How to Get a Guy to Kiss You

The first date “kiss” always feels so awkward, doesn’t it? It’s always this terrible feeling of “Should I?” (guy) or “Is he…?” (girl). And the sad fact is that it’s actually a VERY easy dilemma to figure out. If there’s an attraction between the two of you, and if the guy has earned your trust after a good date, a kiss can happen.

Of course, guys are very shy when it comes to “being a man” and just taking the initiative to kiss a woman they like. Maybe they’re thinking, “What if I’m moving too fast and she doesn’t want me to kiss her?”

Here’s a word of advice and one you can share with any guy friends or future boyfriends who may ask about the first date kiss. If a woman does NOT want a man to kiss her, she will let him know. She will send lots of negative signals. She will distance herself from him. She will make it extremely difficult to physically REACH her! Even more telling will be the date itself. Was it full of awkward tension? Did there seem to generally be a lack of chemistry and attraction? That’s the answer.

On the other hand, when there’s attraction and trust, there is a palpable tension between the two of you. All that’s required is that the man be brave and make a move.

Now here’s the problem. For a shy man, or for a man who’s not quite sure how to read signals, he may never take the initiative – UNLESS he gets a very clear message from you first. In this article, we’re going to discuss seven ways to get him to kiss you through direct suggestion. Let’s not be subtle, but let’s not be too forward either.

1. Intense eye contact.

As soon as your eyes leave him, or shift away, you’re sending him a mixed message. Coy is not going to work here. You have to prepare him for the kiss. Prepare him for it by looking deeply into his eyes.

You can also stare directly at his lips, sending him a strong hint of where your attention is and what you want him to do. Then when a few moments pass, go back to his eyes and don’t be afraid to feel that sexual tension.

2. Smile like you want to be kissed!

If you’ve noticed men hesitating in the past ask yourself the simple question was there positive interaction before “the moment”? Positive interaction ends with a smile. When a woman feels attracted to a man and wants to be kissed, she will first give him a smile that suggests “Come kiss me.”

For you, that means avoid anything platonic (too stoic), or too obvious (like batting your eyelashes), but still sending him a message with your eyes and mouth. Usually that look you give him is controlled, but suggestive. You’re showing him that you’re perfectly comfortable in his presence and desire a more intimate connection.

3. Move closer to him.

This should be obvious but when you’re both feeling nervous sometimes it’s hard to remember location. If you’re far away from him, it’s not going to be easy to initiate a kiss. Your goal then should be to gradually move in closer to him, so that all he really has to do to kiss you is push his lips forward to meet yours. Close proximity sends him the strong message: I want to be near you. I want to be closer so that something can happen.

4. Break the touch barrier and let him hunger for you!

It’s easy to understand why a man may feel cold towards you if you avoid touching him. On the contrary, when you touch him – even if it’s just an elbow touch, or a hand on the chest, or a shoulder tap – he feels that energy. Touching his body in “platonic” ways may seem subtle, but it’s what he needs to feel in order to justify making a move. In his mind, he’ll think “She’s been touching me all night…she must feel the same way I do!”

5. Try to work in the topic of kissing into a casual conversation beforehand so it won’t seem like “out of nowhere.”

A man’s worst fear is that he’ll kiss you “out of nowhere” and get auto-rejected because of bad timing. That’s when discussing kissing casually beforehand works. You can discuss a kissing scene you remember in a movie, or ask him about the last time he kissed someone. You’re putting the thought into his mind and reassuring him you’re thinking about it just like he is.

6. Prepare him for a kiss with a candid conversation about feelings.

This is one of the boldest moves you can try (without crossing boundaries with men) and it works like a charm. After mentioning kissing casually, stare at him. Smile lightly (or just gaze into his eyes, as if you’re falling in love) and then ask him what he likes about you. If he reverses the question on you, talk about his soft lips, his confidence and intelligence, and his sexy or beautiful eyes. Smile warmly and let him know you’re game if he is too.

7. Tilt first.

Last but not least give him the tilt. While it’s not feminine to just grab him and plant a kiss on his lips, it is acceptable to slightly tilt your head as if you’re preparing to be kissed by him. This sends him the message that you think he’s coming in for a kiss. You’ve thought about it, accepted it and are now preparing for it.

Now he has justification to go ahead and kiss you because he is pretty damn sure that you felt the same spark he just did.

Don’t close your eyes yet. Watch him to see if he reaches in closer. If he does, congratulations, you’ve broken that friend barrier! If he doesn’t kiss you, you can always keep your eyes open and tilt your head back to where it was. You don’t even have to admit it was a kiss attempt. Just pretend as if you were tilting your head in interest of the conversation which is a fairly common thing to do.

The point is, it’s ALWAYS OK to initiate a kiss even if you don’t come out and do it yourself. You can drop hints, prepare the scene, and push him just a little to be bold and romantic. Trust me, he will thank you for it!

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