How to Know If Scorpio Man Likes You

If your guy crush was born between the dates of October 23 to November 22, then you’re dealing with a Scorpio man! Can you handle him? Definitely…but it will help if you learn why he acts the way he does and the best way to know if he really likes you.

Scorpio is a natural born leader…and maybe that’s why he tends to be a controlling personality. Scorpio men feel the need to be in control of their lives and this makes for good leadership qualities. On the other hand, Scorpios also have flaws associated with such a strong personality, such as obsessiveness, possessiveness and jealousy.

As a lover, Scorpio is a sensual giver. he’s not just about sex but about the emotion of sex, the sensuality, and the passion beyond the physical. Like other lovers who are confident and demanding, Scorpio will test you before he falls in love. That’s how you know you’re getting through to him. By nature, since he is so in “charge” of his own life, he doesn’t trust easily, nor does he open up as quickly as other men.

The first thing to consider is whether or not Scorpio is into you and serious about dating or if he’s just mindlessly flirting. Let’s start by considering a few important signs that show his true heart.

Does Scorpio Like Me?

Scorpio is an intense lover and this shows even in early courtship. He’s bold when it comes to dating and getting what he wants, that’s part of his strong and passionate nature. But of course, like most men, if sex is all he wants it’s easy to confuse that want for his bigger need of love.

Persistence: Scorpio’s main love attribute is his persistence. Sexual flings come and go and if you don’t satiate his curiosity for immediate sex, he might lose interest quickly. However, if he still pursues you even though you don’t surrender to the passion he generates, then you know he’s intrigued by your personality.

Deeper Connection: Scorpio men are successful in love and sex, partly because of their passionate and bold spirit. But once it’s time for an emotional bond, he will try one of two things. He will either make an attempt to connect with you or will keep things purely sexual. If he likes you then he will engage you with deeper conversations, making sure you’re intellectually and spiritually compatible. He will want to learn how you feel and think. A true connection is very important to him since flirting and sex comes easily. Emotional connections are oftentimes hard to find. No wonder shallow and safe conversations bore him.

Testing from a Scorpio

Scorpio is traditionally romantic since he loves eye contact, touching and flirting in conversation. What matters however, is how far he goes to compete for your attention. When he’s interested in you beyond sex, he makes it clear that he has more value than other men. He will ask you out, spend more time with you, reach out more than others, and single you out even when you’re among groups of friends.

What really shows his mindset is how he tests you.

Vulnerability: Although he doesn’t trust easily, he will start to open up slowly. He begins by sharing his hobbies, interests and activities planned for the week. He will discuss deep things, intellectual things, or even books, music or movies he’s enjoyed. This may not seem like much in the way of deepening the bond, but since Scorpio tends to be secretive, it’s major progress. The real surprise will come later when Scorpio trusts you so much that he tells you all of his secrets.

Intellectual Testing: Don’t be weirded out if Scorpio Guy psychoanalyzes you. It may seem like a strange thing to do, but when he analyzes you and evaluates your behavior (and explains it to you), he’s testing your response. For one thing, he wants to know if he “understands you” and if he got it right. But he also wants to know that you like him, that you consider him high-value (just as you are) and that you have true compatibility with each other.

Emotional Adventures: Don’t conclude he’s all about intellect. Part of the fun of dating Scorpio is for the emotional stimulation. He doesn’t want boring or safe dates – he wants adventurous hikes, horror movies, ghost tours, hilarious high jinks, and anything that can get you riled up in a positive way. Sometimes Scorpio even tests your negative emotions and will “stage” events just to gauge your reaction.

How This Love Story Ends

Scorpio tests you because he has a fear of you abandoning him later on. He’s a loyal man once his heart is engaged and the best way to complement that spirit is to prove yourself loyal to him as well.

If you notice Scorpio having odd sexual requests (especially related to Tantra or deepening the emotion of sex) take this as a test. He wants to be daring, he wants to connect on a deeper and he wants to hold nothing back.

Lastly, understand that not all Scorpios are knights in shining armor. The ones who have their heads on straight are great guys to date and marry. But there are also Scorpios that will test you repeatedly, perhaps even for years, and these guys might be too intense (or even emotionally abusive) to live with.

It’s hard to read a Scorpio’s secret thoughts. This is why you must always maintain your sense of high value – and that means walking away if his tests become too difficult. If he’s suffering so much that all he can do is mistreat you, you must walk away, and not only for your own safety. He will ultimately not respect you if you don’t stand up for yourself. This may well be the final test and it’s a test you must win even if it means losing him.

He might need some time to work on himself and his own issues. That’s time you do not have to invest in him. He will respect you if you maintain your own identity separate from him. Always remember this and you will understand the essence of the Scorpio man.

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