Libra Man Falling In Love Signs

If your crush was born between the dates of September 23 and October 22, there’s a good chance he might fit the traditional Libra personality. If that’s the case, then it would serve you well to learn him, his motivations, and his traits. Knowing what makes him tick will help you to understand what’s happening at various points in the relationship.

Here’s what we know about Libra personalities. They have the element of air and a cardinal quality about their identity, which gives them traits of peacefulness, fair dealings, and an even partnership in life. When it comes to romance, they do despise being alone and this can affect their judgment for better or worse. He is a good negotiator so he is always looking for a relationship; the problem is, he’s never quite sure what he wants in the beginning.

Leo men are devoted partners, but they want a “mirror” of themselves for a partner. He wants a cohesive family unit, one characterized by equality and balance. He loves symmetry in all things. Libra men care about social and criminal justice. They believe in self-improvement as the start of a better society. He has both a logical and sensitive mind in these regards.

Most of all, Libras are characterized by the unwillingness to fight or argue over trivial issues. They avoid conflict because keeping the peace in a partnership, to them, is what matters. They avoid talking things out if there’s any strong negative emotion in the air.

Libra men pride themselves on being intelligent and look for inspiration through reading and conversation. They are very smart so it’s little wonder that their towering intellect can be stressful at times. All the more so when it comes to making decisions and trying to please everybody. He knows so much in general that he sometimes has difficulty focusing on what he wants as a man.

Libra can very easily fall into a troubled relationship because of conflict avoidance and because Libra men are easily influenced by their partners. His indecisiveness can sometimes lead him into trusting someone prematurely, which explains his previous relationships where he felt abandoned or taken for granted.

Signs of the Libra Man’s Love

1. He is confident and very clear about what he wants.

He may be afraid of conflict, but Leo is very confident when it comes to expressing his feelings. Actually one of the most frustrating things about Libra is how indecisive he is in the beginning – how he withholds and doesn’t appear to know what he wants. He takes some time to figure his own heart out and that can be frustrating to a woman. But when he does realize that he has feelings for you, THAT’S when he gets back his confidence.

2. He will become vulnerable and will let his guard down.

Libra guy is very guarded in the beginning. So when he stops putting up that wall, he then becomes sensitive, honest, trusting and comfortable in your presence. So if you’re wondering about his intentions (after he does the hot and cold thing for a while in the beginning) then yes, he’s serious. It’s just in his personality to spend some time figuring out how he feels and what he wants.

3. He’s got a one track mind.

Whereas some men tend to flirt with a lot of women at once, when Libra finally figures out that he wants you he demonstrates that commitment. He will bring up love first, he will talk about being exclusive and he will lose interest in other women. Why? Simple…they fail to keep him entertained and occupied in mind. You do and that’s why he gives you full attention.

4. He becomes very expressive with words and feelings.

Libra understands that expressing feelings is closely related to trust and commitment. So unlike many “alpha male” personalities, Libra is open and straightforward when it comes to expressing his feelings as well as his thoughts. He will show you who he really is, so as long as he trusts you. Be aware though, although he is open emotionally, if he doesn’t sense that you care about his feelings, he may become quietly resentful. Make sure that you don’t violate his sense of trust by being aloof. He is a sensitive guy and wants communication to be passionate and thorough.

Libra Problems

Libra men can come with some hangups in relationships. While they are diplomatic and cooperating by nature, along with these good traits come inconvenience, like indecisiveness and avoidance. Some Libra men are also known to carry a grudge or have lapses into self-pity.

He dislikes injustice and “loud” or obnoxious people, so there’s no sense in getting a rise out of him with aggressive behavior. The best thing to do is to let create peace, where there is true peace and understand with the two of you. He is a dedicated man and a natural charmer. On the other hand, Libra men very often need healing, especially if they had a volatile relationship before you.

He is a believer in tradition, even though he prides himself on being flexible. Remember that he needs mental stimulation as well as visual, because his goal is to create a lifelong relationship, with commitment in mind. He is a conversationalist so he admires brains but he also wants to see great strength in his mate. When he feels lost, he will look to you for moral strengths, so that he can get back on track. Too weak of a spirit and he won’t feel the security he craves to feel.

The good news is that Libra men tend to be successful in life, highly intelligent and motivated to succeed in their goals. But achieving marital happiness does depend on their “even partnership”. This includes a partner they can truly trust as a hard-worker and deep thinker just the same. Learn the Libra man’s ways and you’re going to have a sensitive and kind-hearted partner, one who also fulfills you in ways you can’t imagine!

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