Stay Single Until You Meet The Man.

Stay Single Until You Meet The Man Who Does These 9 Things

Have you ever wondered if you’re better off single than linked with the wrong man? It’s something that I fear, many people think about only after they get married or live with a partner.

Sometimes a person might take a chance, develop strong feelings for a partner, and then maybe even get married. Over time, there might be regret. Maybe problems appear and other flaws develop that were never noticed in early dating.

Usually, in that situation, you think, “If only I knew then what I know now.”

Of course, if you’re single then you don’t know what “hindsight” is. All you know is what you feel. You might feel a strong magnetic attraction towards a man but wonder if your chemistry will always stay that way. Or maybe you have great respect for the man you’re thinking of marrying but worry that you don’t feel the “spark”, the wow factor you always thought you would.

I think the best advice I can give or anyone can give is to stay single as long as you can – and yes, as long as you have doubts. Stay single until you know for sure because if your instincts are making you hesitate there might be a good reason.

Life is easier when you’re single, just by default. When you get married you have to deal with two families, two people in your household, and if you’re not deeply in love, then these problems could become unbearable.

Sometimes though, you might feel as if you want to get married. Maybe you’ve waited so long and worry that if you don’t get married now, and have a family soon, it’s just never going to happen.

Now that I understand. It is scary to leave things up to chance and hope you meet someone compatible. I still feel that a woman shouldn’t get married just because she’s afraid of being alone. But that said, I do think you can take a logical approach to this situation rather than just an emotional one.

There can be a logical process. It all has to do with the guy’s qualities and traits. If your boyfriend has these qualities, or specifically “does these things” (which are actions that indicate he has these important qualities) then I would say he’s marriage material.

Let’s list and discuss each one.

1. He always keeps his promises and stays true to his word.

So many guys today promise the world and yet can’t live up to those promises. The end result is heartache. Even if you love a man that disappoints you, it never feels the same as loving a man who always surpasses your expectations. That’s real love – knowing that when a man promises something, it’s going to happen.

2. He tells you he misses you.

A man who misses you, and has no problem telling you that, is really something special. A lot of guys try to play it cool and pretend they don’t care. But a man that matches you and that misses you when you’re not around, is a catch. He doesn’t care about mind games or playing his cards right. He just loves to be around you and you feel the same way.

3. He’s open with you emotionally.

Many men have problems communicating emotion. They’re closed up, cold and harsh. Sometimes they’re even so repressed that they’re toxic to themselves and family members. That’s why a man who’s strong and yet in touch with his emotions is such a relief. He’s sensitive and yet controlled. Honest and unafraid to speak from the heart. He’s strong in the way that matters most.

4. He’s always ready to listen to you.

A man who listens is even more impressive than a man who’s ready to give advice. Yes, a man offering a solution is kind. But let’s remember that oftentimes in life, solutions don’t come easy. What matters more is to have a friend who listens and who’s always there to help you in whatever way you need.

5. Above all, he wants you to be safe, happy and protected.

He’s not petty. He cares about you as a friend first, so his priority is to make sure you’re safe and provided for. He’s interested in you, but would just as soon step aside if you decide he’s just a friend and nothing more. He wouldn’t be bitter about it either, that’s just not his style. All he wants is for you to be happy and to protect you in whatever way he’s needed.

6. He is proud of you.

He’s never been interested in just your potential but sees the beautiful and amazing person you are right now. He’s proud of your qualities, your work, and your mind. To him, you’re already a great success in life and he is inspired by your work ethic and lifestyle. It’s a great feeling to have a man in your life who’s also your biggest fan.

7. He always brings out the best in you.

He brings out the best in you. He seems to be the perfect antidote to past relationships that were based on conflict, tension, and anxiety. You can always tell the value and truth of a relationship based on how it makes you feel.

8. He loves your family and hopes you’ll love his family.

It’s a real blessing when you have in-laws that like you! Family tension is some of the worst stress imaginable. But if you actually like his family and he likes yours, that’s the start of a beautiful friendship – an extended family that you can call your own. Some guys refuse to even meet a woman’s family, especially if it’s a short-term thing. When he’s man enough to meet your parent(s), he’s showing a lot of courage and class.

9. He isn’t afraid of commitment because he sees a future with you.

Finally, a marriage-worthy man is not afraid of commitment – at least not when it comes to you. He enjoys your company. He wants to always be part of your life. He isn’t afraid of the future because he sees you in his future. He always puts you first in life because you’re an important part of his world and at the end of the day, you’re what makes him happy.

If you can say that about your boyfriend, he’s the one. If you’re left thinking… “Well, he’s not really any of that!” then I think you can do better. You deserve a man that’s going to surpass your expectations and meet your high standards. Believe that, seek that out, and I believe you will find everything you’re looking for.

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Talk soon,

Matthew Coast

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3 thoughts on “Stay Single Until You Meet The Man Who Does These 9 Things”

  1. I ordered your book and as I read the book I did not really R E A D the book, I used one small text hit send and before I could put my phone down he replied and called, I am convinced what you Matthew Coast is saying is the absolute understanding for every woman that wants a deeper, passionate love affair with her man, when he called I was laughing so hard I said let me call you back, I did not want to lie about why I was laughing. Thank you Mr. Coast.

  2. I’ve been married to the same man for 30 years this April ’24. We are tomorrow celebrating another milestone- our 2 anniversaries : His 77th Birthday, and my 9th Anniversary of Open Heart surgery with triple by-pass, which left me disabled with a stroke that I was told would leave me it a wheelchair for the rest of my life. Believe me when I say we have had a rough ride. It has affected our deepest feelings for each other, both positive and not so. Even left him and flew (as a “passenger who needs assistance”) in a wheelchair, to stay with my son on the east coast for 2 months.Found a place for us to live on our meager S.S. funds, but he would not leave.
    Finally, I gave in and returned “home” We are still together.
    What I’m saying is: It’s a Life but it’s also a roller coaster ride. You need to be brave and courageous! Marriage is not stars exploding in the sky,( but it can sometimes be that). IT IS WORK! and you become both a hero and a survivor to win! We are still adjusting to each other, while he does all the work, cooking and sort of cleaning. I have worked with P.T. and chiropractic and much self determination and repaired my body enough to walk with occ. a cane assist, to do more and more. Good Luck to all who are bold enough to try!

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