Something Sweet to Say Goodnight

Are you intimately involved with your crush? Or maybe you’re just on the verge of becoming physical for the first time. If that’s the case, then you most certainly feel passion and want to express it. He feels it too. He wants to hear you and read your texts and feel this amazing chemistry.

But what is passion in text form? How can you express how you feel if you’re not a poet or a philosopher?

No worries…coming up with sweet and romantic things to say to your boyfriend is easy. It’s not about writing something amazing or movie-quality. The challenge is to speak from the heart and make it personal. That matters more than the creativity of the sentence. You want to convey how you feel and specifically the intensity of what you feel. That’s more important than metaphor or word usage or anything like that.

Granted, you do want to avoid sounding awkward if you’re trying to text sweet messages. That’s why it’s best to avoid long sentences and unfamiliar words. Stick to the words you know and the phrases of thought you would use every day.

Honest and even blunt works better than searching for a metaphor that feels unnatural. There’s also no need to use adverbs or detailed descriptions. A sentence like “I just want to touch you right now” is more emotionally impacting than trying to come up with a classier way to say it. Men think in action, in emotion and visuals. So give them that and keep it simple so they can enjoy it!

Here are 20 examples to use and adapt accordingly.

1. I have feelings for you, yes, I can’t deny it anymore. When I’m around you I feel so alive. And when you look at me, I feel so helpless to resist you. Goodnight…and I’m glad we understand each other now.
2. Your voice is like music to my ears. I like you chatting with me…you can always cheer me up.
3. I can’t describe what I feel towards you, well at least not in a clean text. My attraction to you is NSFW. But I think you know how I really feel and what I think…and what I think a lot about. Goodnight, my Romeo.
4. I’ve always liked you from the moment I met you. Even then I knew there was something special about you. But when I got to know the real you and learn your secrets, that was the BEST time of my life.
5. I think of you all the time now. I think about you kissing me, wondering what the first time would feel like. Wondering if our eyes would meet and what we would feel in that moment. Goodnight, you sweet, sexy man.
6. I like you. And I’m not ashamed to say it. I’ll tell the whole world how much I like you.
7. I’m kind of in love with your mind and in lust with your body. I don’t know what I want more…to make love, to talk all night or to fall asleep on your shoulder. Maybe all three. Goodnight…until we meet again.
8. I want to hear you laugh. I want to see you smile, a big teethy smile. The idea of seeing you so happy makes me giddy!
9. Here’s your goodnight message…I want to make you breakfast in bed. Well, you asked what I was really thinking!
10. You are everything I want in a friend…and everything I know I need in a boyfriend.
11. Goodnight…I wish upon a star. I wish your heart is as close to mine as mine is to yours.
12. You are both a nice guy and a bad boy all rolled up into one. I adore your heart and I’m amazed at your courage.
13. The fact that you shouldn’t be my type at all, just makes it all the more mysterious and exciting. I confess I can’t wait to get your good morning messages. So goodnight…and send me a good one tomorrow morning!
14. You are my superhero. And I wouldn’t trade you for any of the Avengers!
15. Sometimes I hate saying “goodnight” to you. Not because of the word but just knowing that we’re not going to sleep together. We have to say goodbye. I wish I could say goodnight and we could fall asleep in each other’s arms. Yeah that’s the kind of goodnight I like.
16. I want to grow old with you. Not that I spend a lot of time picturing us like that lol…I just always want to know you. I want you to be part of my life. Because I care too much to ever forget you.
17. I couldn’t stay away from you for too long. I need to hear you thoughts, read your texts, just feel your presence at least once a day. I can feel your warm hug when you send me sweet messages. Goodnight…hug me tight.
18. Before you go to bed…I just have to say this. I’m given up resisting you. I just want you. I want to please you and then thrill you and then make you smile. I could never be just friends with you…the way you make me feel is out of this world!
19. I want you obsessed with me. I like seeing you out of control and flustered. I don’t want this thing between us to ever stop. I want more intimacy, more feeling, just more and more and more! Goodnight my love and have very naughty dreams.
20. I finally see why you’re so sweet. Your parents are just like you, so funny, so compassionate and friendly, and so cool. You have good genes!

The next time you want to say something sweet to your boyfriend, feel it first, then say it. Say what you feel for him and confess what YOU want. If the idea of him smiling and showing his dimples makes you smile, let him know that. If you did something for him or want to give him something special someday, let him know that.

Dating in the later stages is all about honesty and expressing what’s in your heart!

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