Does My Ex Want Me Back Quiz

Have you discovered recently that dating is much more confusing and stressful than you remember? This happens a lot…especially women who just ended a long-term relationship. At first, it felt great…to be free and single again!

But as time passes, and if you really don’t like being alone, loneliness can sneak up on you. Many women soon discover, after being single for a while, that finding a good man is harder than they remember. There are plenty of one-night stand guys out there, control freaks, alcoholics, and another strange new trend… “Ghosters!” Guys that make dates and then skip town. Shocking, rude…but true story!

Now I’ll bet one of your first reactions will be, “I Miss ___”, the name of your ex. The man you once loved more than anything. The man you were sure you were going to spend the rest of your life with. And of course, the man that at one point, you knew you had to leave. (Or maybe he left you)

Don’t feel bad for thinking about him or even about reconciling with him. It’s not impossible for people to change. It’s also not impossible for a couple to break up, find themselves separately, and come back to fall in love all over again. Of course, just because it’s possible doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to work.

Before you think about getting back together, let’s start at the beginning and determine, are the feelings you have for your ex one-sided or could he still love you as much as you love him? And most importantly, does he secretly want you back? Let’s figure this out with this ex-quiz.

Whereas most quizzes we do here are point system quizzes, this one works a little differently. There is one “most likely answer” and three answers that spell bad news for a reunion. Look for the “right” answer, that is a dead giveaway that he wants you back!

1. Do you still talk to your ex?
A: We talk all the time, even though he’s with a new girlfriend now.
B: We talk frequently and we keep bringing up the past.
C: Very rarely, but sometimes I think his Facebook posts are about me.
D: Once in a while and he’s always polite and friendly.

Best Answer: B. A might seem like the best answer, but if he’s dating someone else, don’t get too carried away at the idea of a reconciliation. While it is true that guys do “rebound”, bear in mind that he might be simply friend-zoning you, or worse, keeping you around as a friend with benefits. The ideal scenario is that he likes talking about your past together…as if he wants to relive those feelings.

2. Does he ever express regret about the relationship and how things ended?
A: No, never.
B: He blames himself for everything.
C: He does regret many things, some of the things that were said, and how it happened.
D: He doesn’t really talk about it at all.

Best Answer: C. C is the most balanced answer, because B sounds too hokey, whereas A sounds too indifferent. D is also not very promising, since a man that misses you and wants to get back together, WILL want to discuss how things ended.

3. Is he seeing anyone else?
A: No, he’s still single…almost like he’s waiting for me.
B: Yes, he apparently is dating a lot of different women!
C: He has a girlfriend, yes.
D: He really doesn’t talk about it.

Best Answer: While A might be an answer you like, it may actually reflect upon a real problem in the relationship. Why does he want to avoid dating or living a life independently of you? Is he scared to meet new people? Or is something else bothering him. The more balanced answer is B. It’s natural for guys to want to date new women when they’re single again. But an inability to make even a single emotional connection means he’s definitely not over you yet. C is more concerning since he is trying to care about someone else, but remember…if he jumps into a relationship right away, he’s probably on the rebound and not thinking straight. D is a strange answer and suggests he’s either alarmingly private about his social life or perhaps has blocked you from seeing his social media posts!

4. How often does he want to see you?
A: He seems to invent weird reasons to see me!
B: He just likes to text, nothing more right now.
C: He does invite me places every so often and it almost feels like a date.
D: He seems afraid to meet me. Maybe he’s afraid of loving me too much?

Best Answer: A is the strongest sign that he likes you, since men do have the habit of chasing women they like, or at least courting your attention. Beware of guys that just seem to want to text, or occasionally meet and discuss major life changes. These guys may very well want you as a friend, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they want you back. Some ex-boyfriends or husbands might feel responsibility towards you, and want to make sure you’re doing well in life. But that kind of love has “cooled off” and it’s usually not the kind of love that saves relationships.

5. What is his temperament?
A: Always emotional…drunk dialing, angry, jealous, etc.
B: Very polite and respectful.
C: Still flirting all the time, shamelessly!
D: He still says sweet things to me…but he keeps his distance.

Best Answer: A is the most obvious sign that he likes you and wants you back, but don’t underestimate D either. Some exes do keep a safe distance emotionally, simply because they don’t want to upset you. However, once the ex discovers that you’re calm and centered and actually do want to try being friends, he may try to be your friend and possibly try to win you back. Of course, being overly polite and respectful indicates he’s not feeling any sexual or romantic attraction. C is also concerning since he’s either looking a one night stand (a lot of guys DO like sex with the ex) or he’s oblivious to the damage that’s been done.

Pay close attention to not only how he treats you, but how much he misses you. A man’s romantic interest in you can always be measured by how often he initiates conversation.

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  • Jellystone

    Reply Reply April 18, 2019

    Shall i wait him even he married? He told me that he doesnt love his wife.he married with girl coz his mom choose for him.
    We still date when we traveling together 2 times a year.

    Shall i let him go??

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