How to Raise Your Value in Men’s Eyes.

How to Raise Your Value in Men’s Eyes

If you want a man to be attracted to you, want a commitment with you, and want to move mountains to be with you…

You could play games and use manipulation…

The only problem is that you have to continue doing this forever…

And he doesn’t really want to be with you for you, he wants to be with you because of some game you played on them.

Instead, it’s better to get them to see your value… because the connection you build will be real and it will last much longer.

But how do you get a man to see your value?

When I first started coaching in the women’s industry, over a decade ago, I had to pick a price for my coaching.

I decided that, in order for it to be worth it to coach someone, they had to pay me at least $1000 an hour.

And honestly, at the time, I wasn’t even sure if anyone would pay me that to get coached.

Was I really worth it?

Could I deliver?

But a mentor of mine convinced me to post that price… and so I did.

And sure enough, I started getting clients!

Sometimes, I’d have women who would try to get me to negotiate the price with me… Sometimes I’d have women who would try to get me to do 3 for 1 specials…

I didn’t go for any of that… 

It took some faith at first…

Once women started paying it…

And I started helping women get great guys and into great relationships…

I just KNEW that I was worth it.

I even had women who didn’t even know me sign up… they had a friend tell them that I was the best and they just signed up for $1000… for an hour!

It was amazing!

Why am I telling you this?

Because you get to set your value in the dating marketplace.

Some men will try to negotiate your price.

They’ll try to get you to lower your value.

They’ll tell you to accept less than what you know in your heart you deserve.

And I’m here to tell you that you’re worth more than that.

That you are worth the higher price.

This mindset is something I call, “Inner Alignment” and it’s a part of how I help women attract men who value them, make them feel safe, and make them feel seen.

You need to align your inner world with what you want on the outside.

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Talk soon,

Matthew Coast

P.S. If you’re worried about the $1000 an hour coaching price, don’t worry about it, that’s not available to the public.

I now work with a team of the world’s best coaches. And as a team, we’ll help guide you into a relationship that makes you feel safe and secure… a relationship where you feel honored and respected… a relationship that makes you feel alive.

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