How To Touch A Man In A Way That Lowers His Walls And Connects With His Heart

How To Touch A Man In A Way That Lowers His Walls And Connects With His Heart

Touch is one of the most powerful ways to communicate with other people. With animals. With any life form. Touching another person imparts feelings, directions, guidance, even love.

Language can communicate the same thing, but it’s very subtle in comparison. Language is actually so complex that we can accidentally offend our friends and acquaintances if we don’t consider things like culture, context, or even the tone we use when communicating thoughts and feelings.

So no wonder that touch is one of the most effective ways to convey how you feel about another person. Even if language is confusing or frustrating, remember: you can always fall back on the power of touch to show a guy that you really like him.

In this discussion, we’re going to consider ways to touch a man that can gain his trust and lowers his “walls” of defensiveness (which he often puts up around people he doesn’t know very well). These touches can help you connect with him emotionally.


1. Touching his Hands With Yours

Touching a man’s hands is one of the best ways to communicate intimacy. Whether it’s his thumb, his forearms or the individual fingers, try caressing him slowly. Move your touch around subtly, every few seconds around his hands with yours. This shows how close you feel.


2. Caressing The Back of His Legs

Touching his legs is cool, but touching the back of his legs – like around the back of the upper thighs and calves? – that’s going to leave him feeling like jello. The best way to do it is to lure him in with a lying down massage and then go from his back to the back of his legs.


3. Giving Attention to the Sensitive Parts of His Face

Sure, touching a man’s face will work. But where? His cheeks are fun, but how about the most sensitive spots – like the jaw? A man’s jaw is very sensitive, and particularly when he’s kissing you or about you go for a kiss. Stroke his jaw and bring out more of his strong, confident side. You could even stroke or comb his beard if you’re brave enough – and if he likes you, he will simper in delight.


4. Holding the Back of His Head

Touching the back of a man’s head immediately gets a big reaction! Even if you live with him, and try this move, you will lull him into a trusting and intimate moment of love. If you are dating him and touch him this way he will definitely want to take you home.

And a complete stranger? Yikes! You would scare him to death! Simply put, this is an extremely powerful move to try on someone that you like, that trusts you, and that wants to be more connected with you. Take your time and run your fingers through his hair, and touch his scalp very subtly. It will calm him and he will look into your eyes, almost like a deer in headlights.


5. A Prelude to His Lips

While kissing a man on the lips is fairly obvious, did you ever stop to think how it feels to tease a man’s lips with your fingers? Whether it’s doing something innocent like wiping his mouth, scratching an itch, or tracing his features with your fingertips (BS him by saying you want to draw his face), he is definitely going to feel the temperature increase.

Of course, if a kiss is imminent then it’s smart to do a prelude to a kiss, by exploring his lips and the area just above and surrounding his lips, to build more anticipation.


6. Fondling His Ears

From the eardrum to the earlobe, men are extremely sensitive in their ears – and it’s one of the most powerful erogenous zones of the body. You can rub his ear lobe, or trickle your fingertips down the back of his ear, or even put your lips against his ear and whisper something intimate.

It works great for a guy you’re already dating, making him FEEL your presence, and experience an even greater attraction than he already feels. Some guys also tend to experience sound and voice more intensely in one ear than the other, so experiment to see which side soothes him better.


7. Being Gentle with the Nape of the Neck

The nape is one of the most powerful erogenous zones because neck skin is extremely sensitive and also because spinal nerves are located under that skin. The same nerves regular breathing and other important processes. The nape is extremely sensitive because it is one of the most vulnerable spots on the body.

That means that even the calmest and most gentle touch can send amazing pleasure waves through a man’s body. There’s no need to be rough or even firm. Just a gentle caress or holding your fingers on his neck, while he’s lying down or hugging you, can make the both of you feel more vulnerable and connected in soul.


8. Tickling and Arm Pits

I know it seems funny at first, and I’m not suggesting anything weird like arm pit sex! But we all know by now that the arm pits are some of the most tickling spots anywhere on the body. Once you get to know a guy and become good friends, and you’re allowed to tickle him, you should take advantage of that privilege every so often. Tickle him and give him a big smile – right at the moment where he would appreciate it. Like after he teases you, or if he makes you laugh – a big moment like that. Follow it up with some touching and you’ll turn a good laugh into a moment of physical attraction.

In closing, remember your intention when you touch a man for the first time. It’s to help him to trust you.

Perhaps this touch will make him see you in a new light. To show him that the attraction is real and you’re ready for a relationship with him, if he so chooses. Or maybe you’re already in a relationship with him, but you sense he’s holding back.

In either case, these touches will help to bond the two of you together and increase trust. Touching someone you love is instinctive, a profound feeling that’s too strong for words. Use that more often, rather than just obsessing over the right words.

In a future article, we’re going to discuss ways to touch a man that will make him feel passion, romance, and attraction so keep an eye out for that.


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