Good Dares for Guys

Anytime you can actually convince a guy to play Truth or Dare, or any time he convinces you to play with him, you know there’s sexual tension there. That’s great…your romance is off to a good start.

Of course, the idea behind truth or dare is to get the truth out of him…or else he regrets it! Sometimes games are played with an option of truth or dare (depending on how embarrassing the truth), or with simply a dare that he must perform for your amusement. Either way the game gets more fun the more the guy embarrasses himself.

But let’s keep things safe and clean and not send him to do anything he might regret. And let’s get rid of all the gross dares like eating anything raw, or reserved for cats and dogs. You don’t want him to get sick now!

The beauty of this game is, of course, that men are so eager to please women they usually go through with the dare. Of course, the more daring dares could accidentally get a guy in deep trouble, especially if he has to annoy people out in public. So relax…keep things safe and sane.

Before you play the game, take the time to come up with some funny, cute and sexy dares. Here are 13 funny dares that he’s going to blush over…but ultimately do for your smile.

1. Act like a dog.

Well you know the old cliché about men being dogs and women being cats? Make the guy act out being a dog, his performance complete with tongue wagging, on his knees and being petted by everyone in the room.

2. Take a shower completely clothed.

See how “wet” he is for you, by daring him to shower with his clothes on. He has to shower with full shirt, pants and socks on and then can’t dry off or strip. (At least until the dare is over) Talk about awkward…but a real holler for laughs.

3. Dare him to become a woman.

It’s a cathartic experience to put makeup on a man and let him endure the experience of being female, even for just a few minutes. Most men will reluctantly agree, since they’re curious themselves. Or you can get him to put on high heels and try to walk in them. Or he can try on the dress of someone next to him. Or why not dare him to do all three? Lastly, don’t forget to catcall him and make him strut down the catwalk when he’s all dolled up.

4. Go up to a stranger and start flirting with her.

This is very awkward for guys anyway, so being forced to do it as part of a dare is a nightmare. But if you cheer him on, he will probably cooperate. Besides, he can always tell the stranger that his dare is to “flirt with someone attractive”, and it will make for a nice compliment.

5. Draw a funny face on your body.

Forget stripping…that’s been done before and it’s too much. But drawing a funny face on his belly (either you draw it or a friend draws it) is hilarious and just embarrassing enough not to be traumatizing.

6. Post an embarrassing photo on Facebook.

Hey, the guy’s always on Facebook anyway, right? Why not dare him to post his most embarrassing non-public photo on his timeline and get a reaction from his friends? (Non-public meaning nothing X-rated, just him doing something goofy) I’m also fairly sure one of his friends will ask, “Did you lose a bet?”

7. Get him to order pizza (or call someone else) using a strange accent.

It’s even more fun if he has to do it “in character”, for example, playing a Russian spy or imitating Groot from Avengers. Or better yet, have him pretend to be that stranger’s boyfriend or husband. Use your imagination and make him chuckle at the thought of how much he’s going to embarrass himself. Just uh…don’t tell him to crank call 911.

8. Sweet talk and kiss a puppet or a stuffed animal.

Tell the guy to make a move on a stuffed animal. First he talks romantically, looking into the stuffed toy’s eyes. Then he kisses it passionately while hilarity ensues.

9. Dare him to become someone’s slave.

Namely, he must do everything one person in the room tells him to do, including errands, getting drinks, foot massages and so on.

10. Figure out who the guy secretly has a crush on…then make him call that person’s mother and confess his feelings.

This is a terrible one that I’ve seen going around! But it sure it a challenge, isn’t it? And that poor mother is going to live with that knowledge for the rest of her life!

11. Tell him to lift up and carry the person sitting next to him around the room.

Well he does always talk about his workout routine, so here’s the chance to prove himself strong and capable!

12. Kiss the feet of all the girls in the room.

He’ll kind of enjoy his humiliation on some level! Unless of course, he has to kiss the guy’s feet too. This will teach him to always tell the truth!

13. He has to sing everything he thinks or says for half an hour.

Is he a little shy about singing? Give him some practice, daring him to sing everything on his mind. He’ll definitely get over his fears of public performance quickly. And just in case he hasn’t suffered enough, get him to dance too!

As you can see, dares don’t always have to be sexual, nor do they have to be mean-spirited. Don’t do anything that’s going to “hurt” him or cause him trouble with other people. Figure out some dares that will embarrass him momentarily, but will actually make him look good by the end of the dare. As in, bravo that he had the courage to do it!

Dares are all about having fun, so make sure he’s laughing with you.

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