Spell to Make Someone Obsessed with You

If you’ve ever had a major crush on a person before – and especially if you’ve tried to make something happen but it never worked out – then you may have considered the most extreme option imaginable…

(No, not tell them how you feel! Of course not!)

No I’m talking about a magic spell! You know that special kind of magic spell that brings someone to you and makes them fall head over heels in love with you. A love potion, a hex, a miracle!

Now maybe your gut reaction is to laugh and say, “Magic isn’t real. There are no supernaturally gifted witches…only those nice Wicca practicers.”

But then again, there are also people who believe in miracles, believe in faith, and believe in what we like to call the law of attraction. So if you believe that you can truly achieve anything you set your mind to, and that positive and negative energy is a real thing, does that mean that you could in reality cast a love spell on someone you really like?

Let’s consider three elements: the possibility of a magic spell working, the ethics of such a thing, and finally, the best way to get someone obsessed with you, with or without magic.

Does Magic Really Work?

Some people believe in magic and in the “secret” and are convinced that focusing all your energy on what you want can produce results. Some witches even believe that “obsession spells” are the strongest kind of spell and can even go beyond love and lust.

You might get a warning along with the magic spell. :Be careful what you wish for because magic is powerful! And sometimes people really don’t know what they’re wishing for…they have a fantasy, but have no way to prepare for it in reality.”

Some believe that the strength of the spell-caster is also very significant. A person who hasn’t developed their powers probably wouldn’t be able to cast such a powerful spell. Obsession could also be a rather vague thing and not always related to love or lust. Obsession can be a negative force and could even backfire, causing the objection of your affection to hate you, fear you, or even stalk you!

Now that said, there are a few publicly listed magic spells for obsession. Whether you’re thinking about your current boyfriend, your ex, your crush, your neighbor or someone who doesn’t even know who you are, some spells have common elements.

The spell works NOT as a literal love potion, but rather because of you psychically projecting yourself to them. So your crush would start to think more about you, think of images of you, and eventually obsess over you, the way you’re currently obsessing over them.

For example one spell describes gathering materials like rose petals, flower pots, candles and lavender oil. The spell runs for seven days and requires you to take part in a daily ritual. You might have to sit on the floor facing the sunrise in the morning and then take the rose petals in your hand. You then meditate on your crush, removing all other obstacles in your mind. Then you speak a chant and put the rose petals inside the pot or glass jar you’ve collected.

You do this magic ritual every day for seven days. Some spells could specify that you must enunciate the chant perfectly in order for it to work. Some spells also require combining a picture of the person, or their clothing, or something that represents them, with the rest of the materials. Depending on the type of magic or the creator of the spell, you may face sunlight or moonlight.

What’s interesting to note is that many of these spells stress thinking about your crush, meditating on him, and in a way, projecting your feelings toward him internally.

Now brace yourself because here’s where it gets interesting. If you project that energy, and feed your obsession about your crush constantly, he may actually start to notice you. Whether or not this is “magic” is up for you to decide. But people can generally feel when you’re looking at them, and the energy you have when you encounter them.

It should also be noted that some people swear by the power of visualization. If you visualize yourself developing a relationship with this person, if you have inspiration boards set up, you start to focus on them, think about them, and find new ways to influence them and become involved in their lives. Whether or not that’s magic is debatable, but if it works, that’s all that matters, right?

Should You Cast a Magic Spell?

Is it ethical to cast an obsession spell? Let’s say for a second that hexes really work. If someone really doesn’t want you then it wouldn’t be fair to try to force him into a relationship.

But if your crush simply didn’t know that you like him, then there wouldn’t be anything wrong with trying to get his attention by altering the energy that you project.

Here’s Some Magic That Works

I have one more bit of advice for you, my amateur witch friend. Don’t give up visualizing this crush of yours, if he’s really what you want. But here’s what you should try. Stop hiding and stop hoping. Instead, make a deliberate effort to engage him in conversation. Make an effort to talk to him and maintain strong, confident eye contact with him. Let him feel those romantic vibes.

Because whether it’s magic or not, you DO have to put yourself out there. You do have to take the initiative and say YES to new opportunities that arise. No matter what spell book you read, every single one of them will tell you that. If you shrink back and avoid trying to get his attention, hoping for a miracle, the magic won’t work.

If you take a chance, try something new and try to work at achieving the same thing you visualize every day, then you have a far better chance of actually achieving it in real life. Start visualizing how to make your man fall in love with you. Set goals and follow them through. You may be surprised at how powerful you really are when your energy is positive and focused.

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