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Kissing Techniques That Drive Him Wild

“It is the passion that is in a kiss that gives to it its sweetness; it is the affection in a kiss that sanctifies it.” – Christian Nestell Bovee

Did you know there’s a way to drive a man wild with just a kiss? You might not know it since our western culture seems almost allergic to slow kissing. Even in TV and movies, we always seem to “fast forward” past the kissing scene and watch the on-screen couple jump straight into bed.

Why? Is it because we’re afraid of kissing and are that sex-deprived that we can’t wait five minutes?

Or could it be that dramatizing a perfect kiss—indeed, multiple kisses that last minutes on end—is just very difficult to depict, let alone describe?

Yes, kissing is a very “in the moment” experience. It’s personal and it’s oftentimes unique to the man you’re with. Each man has his own style of kissing, which you adapt to and complement with your own.

Still, you may wonder if there’s a “secret technique” to being a good kisser that you’re missing. Is it true what they say, that experience is the best teacher? Do you really have to kiss 100 different guys just to learn technique?

Of course not. Experience may be a good teacher, but education is what shows you what to do. Kissing a hundred guys, who don’t know what they’re doing, won’t help much. But learning why certain techniques work and why others don’t, will help you take a more educated view towards kissing. This translates into better kissing, the kind of kissing that drives a man wild!

In other articles, we talked about first kisses, how to be a good kisser and various kissing strategies. But now we’re going to talk about five of the best kissing techniques that are sure to drive him wild and make it a “deeply personal experience”, because hey…we all kind of like the same TLC.

1. Pay attention to kiss foreplay.

While a first kiss feels new and innocent, the more you kiss the more you need to change it up. This is why kissing foreplay feels so good after the initial first kiss. Instead of going for an aggressive rough kiss, tease him with softer pecks. Warm up his passion by giving him smaller pecks on his chin, on his cheeks, on the outline of his mouth. You can even tease his lips with your tongue. Increase his desire for a “real kiss” by teasing him with light kissing sensations. He’ll be burning up by the time you’re finished!

2. Make him wait for the French kiss.

Guys will be eager to experience a French kiss with their new girlfriend, but that’s precisely why you should give them the French treatment and say, Non non non! As in, not yet. If he tries to go for a French-kiss early, pull away from him and smile and then go back to French kissing. Be playful and avoid giving him what he wants so that when he does get that magic tongue, he’s extra thankful.

3. Suck on his lower and upper lip.

Just when he thinks the kiss is over, add some excitement by sucking and or nibbling on his lower lip with your teeth. You can do the same with his upper lip. Don’t be too rough and definitely take it slow. But the longer he lets you suck, you may be tempted to increase the intensity. But usually adding too much sucking pressure is annoying or even painful. It’s always better to be gentle rather than too rough. You can always vary the rhythm by going back to a tighter and more passionate open mouth kiss.

4. Let your kisses travel.

As you become comfortable with each other’s lips, don’t forget to spread the love around to other parts of his body. Not so fast! No need to fast-forward to the hard stuff yet. We’re still talking about his cheeks, his neck, and so on. In fact, one special technique is the kiss triangle. Start kissing him on the lips then slowly kiss him on the cheek, then down to his throat then back up to his lips. To really blow his mind, do it very slowly. Don’t shift too soon or too quickly. Make the kisses small and slow as you go from all sides of the triangle.

From there, you can mix things up by kissing him on other parts of his face, like his earlobe or the outline of his ear. You’ll definitely drive him wild if you whisper something sexy while you kiss him, taking full advantage of this erogenous zone.

Just be careful not to over-wet these kisses and accidentally slobber on him!

5. Keep him guessing by varying the rhythm of the kiss.

Once you learn the right rhythm of kissing, the best thing to do is to keep following that rhythm, right? At first, yes. You do want him to feel comfortable with you and getting in sync with this pattern of kissing is important. But as you go on, you may find that varying the pattern can be exciting.

If you sense the foreplay of kissing has become too mechanical then throw a little surprise into the routine. For example, you could try licking the center of his open lips with your tongue, or use your tongue to gently stroke the top of his mouth. Or you could create your own rhythm/pattern and see if he can keep up. Surprising your boyfriend will always be a turn on.

Some people treat kissing like a distraction or a preliminary to sex and foreplay. The truth is, kissing is its own unique activity—complex, sexy, and limited only by your imagination.

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