Names to Call Your Boyfriend

Relax! I’m not actually giving you a list of insults and derogatory names to call your boyfriend when he makes you angry. I think those are fairly easy to come up with!

But…it’s true, coming up with “sweet” names and cute pet names can be challenging. You want something that’s affectionate and catchy and of course short. Long syllable names are harder to pronounce and less fun to use. They very rarely catch on…I mean how many couples do you know that use pet names like “Conquistador”? Yeah way too many syllables! So people like to use one or two syllable words, tops.

Next, you have to consider your boyfriend’s feelings in the matter. Just because you think a name is adorable doesn’t mean he’s going to like it. And if he vetoes your name, well, it’s only polite that you stop using it.

Case in point, I knew a couple a long time ago who had the weirdest relationship. She used to call him “Stup” for Stupid. That was her affectionate nickname and I guess she thought it was hilarious. But uh yeah, I don’t think he particularly enjoyed that nickname. (And yeah, as you might expect they didn’t last long together)

Point is, nicknames have to come from a place of great respect. You don’t want to hurt his feelings OR make him self-conscious. In fact, you don’t even want to use a name that’s going to embarrass him. Most guys don’t actually like cute names that could be misconstrued as insulting. They like names that build them up, make them feel loved and confident.

So cute is great. But when possible, try to choose a name that embodies good qualities that your boyfriend has – like masculinity, intelligence, strength, wit, kindness and sweetness.

Here are 11 great names to call your boyfriend that he’s going to love.

1. Biggie or Biggums

A guy is sure to love a pet name that compliments his body, his huge personality and his manliness. (And sure, if he’s well-endowed, he won’t mind if you brag about it behind closed doors!) Using a name like big boy, lover or sexy, or a variation on it like biggums, biggie or big guy, reminds him how hot he is and keeps him feeling happy and appreciated.

2. My Boo

Whether it’s spelled boo, beau or even the two syllable form of Boo-Boo he’s sure to giggle when hears this one. Not only is it simple and affectionate but it also sounds lovely when you extend the O’s as in, booooo! And you can even add more variations, such as Boo-Zee, Boo-Foo, Boo-Doo, Boo-Loo or Boo-Coo. I think your “boo” will find your variations funny.

3. Dom-Dom

If you want to boost your boyfriend’s ego with a little submissive roleplay, then try calling him “Dom” or more sweetly Dom-Dom. If you’re really adventurous you can even call him daddy or papi. Of course, the joke is that most men are not domineering or aggressive, but pretending as if he’s an authority figure is kinky and cute.

4. Pooh!

How could you not love Pooh? It’s an adorable name! Not only am I thinking of Winnie the Pooh but other variations like Pookie. One of the most creative uses I heard was “Bobby-Pooh”, a combination of the guy’s name with a Pooh added on, as in, you guessed it Bobby the Pooh. Isn’t that darling?

5. Jelly

Hey, we mostly have positive associations with jelly. Why not remind your boyfriend that he’s yummy, sweet and soft-hearted like jelly? And just to tease him a little, you can add that when it’s time for bed, he “spreads” like jelly and steals the blankets!

6. Chubby Bunny

I’m not sure how this became a popular name but it’s hilarious. It’s usually best to avoid any insulting names like “fat” but chubby bunny is a more affectionate term for a “bigger guy” who’s also sweet, happy and ahem, as amorous as a bunny.

7. Boytoy or Young Stud

I don’t think you can go wrong with this one, regardless of age. Every guy likes to think he’s young – or at least that he still looks young. Calling him a boytoy or “young stallion” is sure to tickle his ego and lets you play the role of a hot cougar or sugar mama, which is a common fantasy among men.

8. Lovebird

Birds are beautiful creatures and guys tend to like them…maybe it’s because we all still remember the expression “Birds” from England, referring of course to a lovely woman.

9. Squishey

Blame this one on Finding Nemo’s popularity. Squishey is another word for cuddles, huggie, snookum, and so on. Anything that implies cuddling together or being affectionate is good – you invite more outward expressions of love when you give him a nickname suggesting it.

10. Pumpkin Pie

This might be one extra syllable, but it’s a delightful exception to the rule. Pumpkin is not only sweet, tasty, and colorful but it’s also firm, just like your buff strong boyfriend! The pie is the affectionate part, just like sugar pie or sug.

11. Moonshine

Lastly, don’t miss an opportunity to nickname your boyfriend after hard illegal alcohol – something a badass dude who flaunts the rules of society is sure to like. Moonshine is not only a fun reference but also recalls to mind, quite literally, the beauty of darkness and nighttime. It works both ways.

As you can see, nicknaming a guy is all about having fun and still showing him proper respect. You can experiment frequently until you find a name that suits him and that he really enjoys. If he doesn’t like a name, toss it aside and don’t take offense. Keep looking. Most importantly, think about his unique qualities. Does he have a hobby or an interest that you could turn into a pet name for him?

Pet names are all about buttering up his ego while also encouraging him to show affection and be open with his feelings. Once you find a nickname you both like it can last for years on end!

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