to tell you about his new relationship.
D: He doesn’t seem to want to talk about relationships at all.

4. How hard does your ex “push and pull” your affection?
A: Frequently. He wants to see you one day and then ignores you for weeks.
B: He does sometimes make strange, flirty comments that make me wonder.
C: Always! He is nice one minute and then a complete jerk.
D: He doesn’t play games. At all.

5. How does he respond when you start the “no contact” rule for several months?
A: He seems to freak out and demands to speak to you.
B: He is still nice about it, but always asking questions via text.
C: He only occasionally visits and interacts with your social media page.
D: You never hear a word from him.

Now that you’ve taken the test, let’s see what each answer means.

For Question 1, answers A and B are the most telling. An ex who still feels love for you will always find a reason to stay in touch, even if it’s just stalking you online. However, C and D indicate that he’s moving on and is only interested in you as a friend or casual acquaintance.

For Question 2, once again, A and B are telling because men who are still in love with you are unusually emotional. Whether that emotion is grief, anger or extreme happiness, all that he’s actually saying is that he’s still very emotional around you. Answers C and D are less promising. If he’s cold but polite, he may still have some good memories of you but those are no longer emotional memories. They’re vague and distant. Don’t be deceived by men who are overly friendly and talkative…especially if they’re not flirty. Men who are friendly but not flirting with you have friend-zoned you and have most likely moved on.

For Question 3, naturally, the most obvious signs of shallow and superficial dating suggest he’s still in love with you. He’s bragging to make you jealous. He may also be laying low and not dating anyone, hoping you’ll come back. While it’s true that sometimes guys DO like to gush about their new crush, usually, the more he respects you and wants to protect your feelings, the more likely he will avoid the conversation entirely.

For Question 4, the Answer A is significant since men who are still deeply in love usually don’t know how to process their emotions. The mixed messages you receive from them reflect how confused they feel about you. The answer B is also suspicious as this indicates he still flirts with you, even though he knows you’re in a friendship-only stage. Answers C and D are not encouraging. C indicates he is just toying with you and either doesn’t love you or loves you so much that he feels he has to punish you. That’s dangerous territory! Lastly, D means that he has no reason to play games or even think of your old relationship beyond a nice memory. He has truly moved on.

For Question 5, pay close attention to how he responds after a long “no talking” period. The more vocal and unsettled he becomes, the more likely it is that he still loves you. A and B indicate he cannot survive without hearing something from you. C is more discouraging since he occasionally visits but can easily go weeks or months without a word. D, is naturally, the worst case scenario because when a man loves you, it is very difficult to let go completely.

As you can see, the love quiz is all about the need to continue connecting with you emotionally. When a man desires that connection, he will make an effort to reach out. That’s the hope you can hold onto. But in the meantime, work on yourself and boost your own self-confidence. Then you can win him back for good!

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