Romantic Messages for Him (Send Him This Tonight)

Men always seem to have a reputation for being romantic and suave. They also have expectations of being such, since most women don’t “chase” after men. Instead, they coyly resist while the man tries just a little bit harder to be charming and witty. That’s what drives attraction. Most men understand this social obligation and they do play their part very well.

But at some point, most men DO want a woman to reciprocate romantic attention. Playing hard to get, even to the very end, will only frustrate the guy – even if he is a natural romantic. Remember that men want to be REWARDED, appreciated and given credit for a job well done. Withholding that “reward”, or, reciprocating the attention he gives you, will only discourage him from trying.

Most decent and honorable men aren’t stubborn. They’re not persistent to the point of obsession. And frankly, they never should be! If a woman makes it clear to a man she’s NOT interested, the respectable thing to do is to back down. No games, no mixed messages.

So while men do have the expectation of being the pursuer, women also have the expectation to show sincere interest in a man they truly like. Now the pressure is on! How can you be romantic and flirty if you’re not a naturally expressive person?

No problem…we’re going to consider a few examples of romantic messages you can send him, after he starts a romantic conversation. Notice how these replies give him what he wants, and yet still keep you looking self-confident and fun.

1. I’m glad my messages make you laugh. My reward is to see your cute smile and those adorable dimples on your face.

Make him blush by revealing just how attracted you are to him. Not just his body but his unique features that no one else can claim – his eyes, his smile, his face. This makes him feel uniquely appreciated.

2. Oh (NAME). No matter what kind of foul mood I’m in from work, you can always make me feel so much better.

Wonderful way to tell him that he’s special. He has the power to put you in a good mood, even if it’s a stressful day. This will continue to define the relationship: him trying to make you feel better. That will become his source of happiness.

3. Just call me for a moment. I need to hear your voice, just for a second. I really missed you today.

When you’re delving into real romance, use this line. You crave his voice, even if it’s a fleeting chat. This line works wonders! It tells him that the connection between you is intense. You both already have feelings for each other so let’s FEEL it together. Let’s share in the experience. No need to persuade or chase, just bask together in this moment, even if it’s over the phone. Great way to intensify the feelings you share.

4. I’m not the sort of person who falls quickly in love. So you have to understand why I find you so confusing…and so amazing.

Another nice line, because assuring him that you don’t actually date or fall in love with many men, reminds him that he’s special. You’re reminding him that he qualifies to be with you and not many men do. You don’t fall in love easily but he comes along and makes you question everything. This boosts his ego while motivating him to keep going. Try harder and win the girl over. Men do love to chase, especially once they appreciate how unique this connection really is.

5. Sometimes I count the stars at night and each star represents another reason I like you. And there are so many stars…sometimes I just fall asleep with a big smile on my face.

Comparing his best qualities to the stars! Now that’s a romantic line. A man does appreciate when a woman finds multiple reasons to love him. It’s not just one thing (his success, his body, his wit) it’s many things. He wants to feel uniquely loved. He wants to know why he’s special even among other attractive men.

6. You’re not sure how I feel about you? I can’t stop thinking about you. I will never forget you. The best I could ever hope to do is survive you. But I hope, just maybe, we could find a way to make this work and have our own epic love story some day.

Love is difficult. Love must be earned. And that’s why many people do stay in love – because what’s worth keeping is worth reaching for. That’s why men stay, because of how much they’ve invested in the relationship. They remember how hard they worked for your approval and that reminds them that this wasn’t just a fling or an experiment. This was a real, very rare, love connection that’s irreplaceable.

7. I have always loved you. I love you now. I will love you years from now. And some day, hundreds of years from now, people will still hear our spirits cuddling together.

The Cute line, reminding him that your love is forever – well beyond just one lifetime. Most people stop at “for the rest of my life.” But if he truly loves you, he will want to love you for much longer, for an eternity, for “forever.” Now there’s a romantic thought to leave him every night.

As you see, the secret to romantic texting is all about “leaving him wanting more.” Give him a taste of romance but then let him come back with something that he wrote. Make the conversation interactive.

Don’t overdo it, and if you’re second-guessing saying that one “over the top” line, trust your instincts! Let him chase you, rather than reversing the dynamic. It’s better to give him a little bit, just enough to make him smile.

When you leave him wanting more, he keeps things going! That’s the way it always should be because deep down, men DO love to be romantic. Let him do his thing and enjoy the show.

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