10 Long Sweet Text Messages to Send to Your Boyfriend

Sometimes days are long and unforgiving. Especially Mondays. Tuesdays too for that matter. And guess what your boyfriend is thinking during those long hours of work and school?

He misses you! Isn’t that romantic? Sure it is. He’s out there working hard and thinking of you – you’re the source of his happiness!

That’s why I think it’s a great idea if you start sending him long sweet messages during the week. It’s not only a distraction, it’s a wonderful way to bond even when you’re not physically together. You can keep each other interested, keep each other strong during those long days, and intensify your feelings later on, when you do get to spend time together. Keep your relationship on “simmer” rather than turning it completely off.

Here are 10 ideas for sweet and long messages that will make your boyfriend smile. Feel free to steal them or adapt them to your own personal message.

1. I just wanted to tell you that you’re so funny! Sometimes I get stuff like days later and I just crack up laughing at your droll sense of humor. You always make me giggle and I love that about you. Even the expression on your face is so snarky and hilarious. You entertain me like no one else…you’re the funniest guy in the room!

2. Don’t stop believing in yourself, babe. You are a wonderful worker and great at your job. I am always amazed at how smart you are and how you’re such a natural leader. Your work ethic is second to none and I know your bosses see it too. You are destined for greatness and I’m lucky to be paired off with a great guy like you. Chin up. Smile. You got this.

3. Even after all these months, I still find you the sexiest and most interesting guy in the room. I love piquing your mind, testing your intelligence, and challenging your opinions…and you never disappoint. It always have the most amazing conversations with you. That’s one of the many things I love about you…your smarts, good looks, and the fact that you’re ten times more interesting than every other guy at the bar!

4. I was happy when I was alone…I thought I had the whole world at my fingertips. Thought I knew what love was and just didn’t care anymore. Then I met you and it felt like my eyes were opened for the first time. You made me better and you made me happier – even when I didn’t think it was possible. With you, I love harder, walk faster, enjoy everything on a much deeper level. Life with you is the true definition of paradise.

5. You know what’s weird? The first time I met you, I just knew you were the guy I was going to end up with. You were just so perfect, the best match for me. I wasn’t sure how or even when it would happen. But I knew it that it was going to happen. I wanted you. I found you brilliant and so interesting. And I was instantly attracted to you. I knew I was going to live a long and happy life with you. Now it’s all come true and not a day goes by that I don’t appreciate it.

6. I just read one of your messages from a few days ago that I somehow missed. Wow, thank you! I love how you can always put a smile on my face, even when I’m in a low mood. You just come into my life and bring sunshine. You fill me with such hope and so much positive energy. I will never stop loving you because it’s just impossible for you to stop being such a lovable and kind person. I love you now and forever!

7. Sometimes I think to myself that I love you so much I can’t quite put it into words. That’s why I like to show you in different ways. I like singing to you, hugging you, kissing you, touching you. And yes, f__ing you like mad lol. All because I just don’t even think words can describe what you mean to me. You are the most lovable man I’ve ever met. The love of my life. And every time I look at you, my eyes will tell you the same thing. There goes the man I love.

8. I don’t mind growing older, so as long as I’m with you. Life will still be amazing, beautiful, sexy, dangerous, fun and unpredictable – as long as you’re by my side. You make life fun and keep me entertained in a way that no one else can. I’m the lucky one that I met you and we came into each other’s lives at the perfect time. You are my champion now and forever!

9. When I say Yes Dear I hope you know what it means. It means I feel Desire for you. I feel Ecstasy when I’m with you. I feel Alive when I’m talking to you. I feel Radiant in my heart whenever I think of your name. No matter what word you give me, I will think of an anagram to go along with your personality. That’s how much you mean to me.

10. I know you’re the one for me and always have been. You know why? Because even when we fight and argue, I never stop feeling loved, cherished, respected, desired and pampered. I can always sense you want me, need me, and love me even when we’re yelling till we’re blue in the face! That’s something very special, something I’ll never take for granted.

In conclusion, one of the best features of a committed relationship is that you get to spend so much time together. He wants to spend every waking moment with you but of course, that’s impossible because of responsibilities, career, family obligations and the like. Still, you can bond together over texting with longer and more passionate messages. Why not then give him something to look forward to, even on those weekdays when it’s a 12 hour shift and he’s dying to get home? Send him a sweet text message and remind him of how wonderful your love is and how soon, you’ll be in each other’s arms once again.

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