How to Tell If a Guy Is Flirting With You (7 Signs He Is)

Isn’t it true that you instinctively know if a guy likes you? Don’t you sense when he has eyes for you and feel the “pheromones” that occur naturally when you meet someone you’re compatible with?

Usually yes…but there are two exceptions to this rule.

A. He likes you…as a friend. What seems like flirting could just be a pleasant demeanor and big brother type concern.
B. He flirts with you…because he flirts with everybody. Flirting is the only way he communicates early on and so his signals are deceptive.

While it may be true that it’s all in the eyes (and strong eye contact DOES matter) here are seven more signs that he’s strongly attracted to you and not just giving you the same introduction that he gives everybody else.

1. He gives you his FULL attention.

Yes, the tone of his voice is important, as are the eyes, but even more important is whether you’re getting some of his attention or his full attention. A man who is flirting with you “for real”, is not thinking of anything else but you. He’s not dividing time between you and another woman. He’s not looking at his phone. He’s not breaking eye contact and looking around the room for something more interesting. You feel the spark BECAUSE he’s not looking anywhere else but your face.

2. He is trying to impress you with his Herculean power.

Men who really like you and are flirting with you will aggrandize themselves in obvious ways or sometimes very subtle ways. But in both cases, they are trying hard to influence your feelings on what you think of them. They may be telling stories about their fascinating career, their high intelligence, their sense of humor, or their physical strength. They may also show off tattoos, talk about working out, or taking a spontaneous adventure out of state—or tell any number of SEEMINGLY pointless stories that emphasize their value.

When men are flirting with you they want to impress you. So pay close attention to what they’re saying and ask yourself, “What does he want me to feel about this story he’s telling?” Does he just answer questions and flirt mindlessly or is he actually “juggling” for your attention?

3. He nonchalantly reveals personal information about himself.

Men who are “experts” in mindless flirting also make it a point to stay safe and not invite unwanted attention by sharing too much. On the contrary, a man who really likes you and wants more personal interaction is eager to share information. He may talk about his life, his job, his daily routine or his family situation. When he’s not telling stories that make him look good, he’s TRUSTING you with information that he might not tell someone else.

4. His body language tells the story.

When a man is deliberately flirting with you (as opposed to flirting with everyone else) he will not be able to hide his involuntary grooming behavior. We already mentioned the tight eye contact and lighter voice. But in addition, look for quiet body language such as:

• Touching you with his hand, arm or shoulder.
• Sitting or standing closer to you, gradually coming into your personal space
• Staring at you when you’re not looking
• His body is “pointed at you”; in contrast, if his hands, legs and feet are pointed at the exit, or someone else in the room, his heart is not in it.
• He seems to ONLY touch you—not just every woman he meets

5. He compliments you and or teases you.

Some women who find themselves “friend zoned” by a guy, tend to have platonic conversations with the man they like. They pay attention to his eyes, his tone of voice and his touches…but they don’t seem to notice that the man does NOT compliment them and does NOT tease them very often. Teasing and complimenting (a push and pull sort of dynamic) is what a man uses to poke a woman emotionally, and rouse a reaction from her. If your crush doesn’t seem to do either of these things, there’s a good chance he’s just talking to his proverbial sister, aunt or niece.

6. Does he actively DO things for you, like favors, nice gestures and little bonuses for being his friend?

Men who mindlessly flirt, or who are strictly platonic friends, will usually not do much for the women they talk to casually. True, they might pick you up if you’re stranded halfway across town…but they have to be asked. A man who is flirting with you and genuinely likes you will VOLUNTEER his gestures of intimacy. He will give “gifts” to you expect a cutesy and flirty reaction from you. This is not becoming of a platonic friendship! These gives are meant to show you that you’re on his mind, a demonstration that he can PROVIDE for you, if only you want him to.

True, this is “nice guy” behavior to an extent (and some player guys will deliberately avoid giving gifts to appear more mysterious) but what they lack in giving, they make up for with attention, such as with our next item…

7. He volunteers his time and wants to be around you.

Men who mindlessly flirt or only platonically communicate will definitely forget you if there’s a better offer somewhere else. But a man who flirts with you and really likes you will only want to hang out with you. He’ll cancel or rearrange plans, come over to your side of the building, or go somewhere just for the remote possibility of seeing you again.

Men who make an effort to see you, rather than just heading out to the bar or the club, have a vested interest in you. Their flirting is real. If you notice these signs, in addition to good eye contact and a more intimate tone of voice, you are definitely on his mind.

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